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Where is Susan Powell ?
We offer some thoughts


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Visitor to the page Since it was put online Dec. 14th 2009
It has been updated as new developments have come to light

Where is Susan Powell ?

On this page We provide some insight into where Susan Powell might be
and what MAY HAVE HAPPENED to her

We think our answers are much better thought out than the TV hosts and their "EXPERTS"

You just need to reference the reporting of N Grace
Done for ratings,
Nancy occasionally reports erroneous, False info and unfounded speculation
and take advantage of this and most other stories
they bend the facts and sensationalize certain aspects

It is apparent The TV hosts covering this case have no clue about basic - everyday common sense.
The 'Experts" they use are also one sighted - even the "Long time Profilers" have
dropped the ball on this case

Contact HLN AND CNN shows through this link

Contact Nancy Grace - Jane Mitchell - ALL THE OTHER SHows
ask them to report the ACTUAL facts



In light of the recent disclosure and release of the contents of Josh Powell's Father
Steven Powell's Journal which chronicled the elder Powells obsession with Susan it is apparent there
should be more than one suspects in Susans Disappearance

The sexual nature of the entries and Steven Powell's overwhelming fixation with Susan indicates he
may have had more reason to eliminate Susan than Josh.

Maybe she knew about the journal and confronted Steven

The question that should now be raised is:
Did Steven Powell own a 4 wheel drive vehicle which are designed for driving on snow in off highway conditions ?

Anyone with any sense ( leaves out many TV Show hosts )
or experience in being out at night while snowing
on unfamiliar roads knows that it is likely
you will become stuck or slide off the road
it even happens to many who drive the off highway roads every day
when there is NEW snow on the ground it is impossible to see the road

I am sure the van Josh drove was not used to carry Susan's Body
- It would have become stuck at some point and Josh would NOT have risked that.

The 3 inches of snow that fell the night she went missing would have caused very treacherous driving conditions.

And where was STEVEN Powell the night Susan Disappeared - first reports say he was not at work for the days
surrounding her disappearance -- he had called off sick -- was he lying in wait for Josh to
Leave the house then abduct Susan ?

Or did Josh and Steven Powell work together in removing her body and disposing of it
Driving both vehicles ( Josh with the Boys on the 'Camping Trip" and Stephen With the body )

Was Josh so dependent and dedicated to his father that he could not tell police that Steven Powell took Susan


Further down on this page we present more actual facts about the Susan Powell Case
Where she might be and how police might be able to find her

But First


We are dedicated to Help Find the Missing and will build a page for any case that is presented to us

We Will Build a page for your case
See Examples of the pages we have built





Next is a page explaining How we can Find
Missing women, children and men Safe and Quickly
Using Drones


Next is a page explaining
How we can Find
Missing women, children and men Safe and Quickly
Using Drones

Click HERE

To read the scenarios

on how we can
Find the Missing
Safe & Quickly
Using Drone Technology

Sarah Lee Stern is Missing

Tap HERE for the details
and add Sarah Lee Stern to your prayers

The following link is to the Tabitha Lynn Franklin Case
I will build for any Missing person case
And then Place a similar link on my other 80 pages for the Missing

Tabitha Lynn Franklin
Tabitha Lynn Franklin

Tabitha Lynn Franklin Needs to be Found

Now More on the Susan Powell Case

Now Here are some facts the police and Ms. Grace and other TV hosts
and their staffs of researchers would do well to pay attention to

They have ignored my attempts to help up to now

1st.) There was reported three inches of FRESH snow fell the night she went missing.
This fact should eliminate any off road dumping of the body
especially if the report of him driving a passenger van is true

The scenes, NG has shown on her show, where bones have been found, up to now, are all FAR FROM PAVED ROADS

IF YOU HAVE EVER DRIVEN in even small amounts of snow on a dirt or unpaved road
you know that it is very likely you will get stuck,
no matter what kind of vehicle you drive
van are notorious for not having good traction ability
Ms. Nancy and her staff of researchers have obviously never driven a van in Snow

I DON'T think Ms Powell's husband would have risked that.

