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This page presents Some Missing Person Cases
But its main purpose is to educate
about existing technology which
can greatly reduce the numbers of Missing
AND solve MOST other crimes within Minutes - YES - Minutes

We offer Scenarios on how existing technology can be used to
find missing, abducted victims quickly

Also found are Reasons and explanations
and scenarios of why and how
the use of unmanned military drones over cities would
greatly reduce the numbers of Missing person cases
and ALL other crimes in America

Would using unmanned military drones
picture taking and transmitting technology
help find missing men women and children
and solve most other crimes very quickly
we believe it would

Read about that possibility
in the scenarios presented on this page
and sign the linked Petition

Tap Here
to read more on the Heroin Epidemic
connection to Missing Person cases
And how The U.S. sending aid to Afghanistan
caused the current Worldwide Heroin Epidemic

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Michelle Parker is Still Missing

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Help Find Timothy Geren
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Most of the reported yearly 800,000
abducted or missing women men & children
would be found quickly

The drones which could be used are the ones
being phased out because of our cutbacks
in military involvement in Iraq And Afghanistan
These drones have surveillance capabilities above and beyond anything
the public is aware of
The technology is top secret

There is a Link to a Petition
with more Info on this solution on this page

To those worried about invasion of privacy --
Law Enforcement would be too busy using
this system to solve crimes within minutes
by locating and following criminals in minutes and arrest them
to peek into your backyard.
Once Criminals know they can be followed anywhere
I AM sure many would not commit many of their crimes

Of course it will not stop all crimes but it would
have a tremendous affect on crime stats
in addition to saving billions now spent on searches and trials




The first scenario is based on a famous case
Tap HERE to read our rendition
of how the case COULD have been solved
within hours IF
the drone system were in place

The following image is part of our scenario

Click HERE
you will see a close up version of the above picture of the area
where Caylee Anthony's Body was found ( taken from space )

the picture has been altered to show what is possible



Before getting to the
Missing Persons cases info
I feel it is my duty to
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The V.ALRT Multi-Purpose is a personal electronic warning and
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Can be used to find and locate
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Limit 2 per order

How much is too much
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We are aware some criminals don't care if they are caught
and in some cases they prefer to be dead after their crimes
but the technology presented on this page can help
get video on what happened before the crime
like where the perp came from -
MOST importantly in abduction šases - where he took his victim
where his car is parked - etc etc

IF you are as tired of hearing about
missing women, children and men and other crimes as I am
You have an opportunity to DO SOMETHING

Again, PLEASE READ and Sign the Petition which presents a solution and asks
Our elected officials to adapt existing
military unmanned drone or satellite picture taking and transmitting technology
for use by Law Enforcement to find Missing Children women and men
and quickly solve other crimes
and help protect us from terrorists

Be informed about our effort to accomplish this
YOU can see to it these acts are drastically reduced
Victims are rescued and victim's families given some peace

Had this technology been in place over ANY OF RECENT POLICE SHOOTINGS
the shooters would have been located within minutes

The same can be said for past occurences
like the Boston Bombers, The Paris Terrorists etc
and most other crimes

We have recently started using similar drones to protrect our borders
and they are proving to be effective

To sign the petition to help get the proposed solution in Place

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Missing Minorities
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These Cases Need to be solved
Missing Minority Victims
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One of the newest pages I have built
is for a missing person case is for Diana Zacarias :
Diana Zacarias 's Case Needs to be solved
Last seen near South Rim of Grand Canyon
April 1st 2016
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Get his unique device
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According to a survey, from May 2015, THERE ARE now well over 1.5 billion websites available on the web
Why did you find this one ?
It is our hope it was fate and you will be educated and see the need for what we propose
Then ADD your voice, sign the petition and offer help through the links on this page



Just By using the methods and technologies presented here
we could have saved hundreds of millions of Dollars spent and lost because of the Boston Marathon Bombings


