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Help Find Timothy Geren
A.K.A. Timothy Geren Solomon or Solomen


Hopefully A lesson can be learned from this case
Don't be alone -- ANYWHERE

Most areas like Central Virginia have
predators of women, girls and children
However, one of these piešes of *#*í
is off the streets today, for good!
Jesse Matthew, A 34 year old black male
plead guilty to the murders
of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, 18,
and Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, 20,
and to abduction with intent to defile.
Ms Harrington disappeared in 2009.
British student Graham went missing in 2014

HERE are more details on The plea and Sentencing


ALL Missing and their Families need your help

There will be many empty chairs around Holiday Tables - You can help fill some of them

Would the satellite surveillance / pictures / Images
or unmanned drone picture taking and transmitting technology our military has developed
be useful to Law Enforcement to fight crime and find Missing, abducted Women, Children and Men Quickly ?
The webmaster of this page believes it would and presents info further down
To educate others and ask for Your Help


This is to Morgan's Killer: you will burn in hell
AND it is our hope the last thing you ever see
is Blackness


Do you Have a case you want more exposure for
email the webmaster of this page
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On Oct 17th 2009 Morgan Harrington went Missing
from a Metallica Concert at the John Paul Jones Arena
at the University of Virginia In Charlottesville VA.

On January 26th 2010 Her Body was found in a field near Anchorage Farms Road in Albemarle County
About 10 miles southwest of the concert site

Click Here for Morgans Face Book Page

Here is a screen shot from Morgan's Face Book Page

Please visit Her Face Book Page HERE

To recognize some of Morgan's passions we ask that,
in lieu of flowers gifts to honor Morgan's memory
be made to
the Morgan Dana Harrington Memorial Scholarship
at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
or to
OMNI Orphan Medical Network International,
an organization that provides medical care in Africa.

Scholarship donations may be made on line at:

Or mailed to :
Virginia Tech
Attn: Gift Accounting ľ Morgan Dana Harrington Memorial Scholarship
University Development (0336)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

OMNI Donations-
6930 Empire Lane
Roanoke, Virginia 24018


Here is what the link to the page you Óre on now
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Morgan Harrington Found
Murdered Pleads Guilty
University Of Virginia Area
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Learn from This



Now educate yourself
about the proposed solution
To find Missing Women Children and Men
and reduce other crimes
using satellite picture taking technology


Would using satellite pictures help find the missing
Please educate yourself about the proposed solution
and sign the petition seen in the links below


Now what are we going to do about missing persons
and other crimes ?
We have the tools to drastically reduce these atrocities
Lets use them
read more below


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Michelle Parker is Still Missing
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We have a solution to the Missing Person scourge that is sweeping Our Country -
PLEASE Read the links presented below and educate yourself as to how YOU
help get the satellite picture technology put in place

Click Here to read the scenarios on how
satellites can help find the missing




I repeat, Please Please Sign the Petition Found


to ask the media to educated the public about the technology
and help get the System put in place



Now The most recent pages
I have built for missing person cases:

Ember Graham missing
July 2nd 2015
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Help the Family Find Ember

Ember Graham Needs to Be Found


Diana Zacarias :

Diana Zacarias 's Case Needs to be solved
Last seen near South Rim of Grand Canyon
April 1st 2016
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Help the Family Solve this case


Transgender teen
Dashad "Sage" Smith Is Missing

Please help Find Her
Charlottesville, Va


Kara Rose Alongi is Missing
Clark New Jersey - Click HERE

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The Amy Charron Case
Houston Texas - Click HERE

This case is strange -- Click Above


Find Lindsey Baum

and PLEASE PLEASE look at the Lindsey Baum FACE BOOK PAGE AT
This link


Jerry Walker
Jerry Walker

This next case has been solved and missing person found Safe

16 year Old Antoinettantoinette garriso˝ was missing Missing
From Fort Collins Colorado, CO.
It has been reported Annie has been found in Texas
Click Here for details


Another one of the missing persons presented here has been found
Kristi Merrill

Kristi Merrill Carmichael CA
Petition For Kristi Merrill Case
Kirsti Merrill - FOUND Sign petition - More To Do


Now a missing women from the Same small town as Kristi Merrill - Carmichael, California
Are there more girls missing from the area

Linnea LomaxLomax

Linnea Lomax
Carmichael CA.