2nd.) It is my opinion her body is not far from a paved road
or was dumped into a river which intersects a paved road

It is also reported he was gone for 6 hours -
That means a maximum of a 2 hour and 50 minutes drive to the bodies dump site
-- 20 minutes to dig the grave ( that is very CONSERVATIVE ESPECIALLY taking into consideration Frozen ground )
Or dump the dump the body
and 2 hours and 50 minutes to return back home
In 2 or 3 inches of snow that would limit speeds to no more than 45 mph AND probably slower at night
he would not want to attract attention from the police along the way

3rd.) Next the police should have checked the amount of gas he had in his car WHEN THEY IMPOUNDED it
the trip could not have been more than 260 miles in 6 hours in the reported conditions
Police should have checked with every Gas STATION WITHIN THAT 130 radius
to see if he stopped that night
Most cars get about 350 miles between fill ups
If he filled up before he left he would not have had to fill up during the drive
But there should be records of when he filled BEFORE AND AFTER that night
If he filled up a day or two before the day she disappeared and then soon after
It would stand to reason he drove many miles during that time

Calculating the distance driven should not be hard for the police IF they would do some investigation.
It might take a few days to check ALL the gas stations but THIS IS WHAT THE POLICE ARE PAID TO DO !!!

It is NOT ROCKET Science


This was BREAKING NEWS on Feb 5th 2012 - 4:31 p.m.
We were among the first websites to report on this tragedy

Josh Powell Blows up house
Killing Himself and his two boys

as in the Michelle Parker Case in Orlando Florida, in which the children were turned back to the MAIN SUSPECT

The Judge who allowed Josh Powell "supervised" visitation rights should be vilified
The case worker should be fired on the basis:
any case worker should be able to handle any situation
OR should have ample back up when delivering children
But with cut backs in funding, the Child Welfare Bureaus across the nation are undermanned

Josh Powell killed himself and his two sons 5 and 7
by blowing his home up in Washington State

Police say The father was to get a 4 hour supervised visitation with his two sons and when the Case worker showed up at his home
he took the children BUT He would not let the case worker in the home

The case worker said she smelled the odor of gasoline and called police
But before they arrived the house exploded
Josh Powell's attorney has reported he received a 3 word email from Josh, "I'm Sorry, Goodbye"

Autopsies showed the boys had been struck with a hatchet before they died

Was the pressure from the media too much ? Did his conscience get to him ?
were the boys starting to talk and verbalize what happened their mother disappeared ?

Those who sit in front of cameras and speculate will have a field day with this

There was NOT enough evidence to arrest Powell - BUT something needs to be done to protect the children in these cases

Josh Powell maintained that Susan ran away with someone

The only way we might ever know what happened is IF
her body is found

I don't like making statements like the following
But "There is a special place in hell for people like Josh Powell"


I am sure some who read this page will think I DID NOT like NancyGrace OR Jane Mitchell.


I have sent her my sympathies for her being a crime victim

Ms Grace and Ms Mitchell PERFORM a much needed service for the grieving Families of the missing
in that they puts the faces and stories of SOME of the missing in the Public eye

That being said: I do however take uppance with their methods

Many times they badger the families of the missing
Ms Grace often bullies her guest and experts

IF the tv hosts would just educate their viewers about a possible solution to find missing women children and men
instead of sitting in front of cameras and crying "WE MUST DO SOMETHING" yet never offer any suggestions as to what we can do

They could be doing a far greater service for the victims, their families AND ALL of us
By educating their viewers about our solution to ALL crime

The system proposed IS Drastic but heinous crimes require Drastic means to stop them


There are two scenarios which relate how the system could work
to find the missing WITHIN Minutes
and SOLVE other Crimes as quickly

NOW THATS - "Breaking News" as well as a "Bombshell"


I need to make a few more observations about our tv hosts

in MARCH 2012 Ms Grace used the hook tactic
by announcing "Hailey Dunn has been found and spent two nights speculating and spewing misinformation about
the Haley Dunn case and the principals involved

It turned out the body found was NOT Hailey Dunn

When Ms G interviewed the brother of the girl Juran Van Der Sloot Murdered
and THESE ARE Ms Graces WORDS = she asked him:
"Now that you have seen your sister's corpse in the morgue
with her eye hanging out from the beating she received from Juran What do you think ?"
That ended me being her "friend"