It is our wish the scenarios presented later on this page convince you of the feasibility
of using satellite and unmanned drone surveillance to
Find missing men, women, and children quickly
solve most other crimes
while providing a safer environment for us all

- Please consider the next few paragraphs

The Boston Marathon Bombing was the Biggest news story in the past 10 years

The bombers could have been found within minutes
in the FBI video's
You ask = How ?
Once they were identified and seen walking around the corner of
Boylestown Street and Gloucester Street in the FBI video
following behind a women with yellow balloons
IF the system proposed on my pages were in place
the investigating Law Enforcement Agencies with access to the
videos and pictures which were captured by the drone or satellite surveillance cameras
would have just needed to access the archived videos or pictures
of the area at the time the Suspects were there
It would be just a matter of picking them out of the crowd in the pictures
( again - they were walking behind a woman with yellow balloons -
Click here for more on that
so they should be easy to find
Then once the operators of the surveillance system spotted them,
it is merely a matter of following them through the crowd
and then after the bombs went off
following them to where they went

Thus had the Satellite or Drone Surveillance System been in place over the area
the bombers would have been in custody within minutes
of the time the FBI were made aware of the suspects having been caught on video
walking behind the woman with the yellow balloons

What would the outcome have been ?

First Patrolman Sean Collier of the M.I.T. police would not have been kill ed

In addition:
The hundreds of millions of dollars the city and businesses lost because Boston
was shut down for days, would NOT have been lost

The millions amount of taxpayer dollars spent on the subsequent search would have been drastically reduced.

Now how can anyone honestly be against a system that could accomplish what is presented on this page

Another examples of how what we propose would works:
The Cleveland 3 ( The WOMEN who were found alive in Cleveland OH.
after being missing for 10 years, could have been found within minutes of their disappearances
and the cost of those searches and investigations
the pain the victims were subjected to and the anxiety and distress the families underwent can Not even be estimated
But it is surely enormous

Don't forget -- The place where Jodi Aria s threw away the gun and knife would be known
and that evidence would have almost surely eliminated the trial
which has cost the taxpayers of Arizona well over 1.5 million dollars
If police had the gun they could trace it back to Jodi's Grandfather


The Developments
in the Natalee Holloway Case

Natalee Holloway 's father used archived Goolge Earth Pictures
of the Island of Aruba to show a construction site
of a Marriott Surf Club from 2005
where an eyewitness has told
Dave Holloway, Natalees Father
he saw a man who he believes is Joran Van der Sloot
Bury a female body

The Aruba authorities refuse to inspect the site
stating Marriott Corp said there was
no construction at the site in 2005
the satellite images appear to show differently

CLICK on photo
Of the Aruba Marriott Surf Club construction site
for a Zoomed in view of the Satellite image from June 2005



for for the latest Nov 2104 Satellite View of the same area in the previous photo

Read about those developments
in The Natalee Holloway missing person case HERE

Once More:
YOU can help immensely
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EVERYONE who reads this page has an opportunity
To get involved in changing the way we live
Making our lives and our loved ones safer
plus all the other benefits such changes would offer

We have the existing technology to do this
and we offer it here

Many crimes could be solved within Minutes, YES MINUTES,
IF THE system presented here were in place.
Missing and Abducted Children Women and men cases that end badly would drop off to almost 0
with the victims rescued safely

Murderers would be caught, and murders solved
car thieves apprehended and the vehicles returned to owners quickly
Any crime could be solved WITHIN MINUTES

Our main concern is for the 2000 Americans who go Missing EVERY DAY
But the proposed solution could drastically reduce and solve All crimes

Now, To address the Missing Person scourge that sweeps our nation:
800,000 Americans are reported missing EACH YEAR
40% of those are minorities
But most cases are NOT long term situations
AND the missing person is found within hours
Even being missing for that short of a time can be terrifying
both to the victim and the victim's Family