More Info on Linnea Lomax

Linnea LomaxLook for the New Search Listings



Help Find Christina Whittaker Young Missing From Hannibal Missouri
Her Page is HERE



Help find Kyron Horman HERE


Michaela 'Mickey' Shunick
Mickey Shunick ( Michaela )

Here is a Link to Mickey Shunick's Face Book Page
Please Like it


Two missing girls in Evansdale Iowa
Lyric Cook and Elisabeth Collins

Lyric Cook, Elisabeth Collins

Missing Evansdale Iowa Cousins


Dillon Redwine missing since Nov 19th 2012
near 2300 County Road 500 Bayfield Colorado

Please help find him

CLICK HERE For The Kristen Alcorn Story

The NEXT three cases - Jennifer Kesse
Tracy Ocasio
And Michelle Parker
ont size=2> went missing just 5 miles from each other

Jennifer Kesse

There is a picture of a Person Of Interest on the website see the "POI Photos"
Someone knows who that person is CLICK HERE

Find Jennifer Kesse - Orlando FL


Drew Kesse, Father of Jennifer
Has A Radio Show which can be heard online on Tues and Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m.
Friend Drew ON Face Book for more detials


Tracy Ocasio

Click Here for More ON Tracy Ocasio


Click on Michelle Parker Pic for more on her case

Michelle Parker Missing Orlando FL
Michelle Parker Needs To Be Found


Lauren Spierer Is still missing
See this page

Joe Helt Is Missing

Help solve this cold case
Joe Helt needs to be found


Help Find Brittanee Drexel


And below are more Links to many of The Pages I have built for the missing and other crimes
some are links to other's pages
Again contact me IF you need a page

Please Read How Trayvon Martins Murder could have been solved
within minutes after it happended

Had the system we propose in the Change.org petition found on this page been in Place
We would have Avoided all the controversy and racial tensions that have come out of it


Over 2000 American Women children and men go are reported missing every day
Here are more of those Missing More Cases

Jacque Sue Waller

Click Here For Details on Jacque Sue Waller

Jason Scott Adkins
Tabitha Tuders - Missing
Heriberto Ocasio
Jason Scott Adkins Tabitha Tuders Missing Heriberto Ocasio

Jason Allen Ashley
Colton Barrera
Phoenix Coldon
Face Book Page
Rosemary Day
Hailey Dunn
Jason Allen Ashley Cotton BerraraPhoenix Coldon Case Info
ON Face Book
Rosemary DayHailey Dunn
Tabatha Lynn Franklin
Tabatha Lynn Franklin

Joanie Hall
Gabriel Johnson
Patricia Lalonde
Finding Joanie HallGabriel JohnsonPatricia Lalonde

Dawn McQueeneys Page on Face Book
Found Safe - Please Stop and Share



Debbie Key

Stop and Contact Bill Widman- And Help Find DEBBIE KEY

Submitted By Bill Widman


Lori Jean Lloyd
Jennifer Marteliz
Kristi Merrill
Stacy McKinney
Latasha Nevitt
Lori Jean LloydJennifer MartelizKristi MerrillStacy McKinneyLatasha Nevitt

Rebecca Rusty Porter
Susan Powell
Tom Ray Starkel
Venus Stewart
Karen Swift
Rebecca Rusty PorterSusan Powell Thomas Tom Ray Starkel Venus Stewart Karen Swift


Please sigh this petition to Help
The family of Murder Victim Nicole Ayres
Change the law on prison terms for Murderers



Here is the Mitrice Richardson Case
Which happens too often
and her Father - Michael Richardson's fight to get justice for his daughter

Why do parents and loved ones of the missing have to endure such pain and agony

Police need to cooperate fully with families of the Missing
The solution presented in the petition seen on this page
would make it easy for police to solve these crimes
PLEASE READ THE petition HERE and ADD Your Voice

Again: Next are sites with info about our effort to stop these crimes
We have a solution presented in the Petition ( furthest on the right )
and need Your Help Getting the attention of those who can implement it

Our solution is based on the facts: We have the satellite picture taking and transmitting technology
and IF Adapted for use by Law Enforcement it would
Drastically reduce crime and spare tens of millions of families
and individuals the pain of dealing with a missing loved one
or being a crime victim

Educate yourself then share the info you find with everyone == any way and anywhere you can

Our Main Website
Read How Technology Would Work
Our Efforts Main Web PageHow the system Would Work

We fully understand the usefulness of HLN hosts Grace and Mitchell putting the face of the missing on TV
and thank them as they are among the very few that give
any exposure to the missing in the mainstream media
BUT We can NOT understand why they refuse to tell their viewers
about the petition and allow those viewers to decide
if using existing satellite picture taking and transmitting technology
to find the missing and reduce other crimes
is something they would like to see in place

We would hope the Show hosts would reconsider at least mentioning the petition

Plus Nancy and Jane have ignored us after repeatedly
( and I mean many many snail mail Letters, emails and messages
sent to HLN's Contact Links asking,
why don't they show Picture in Picture during their broadcasts which would at least give more exposure for the cases
of the missing
We have seen enough of Nancy 's Darling Children
Dashad Sage Smith Charlottesville Virginia Missing abducted -- Help find this missing transgender teen

Unmanned drones satellite images pictures technology would have solved this and most other missing persons cases Almost immediately, saving lives and an inestimable amount of money
spent on the thousands of searcvhes done each day in the U.S.