Those are not her only gaffes -- during a show in which she interviewed the mother of missing Orlando woman
Michelle Parker, Grace repeatedly said
"A body has been found in a lake near where Michelle 's car WAS FOUND" AND
"At this very moment is being FISHED OUT OF THE WATER"
I am sure Michelle's Mother did not want to hear
her daughters body May be being treated like a dead bass

During that same interview, it appeared to some, Grace tried to get Michelle's mother to admit
Michelle went to clients houses for her "Mobile Tanning Service" business
Parkers mother, Stewart, refused to admit that unsubstantiated fact
and stated Michelle "NEVER went to anyone's home she did not know"

She is being judge, jury, and prosecutor

And some like her approach

I think Ms Grace showed her true colors at those times.
Did she prove she is no more than a Tabloid commentator ?

I have heard this well respected TV host make many more such double entendre "investigative reporting comments"
but most VIEWERS ignore, don't hear or don't get the underlying innuendo and insinuations

It is my prayer Ms Grace would spend more time
showing pictures of others missing persons instead of her children

Ms Nancy gives out much unresearched, baseless, speculative and erroneous information, presenting it as "Fact"
It is apparent she covers the cases with the highest possibility for sensationalizing the story
for ratings purposes

Along with the power to get to that end
comes some responsibility to present correct, researched and not speculative information
to not build the hopes of the families of the missing
AND not sensationalize the facts for ratings or inflame the public

Announcing as "Bombshells" and "Breaking News" lead in hooks
( a Ploy used used to catch viewers interest )
FOR many of the cases she presents

An example of her baiting viewers tactics is:
Announcing a missing person's Body has been found

She has done this at least three times with Susan Powell
in the past
and she continues to do the same thing in many other cases she has presented
But after her "hook"
and intro on her show she backs off and says "It may Be Susan or whomever"

In the 7 years she has been on the air
Her show is questionably responsible for exactly '1' MISSING person case BEING solved
The person interviewed could not remember what SHOW SHE SAW THE notice of the missing people who were found
- Yet that same person said it Was a CNN show

Again: I AM WELL AWARE of the importance of keeping the faces of the missing
in the public eye and she does DO that
for certain select cases

Grace could easily change the look and format of her show
to include "picture in picture" notices of the missing during the whole hour

She has ignored suggestions to do that for years

Ms Grace should spend at least as much time as she spent preparing for her "Dancing Debut"
presenting information that could potentially end
the scourge of missing person and drastically reduce other crimes

You can help get her to really do something to STOP these Atrocities

Please Sign OUR petition CLICK HERE

it will be delivered to the her and other tv hosts, producers and our highest elected officials
and other media outlets asking them to STEP UP
and DO SOMETHING more than Talk About Doing Something to stop these crimes


If we would JUST ADAPT the system using satellite surveillance picture taking / transmitting capabilities
which our military has developed since the 1970's
and proposed in that petition were in place there would be so many fewer cases
there would be little need for ALL the missing person posts seen on Face Book
and the Need for so many of the TV Shows about the Missing would decline as well

Would you support something that would eliminate your income ?

It is obvious Ms Grace wants to put the Trenton Duckett case behind her

If you recall The boys mother committed suicide shortly after Grace interviewed her

The Family of the Mother sued Grace and HLN - They both settled out of court

Have you ever heard Grace say "If your innocent, fight it til the end" ????

Enough said about that


Now another of the MANY cases with "Facts" Ms Grace has erroneously reported:
It just indicates that Ms Grace does not do much real research in the cases she reports
Over a year ago -- For the few days she featured the case of Cape Coral Florida Teacher Amy Patterson as the "Case du Jour"


08/21/2012 The suspect in Amy Pattersons case was just sentenced to life in Prison in Alabama
It is reported he then told police where he buried Amy's Body
A search has started near the village of Bokeelia on Pine Island in Lee County Florida
( Not the town of Pine Island Florida )