Using those numbers -- a staggering minimum - $1,200,000,00
- that's 1.2 Billion tax payer Dollars are spent each year on just short basic searches
and as you hear on TV EVERY night many, many searches last much Longer
Some are not resolved for weeks, months, years or decade but the searches continue
When totaled, tens of Billions of taxpayers dollars are spent EACH YEAR on Searches for the missing
and the added costs of investigations and other Law Enforcement actions associated with those searches

The Boston Bombing alone has cost more than 1/2 billion dollars
in overall losses and funds spent on the case

We can reduce those numbers to almost nothing


Contact me IF you need a page for your case ( Missing person or Crime Victim cases )

I have over 40 pages online

We are dedicated to Help Find the Missing
and help solve other CRIMES
we will build a page at NO COST for any crime that is presented to us
WE WILL ALSO PLACE LINKS TO Existing pages on our various missing person pages
and submit your page to major search engines for maximum exposure

Click on the link directly below

We Will Build a page for your case
We will build a page for you


The following link to the Tabitha Lynn Franklin Case is a sample of the type Of Page
I will build for any Missing person case
And then Place a similar link on my other 80 pages for the Missing

Tabitha Lynn Franklin
Tabitha Lynn Franklin

Tabitha Lynn Franklin Needs to be Found

We have a special group prayer page

We paray as one FOR ALL the missing
to be found safely and quickly.
We/You can do SOMETHING MORE to assure they are

This page presents links to a petition and our main page info
It also offers 2 different scenarios which deal with the proposed solution to use
the EXISTING Real Time Drone Satellite video and
Picture Capturing and Storing and transmitting Technology
to find missing persons within MINUTES - YES MINUTES after being reported:
it would spare tens of millions of families
the pain of dealing with a missing loved one in the future
can drastically reduce ALL other crimes
and EACH year Save Billions of taxpayer dollars spent on Searches, investigations and court proceedings
and even more billions on the after math of other crimes

PLUS the capability to take pictures from space and transmit them down to earth within seconds
could also be used to prove someones innocence or guilt
And in recent days there have been some executions in which that was questionable, I refer to Troy Davis

The Existing technology presented here is NOT GPS, cell phone tracking or Micro Chipping -
Those are minimally effective and offer a false sense of security as you will read here
the scenarios you will read on this page
do address those alternatives and point out their flaws
those are tools that can be used in addition to other methods
But NOT relied on for a persons safety

Hopefully the preceding paragraphs have sparked your interest
We expect those who read this page are interested in helping solve the problem.
Educate yourself and use the links to the petition to ask the media to inform the public
and contact our elected officials
Then PLEASE SHARE this info with everyone you can, in any way you can


Contact HLN AND CNN shows through this link

Contact Nancy Grace - Jane Mitchell - ALL THE OTHER SHows
ask them to help




Read the Two scenarios

You may recognize them as very similar to recent cases
One in which the mother was accused of killing her daughter in Florida
and was found not guilty
these scenarios give insight into how the system could be used to
rescue missing, abducted women children and men
and track a suspect and gain indisputable evidence
thus reducing costly, lengthy court cases in the future
The drone / satellite surveillance picture evidence would prove almost every case


The first scenario


The second scenario was presented

But the hackers have removed it along with
some other info
Why and who is only speculation
But my feeling is it was someone
who is opposed to the used of drones
They could be related to the Human traffickers


Take a look at the Featured cases
and links to many other cases listed below
Michelle Parker - Karen Swift - Morgan Harrington

The Mitrice Richardson Case ~ Rosemary Day ~ Lori Jean Lloyd

Sharon West ~ Amy Patterson ~
Gabriel Scott Johnson ~ Jessie Foster -
Lauren Spierer - Jacque Sue Waller -
- Jennifer Kesse - Celina Cass -
- Tracy Ocasio -
Adji Desir - Jerrod Johnston -

Rebecca and Russell Porter
and Holly Bobo

With 800,000 missing person reports EACH YEAR
WE SPEND an estimated - 9.8 Billion Dollars on Searches ALONE


