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Would using Satellite or unmanned drone picture taking technology or unmanned drones
help find missing persons and reduce other crimes ?
Read about that possibility on this page


Here is another of our pages with more missing persons - you might know one

Jerry Walker has been found

His case was a perfect example of the indifference
of the media and police to most minority missing persons

If you want to help get more exposure for Minority Missing Person Cases
Visit This Page HERE and sign the Petition


IF you are Jerry Walker PLEASE contact the webmaster of this page
I will help you tell your story

Click Here

Below is another FACE BOOK Page For Jerry Walker
CLICK HERE for another Face Book Page for Jerry Walker
to post a comment about this case

Please read and educate yourself about how we can end these cases very quickly
THEN SIGN the petition seen at
This Link HERE


This page ALSO lists Recent cases and links to other pages I have built for missing women, children and men cases

I will build a page for any case ( SEE SOME I HAVE DONE ALREADY BELOW )
I do not charge for this service

I would NEVER ask for NOR would I accept ANY money for the effort to find the Missing
I fund this effort myself

ALL I ask is that you sign the petition seen HERE
and then post the URL ( http://sign.1sta.com ) of it
on any sites you visit or in comments on any articles or online sites / pages about the missing

If you have a case you would like listed on this page OR in the "More Missing Person Cases Section"
seen on our main website for the Missing
Just email me the details and the info you want included in the link

If you are a family member of a missing person and DO NOT HAVE A WEBSITE FOR your loved one send me an email
And I will build a page for you at NO cost


We are dedicated to Help Find the Missing and will build a page for any case that is presented to us

We Will Build a page for your case
See Examples of the pages we have built



To contact me to get a page built --- Click Here


Now The Pages and Cases
Click ON the pic for more details on the cases


Here is the link to the page for Morgan's Case

Here is what the link to the page For Morgan Harrington's Case
looks like on my other pages

Morgan Harrington's Case Need to be solved
University Of Virginia Area
Click HERE

Help the Family Solve this crime



1st == Breaking News
New Case - Mickey Shunick AND Jerry Walker
You are also asked to Like the Face Book Page for "Find Mickey Shunick"


Michaela 'Mickey' Shunick
Jerry Walker
Mickey ShunickJerry Walker


Here is a Link to Mickey Shunick's Face Book Page
Please Like it


And here are the Links to The Pages I have built for the missing
Again contact me IF you need a page

Jason Allen Ashley
Brooke Avery
Colton Barrera
Rosemary Day
Hailey Dunn
Joanie Hall
Gabriel Johnson
Patricia Lalonde
Jason Allen Ashley Brooke Avery Cotton BerraraRosemary DayHailey Dunn Finding Joanie HallGabriel Johnson Patricia Lalonde

Jennifer Marteliz
Stacy McKinney
Latasha Nevitt
Michelle Parker
Rebecca Rusty Porter
Susan Powell
Jennifer MartelizStacy McKinneyLatasha NevittMichelle ParkerRebecca Rusty PorterSusan Powell

Tom Ray Starkel
Venus Stewart
Karen Swift
Thomas Tom Ray Starkel Venus Stewart Karen Swift

--- Alex Vasquez ---
--- Alex Vasquez ---


Next are sites with info about our effort to stop these crimes
We have a solution presented in the Petition ( furthest on the right )
and need Your Help Getting the attention of those who can implement it

Our solution is based on the facts: We have the satellite picture taking and transmitting technology
and IF Adapted for use by Law Enforcement it would
Drastically reduce crime and spare tens of millions of families
and individuals the pain of dealing with a missing loved one
or being a crime victim

Educate yourself then share the info you find with everyone == any way and anywhere you can

Our Main Website
Read How Technology Would Work
40% of Missing are Minorities
ADD Your Voice
Our Efforts Main Web PageHow the system Would WorkFind Missing MinoritiesSign The Petition HERE


Please Help And
Share This Page on Facebook - Click HERE



Click Here


You may become angry after reading the next link

I hope it builds a fire under you to join our effort

We are doing everything we can
to assure these crimes are stopped
and the missing are found quickly and safe

We present info on the real time, satellite surveillance and picture taking capabilities and technology
OUR military has been developed, perfected and used for decades to protect our troops and provide vital information on our adversaries
This Technology should be adapted for use by Law Enforcement to find Missing Children, women and men QUICKLY and SAFE
and drastically reduce ALL other crimes

We have a page with Scenarios of how the system would work at
This Link Here HERE


All the details can be found at
THE Main page for our effort to get our leaders to adapt the existing real time satellite surveillance
picture taking technology

Karen Swifts, Michelle Parkers, Jennifer Kesse And many more cases are also listed in the "More Missing Persons Cases" Section there

Step Up AND see to it the
proposed solution is adapted by Law Enforcement to help them
Do their jobs more effectively and to better ends
wE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY to find the Missing WITHIN Minutes of them being reported
and solve MOST OTHER crimes also within MINUTES - YES MINUTES

BUT the media and our elected officials are ignoring attempts to
Adapt the existing system of real time satellite picture capturing capabilities for use by Law Enforcement

Please READ the linked pages to educate yourself about this proposed solution
AND ADD your voice to the petition
HERE http://sign.1sta.com

Share the info you find with ALL others and HELP the effort
to implement the solution to the scourge of crime and Missing Children, Women and Men cases
which sweeps our nation

We can spare families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one
Plus all the other benefits this would provide to everyone

Again: Please See and sign our petition at
This link here for more on the possible solution to Finding The Missing
WITHIN Minutes of them being reported

We need to use the real time Satellite Surveillance Technology we have developed
for our military since the 1970's and adapt it for use by Law Enforcement
to Bring Missing children women and men home Quickly and Safe
and spare millions of families the pain of dealing
with a missing loved one

The webmaster's Face Book Group ID IS
" Finding Missing " Please like us for more on the Missing


We fully understand the usefulness of HLN hosts Grace and Mitchell putting the face of the missing on TV
and thank them as they are among the very few that give
any exposure to the missing in the mainstream media
BUT We can NOT understand why they refuse to tell their viewers about the petition and allow those viewers to decide
if it is something they would like to see in place

We would hope they would reconsider at least mentioning the petition

We have also been ignored after asking, why don't they show Picture in Picture during their broadcasts which would show the missing
We have seen enough of Nancy 's Darling Children

I repeat, Please Please Sign the Petition


to ask the media to educated the public about the technology
and help get the System put in place




Click Here to sign the Petition to help find Derrick Henagan
Missing from Michigans Upper Peninsula
Police have dropped the ball on this case



Where is Derrick Henagan ????
Derrick Henagan is missing from Michigan

Please help his family find Him



Click Here

Contact HLN AND CNN shows through this link

Contact Nancy Grace - Jane Mitchell - ALL THE OTHER SHows
ask them to help




Susan Powell https://cruci34.angelfire.com/SUSANPOWELL.html

My Missing Person Page to Help Find the Missing - I will build a page for your case if you don't have one.

William tomsk Lorain Ohio Michelle Parker Karen Swift Finding Joanie Hall Jennifer Marteliz Jason Allen Ashley
Colton Barrera Hailey Dunn Gabriel Johnson Stacy McKinney Latasha Nevitt Brooke Avery Rosemary Day Patricia Lalonde
Susan Powell Venus Stewart how can I get a missing person pages case listed missing person cases info.

Missing persons groups to find missing women children and men michaela mickey Shunick brentley