Amy Patterson is missing from Cape Coral / Bokeelia FL CLICK HERE FOR CASE info

Ms Nancy was reporting Amy Patterson was last seen in Pine Island Florida and showed her viewers satellite pictures
of the supposed area where Ms Paterson went missing,
In reality the location she was giving info to the public about
was 180 miles from the actual last sighting location
( There are two location named Pine Island in Florida one is an incorporated city in Hernando County 40 Miles North of Tampa

The other Pine Island is an island with multiple cities and towns located on the Gulf Of Mexico in Lee County Florida
180 miles south of the other "Pine Island"
The Town of Bokeelia on The Island in Lee County is where Amy Patterson was last seen,
the Island is connected to Cape Coral by a Bridge

Two weeks passed and After many attempts to inform her of her misinformation by sending messages top her CNN Show page contact link
and my posting her error on her blog and Her Face Book page
Ms Grace finally changed the info BUT did not say she had been giving out wrong info
She just started to give out the correct info without ANY reference to her mistake

ANY misinformation can hurt AND DELAY a case, it is irresponsible to report otherwise



Another situation of misinformation regarding Hailey Dunn

Hailey Dunn is Missing
from Colorado City Texas
Since Dec 27 2010
Click HERE
To See Hailey Dunn 's Face Book page
On March 21st Nancy Grace has been reporting a body has been found
in "Big Springs" Texas ( the name of the town is actually "Big Spring"
"Big Springs" Texas is over 300 miles from "Big Spring" Texas
This is just another of the many Mr Graces research team has made
send Nancy Grace a message from the media link ABOVE
asking why she ignores the SOLUTION presented here
To Find the missing......
Be Outraged and Let your voice be heard


If you would like to help find the missing quickly please read the scenarios at

this link here

And ADD your voice by signing the petition to get the existing technology presented on our websites put in place



And email and Ask Nancy Grace why she ignores this possible solution
and will NOT TELL her viewers about it and allow them to decide
if it is something they would like to see implemented.

I can NOT imagine any law abiding person to be agaisnt this
It makes too much sense to HELP CRIME


Dylan Redwine missing since Nov 19th 2012
near 2300 County Road 500 Bayfield Colorado

Please help find him


Click Here to sign the Petition to help find Derricak Henagan



Where is Derrick Henagan ?

Please help his family find Him


Click Here To Sign our Petition


Please ADD Your voice and SIGN the petition then share it with all you have contact with

to send this Petition

and again, PLEASE share this URL on Face Book and Tweet it too
the petition will be sent to The President
and the senders SPECIFIC Senators and Congressmen and Many media outlets
requesting they move to adapt the existing technology described on this page

After educating yourself by reading this page
Come back to the above link and ADD YOUR VOICE
to ask our elected officials to act

We also need EVERY American to contact the media and ask them to inform the public about this effort

PLEASE share all this info in any other venues and forums you use


We could find most missing persons quickly and solve and reduce other crimes -
leaving no room for excuses NOT to give EVERY CASE FULL attention
saving the 9.6 billion spent EACH YEAR on JUST BASIC searches and investigations
while sparing tens of millions families the stress of dealing with a missing loved one
and individuals the ordeal of being A CRIME VICTIM,
plus prevent crimes from happening in the future,
any of those results, in and by themselves,
would be reason enough for you to show interest,
but they can all be achieved by just implementing the system.


I will also post ANY missing person's case and info
in the "More Missing Persons Cases" section found in the main web sites navigation menu

ALL you need do is email me the info and URL of your cases page

to send me your case


PLEASE Don't fail to read the two scenarios on the page linked below
they will enlighten you to no end

AND I beg you to Book mark this page so you can return at your leisure
to read it and be educated

It should be obvious to everyone, Passing Laws will not stop crime
of course they are a tool to be used BUT
we MUST take more drastic steps to put into place solutions/systems/methods
to assure the safe, quick rescue and return of EVERY missing person
and capturing criminals within Minutes ( Yes MINUTES ) after a crime is reported

These systems/methods Exist and we have perfected them
and used them to protect our troops for many, many years

One case solved OR one victim saved using the existing technology described on this page would no doubt
put the fear of God into the hearts of those who would perpetrate these and other crimes