Please ADD Your voice and SIGN the petition then share it with all you have contact with
in any online social media sites you use

to sign this Petition

and again, PLEASE share this URL on Face Book and Tweet it too
the petition will be sent to The President
and the senders SPECIFIC Senators and Congressmen and many media outlets and show hosts
requesting they move to adapt the existing technology described on this page

After educating yourself by reading this page
Come back to the above petition link and ADD YOUR VOICE
to ask our elected officials to act

Again: We also need EVERY American to contact the media and ask them to inform the public about this effort


We could find most missing persons WITHIN MINUTES - YES MINUTES
and solve and reduce other crimes AS QUICKLY - with less man hours and expenditure
leaving no room for excuses NOT to give EVERY CASE FULL attention
saving the 9.6 billion spent EACH YEAR on JUST searches and investigations
while sparing tens of millions families the stress of dealing with a missing loved one
and individuals the ordeal of being A CRIME VICTIM,
plus prevent crimes from happening in the future,
any of those results, in and by themselves,
would be reason enough for you to show interest,
but they can all be achieved by just implementing the system.


I will post ANY missing person's case and info
in the "More Missing Persons Cases" section found in the main web sites navigation menu

ALL you need do is email me the info and URL of your cases page

to send me your case


Again: PLEASE Don't fail to read the two scenarios on this page
they will enlighten you to no end

AND I beg you to Book mark this page so you can return at your leisure
to read it and be educated

It should be obvious to everyone, Passing Laws will not stop crime
of course they are a tool to be used BUT
we MUST take more drastic steps to put into place solutions/systems/methods
to assure the safe, quick rescue and return of EVERY missing person
and capturing criminals within Minutes ( Yes MINUTES ) after a crime is reported

These systems/methods Exist and we have perfected them
and used them to protect our troops for many, many years

One case solved OR one victim saved using the existing technology described on this page would no doubt
put the fear of God into the hearts of those who would perpetrate these and other crimes



Here is an Amber Alert Runner
If the back ground is yellow there is an active Amber Alert Somewhere In the U.S.
Place your cursor on the Missing's UNDERLINED Name and Click


There are 2000 Americans who go missing EVERY DAY
there are in reality, tens of millions of Americans who WILL go missing
in the coming decades who can be saved by OUR solution
of using existing systems of drone / satellite surveillance technology
to track, trace and rescue missing Americans safely within Minutes of them being reported missing
capture the criminal quickly (again, in some cases within minutes )
AND drastically reduce many other crimes

But we can put in place systems
which could help guarantee those that would commit these crimes
WILL most assuredly be CAUGHT QUICKLY


ALL THIS AND saving Billions EVERY Year
The big question is: Are you willing to DO SOMETHING other than talk about DOING SOMETHING


The technology presented here is NOT
I repeat NOT - GPS tracking or cell phone tracing or chipping and monitoring
but exists and is being used right now by our military NOT by Law Enforcement

GPS and Cell phone tracking are merely secondary tools
which can NOT be relied on to trace the where-abouts of each unit accurately
you will read why in the first scenario

The presentations on this page are hypothetical scenarios and relate how
IF adapted for use by Law Enforcement
the existing systems
of drones / satellite surveillance ( real time picture taking ) technology,
could work TO Find VICTIMS, safely and QUICKLY
Solve OTHER crimes more efficiently and actually
Spare tens of millions of families, the pain of dealing with a missing loved one in the future
while saving billions of dollars EACH YEAR spent on searchers and other crime investigations
Is that enough to stir your interest
Read On
That is No Exaggeration


Please DO NOT Stop reading this page
YOU WILL BE amazed by the fact the technology exists and we are not using it

We fully recognize the 'Invasion Of Privacy' and "Big Brother" issue and paranoia -
But do criminals respect your privacy
when they abduct children, kill and rape women and commit other crimes
which cause you or your neighbors to be victims

Ask the families with missing loved ones or crime victims in the past IF they
would trade a bit of privacy to have had their missing family member returned quickly or
to have had the criminal who made them victims captured more quickly

The issues of privacy and Big Brother fears are dealt with in more detail on our main web page


The best way for you to help -- is to read this page fully
then send the letters and sign the petition
I can NOT do it ALL

Complete details stats, costs, and more missing persons cases are found on our main web site


Please keep reading - I implore you, DO NOT navigate off this page

Start helping by ADDING your voice at the designated links seen on this page
Look for the "ADD YOUR VOICE" "PRESS HERE" Buttons


IF the existing technology were made available for use by police and implemented,
it would save taxpayers the estimated 9.6 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR
spent on JUST basic Searches for the missing over 2000 missing Americans per day

Not to mention the additional savings of tens of Billions spent on investigating,
solving and prosecuting OTHER crimes like robbery, murder, home invasions, rape, car thefts, etc. --- ANY crime --- QUICKLY
That alone should incite every American to back this effort


While it's true most of the reported missing are found within minutes
any search for any amount of time costs money
There is still a huge number that are not found quickly
and there are hundreds of cases per year where the missing person
is not found for lengthy periods of time - IF EVER
Those are the cases from which our proposed solution would benefit most


contact me HERE

Our Military has used this system for decades to protect our troops and spy on our enemies
they have developed the imaging technology into
a sophisticated HD system which can capture and identify objects as small as 5 inches

Here is the first scenario

The case is real and I am sure you will recall it
the proceedures described are what
the Drone system could do IF it were in place

June 2008 - Hopesprings Drive - Orlando Florida

A 2 year old child is reported missing by her grandmother

Her name is Caylee Anthony

I will not cover all the details and
try to get how drones could have solved this case
within hours NOT The almost 5 months it took

The police arrived at the Anthony home
Caylee lived there with her Mother
Casey Anthony and Grandmother and Grandfather
The grandmother told police the child
had not been seen for week
since Father Day June 15th
That day the Grandmother and Grandfather
were not home all day
they said they left the house at noon and arrived home at 6:00 p.m.

The mother, Casey, told the story
a baby sitter had taken the girl
AND the reason she did not tell her parent
was she did not want to get them involved
because she was handling the situation on her own

The officers taking the report sensed something was
not right and called in the Drone Surveillance team

This team controls surveillance of the entire City of Orlando
from a drone flying at 35,000 feet, 24 hours a day
it has night vision capability as well as "auto track"
which can track an object ( Vehilcle or Person )

Once the Drone team collected testimony of activity
in the area around the Anthony house on June 15th
the last time Caylee was seen
they accessed the captured video and images from June 15th
Caseys car was seen pulling into the garage from the being parked in the driveway
then out of the garage at 4:30 p.m.
her car was distinctive as it had a black "bra"
or stone guard across the entire front
and was easily differentiated from other cars
The Drone team activated the auto track on
Caylees car
and followed it continuosly in fast fowrard
They saw her stop and go into a store
then drive to an apartment
leave the car - then go inside
She did not come out until the next morning

Her car was tracked in fast forward time for the next 6 days

to various locations around the city of Orlando
and seen arriving at night clubs, stores, and different apartments

She only went home once during that time
was there The drone team would stop video and identify the locations and addresses
of any stops she made

On the evening of the sixth day they saw car the car pull
of the road near a wooded plot very close to the Anthony Home
Casey was seen going to the trunk and
removing what appeared to be a black garbage bag
and she then entered the wooded are
she was seen exiting that area in 5 minutes
getting back into her car
and driving to an apartment
which was later identified as belonging
to one of her manyr "Boyfriends"

The drone team notified Orlando Police and they went to the area of the woods and
commenced a search
It took them about 20 minutes to find a black trash bag
in which they found the body
of a small child

it was identifed as Caylee Anthony

This scenarion shows how drones can assist police
and the evidence would surely have convicted Casey Anthony

Go back to the previous section you were reading

This web site was hacked recently and the scenarios were removed as
well as other info
I am rebuilding it
As fast as possible
My service provider has told me
there is no way to trace the hackers

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