Please educated your self about existing technology which could be adapted for use by Law Enforcement
to Find the Missing Quickly and drastically reduce other crimes using existing satellite surveillance technology systems

The Main site for

Is Found HERE -- http://findthemissing.vze.com

AND I have page which has scenarios of how the existing systems could be adapted for use by Law Enforcement
to Finding the Missing children women and men
At This link
HERE = http://trenton.2ya.com

We also have a petition to ask the media to educate the public who can then request our elected officials to step up
and adapt the system for use by ALL Law Enforcement Agencies
That Petition is found IF you click the banner below

Click HERE


Here is the Mitrice Richardson Case
Which happens too often
and her Father - Michael Richardson's fight to get justice for his daughter

Why do parents and loved ones of the missing have to endure such pain and agony

Police need to cooperate fully with families of the Missing
The solution presented in the petition seen on this page
would make it easy for police to solve these crimes
PLEASE READ THE petition HERE and ADD Your Voice


I am posting this site PRO BONO ( FREE )
and will do the same for any missing person
IF I am contacted from the email link below

Our main web site with "More Missing Persons" is found

I and others, pray the missing are found every day see This link HERE


Again: If you would like to have a case listed

Email Me HERE with the details, URLS to link to, any pics you have
and the text you want in your case bio

Unlike many other organizations, groups and individuals seen online to 'Find The Missing"
I fund this completely by myself
I NEVER asked for NOR would I accept any money
Many of the Orgs, Groups and individuals ask for donations
and they are allowed to use up to 70% of the money they get in
to pay those who operate the Org.



Here is an Amber Alert Runner
If the back ground is yellow there is an active Amber Alert Somewhere In the U.S.
Place your cursor on the Missing's UNDERLINED Name and Click


Morgan Harrington's Case Need to be solved
Universtiy Of Virginia Area
Click HERE

Help the Family AND Police Solve this crime



Amy Charron is Missing
Houston Texas - Click HERE

Find this Woman Click Above



Jerry Walker
Jerry Walker



Email with comments

Unlike many other organizations, groups and individuals seen online to 'Find The Missing"
I fund this completely by myself
I NEVER asked for NOR would I accept any money
Some of these Orgs, Groups and individuals ask for donations
and they are allowed to use up to 70% of the money donated or given to them
to pay the salaries of 'Presidents and Founders", CEO's and those who run the Org.
The other 30% goes for operating expenses


All you need do is ask the org you are going to donate to for a
schedule of how their money is spent
If they can't supply you with a report with specific figures - Don't Donate

Of course there are some which are 100% volunteer. I would send my money to those


16 year Old Antoinette Garrison Is Missing
From Fort Collins Colorado
Please Help Find Her
Click Here for details

UPDATE - Antoinette Garrison has been found in Laredo Texas


Susan Powell is still missing in Utah - is Steven Powell a Suspect or Not Cox Family wants to know
https://cruci34.angelfire.com/SUSANPOWELL.html SUSAN Cox Powell


Find Lindsey Baum

and PLEASE PLEASE look at the Lindsey Baum FACE BOOK PAGE AT
This link


https://cruci34.angelfire.com/missingchristinawhittaker.html https://cruci34.angelfire.com/missingchristinawhittaker.html
https://cruci34.angelfire.com/missingantoinettegarrison1.html https://cruci34.angelfire.com/missingantoinettegarrison1.html
https://cruci34.angelfire.com/missingpersonpages.html https://cruci34.angelfire.com/missingpersonpages.html

https://cruci34.angelfire.com/evansdaleiowamissing.html https://cruci34.angelfire.com/evansdaleiowamissing.html
https://cruci34.angelfire.com/kristimerrill.html https://cruci34.angelfire.com/kristimerrill.html
https://cruci34.angelfire.com/findthemissing.html https://cruci34.angelfire.com/findthemissing.html

https://cruci34.angelfire.com/Weneedtodomore.html They'd know who dumped the body IF the System seen at http://sign.1sta.com/ were in PLACE
yet Most Face Booker ignore educating themselves about this or are JUST too lazy to spend some time to help another
--- PLEASE don't be one of those and GET INVOLVED ------ PLEASE