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FIRST OF all -
I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to Karen Swift 's Family
everyday that ALL the missing would be found

This page has the details and MORE about the Karen Johnson Swift Case

We ALL need to DO MORE to prevent these crimes
PLEASE read this entire page to find out how you can HELP



Would using unmaned drones or Satellite picture taking technology
have solved this crime and reduce other crimes ?
Read about that possibility on this page


Karen Swifts Body has been found
Her Killer is still at Large
Pics and more below


As of

There have been no new updates since Karens Body was found


Another cold case I built is: for
Diana Zacarias
Missing since April 2 nd 2016

Her body has also been found

Diana Zacarias 's Case Needs to be solved
Last seen near South Rim of Grand Canyon
April 1st 2016
Click HERE for more Information

Help the Familyd Solve these cases


If you have a missing loved one
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I am determined to stop the need for Most of the missing person posts
posters and crime stories posts seen on Face Book and on TV show Like Nancy Grace

Time would be well spent IF those people would spend additional time
helping educate others about the existing technology
which could end an abduction within minutes
of the crime being reported

What needs to be done is; adapt for use by Law Enforcement the
Existing REAL TIME unmanned drone surveillance capability and picture taking and transmitting technology
which our military has developed and used for decades to protect our troops

Please sign the petition seen on this page and ADD YOUR VOICE to the cause


IF you are as tired of hearing about and seeing posters for
missing women, children and men and other crimes as I am
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YOU can see to it ALL crimes are drastically reduced
Victims are rescued and other crimes solved quickly

To sign the petition to help get the proposed solution in Place

Sitting in front of TV cameras and talking about these cases
DOES LITTLE to prevent them and very seldom solves them
We know of a possible solution -- seen on this page and our military has used the technology for decades.


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Send a question to me
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The following link to the Tabitha Lynn Franklin Case is a sample of the type Of Page
I will build for any Missing person case
And then Place a similar link on my other 80 pages for the Missing

Tabitha Lynn Franklin
Tabitha Lynn Franklin

Tabitha Lynn Franklin Needs to be Found


Update on Karen Swift
Missing from Dyersburg TN =

Her Body was found Dec 10th 2011


Read more of the latest details on this page
and see satellite pics of the area where her body was found

Karen Swift ( Karen Johnson Swift )
went missing from her Dyersburg Tennessee Home Oct 30th

Click here for a larger satellite view of Karen Swift 's home

click on the following pic to see a zoomed in Satellite Image of the area where the car was found -----

Click here for a larger satellite view of the area where her car was found


Karen Swift's, body has been found near a cemetery off Harness Road Near Rt 78
The Dyersburg, Tennessee Mother of 4 had been Missing Since Sunday Oct 30th

There are no suspects

Please read this page and the "Warning Section" below
to educate yourself about the ways we can Find The Missing quickly

Click On the Pic for a close up larger version of the crime scene area

Police have cordoned off the area around the cemetery off Harness Road near Rt 78
The area is about 2 miles from Her home and 2.7 miles from where her car was
found with a flat tire the morning she went missing

Police have disclosed the tire was flat from a drywall / cement board screw

They are checking ALL houses under construction in the area


See more satellite Photos of that area below

The police are also investigating a possible connection to a string of
4 bodies found in or near cemeteries in the Memphis Area
Police believe those are the work of a serial killer

There is now some speculation that the Swift case could be related to the other murder discoveries

It could also be a copycat to throw off police

This page has Information which needs to be shared with as MANY people as possible
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The HLN Network Nancy Grace show gave out wrong misleading information ( This happens too often on her show )
by giving the impression Karen Swift went missing Nov 14th --
the Sunday before Karen's case was presented on her show
Two guests remarked "She went Missing this past Sunday" and "She went Missing Sunday" -
Karen Swift Went Missing Sunday OCT 30 TH around 5:00 a.m.
Ms Grace finally made corrections to this info
BUT ONLY after she was sent many messages

The family and friends of a Karen Swift missing for more than 2 weeks appealed for her safe return, as search
teams scoured the area for clues.

Karen Johnson Swift, 44, was reported missing by her husband, who last saw her in their Dyersburg, Tennessee,
home early on Sunday October 30, 2011

See the satellite photos below of the area she went missing from Below

The mother-of-four had just come home from a Halloween party with her daughter.

It was also reported on the Nancy Grace show -
Karen had left the home late Saturday night Oct 29th to pick her 9 year OLD DAUGHTER from a sleep over
and her daughter had fallen asleep in the room with Karen

Friends of Karen Johnson Swift said it's 'not in her nature' to leave her family

Her white 2004 Nissan Murano seen in the poster was FOUND at approx 5:30 a.m.
about a quarter of a mile from the home with a flat tire.
Pointed headed in the direction of her home. Police need to know where she had gone that morning

Cell Phone Pings have provided no clues as of yet.

Anyone who may have seen it on the road
with ANYONE insdie between midnight AND 5:30 a.m. Sunday OCT 30th
please CALL Police
at 731 - 285 - 2802

Within days Authorities said they found several items in their search, including some clothing.
but cannot yet be sure whether they belong to Karen Swift

Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box told the station that his office is waiting on DNA tests to confirm whether or not
the items belong to her.

Search: Crews led by the Dyer County Sheriff's Office have been scouring the area looking for clues in the
disappearance of Karen Johnson Swift

Box told the Dyersburg State Gazette: 'We are searching for anything of interest. And we are still inspecting
other potential evidence, which we have recovered.'

The 44-year-old has not been seen by anyone other than immediate family since she left a Halloween party

Friends of the woman have come forward, saying they suspect foul play because Mrs Swift would never
voluntarily leave her family.

During the first week of November 2011 -- Carrie Engelhardt, a friend of Swift's, told FoxNews:
'Itís not in her nature. Weíre really concerned and
worried because itís been over a week now.'

Her husband David, whom she was divorcing, told police he last saw his wife at home after she returned from the
party to drop off their children.

Mr Swift said they spoke briefly before he went to bed, but he has not talked to reporters about his wife. She
filed for divorce on October 11.

She has two sons in college and two daughters aged seven and nine. The youngest girl 'just cries' and will
'hardly eat' now, Mr Johnson told ABC.

Her cell phone is also missing. Police said it was last used at about 5am on Sunday when Mrs Swift accessed the
internet on the device.

On Saturday, the sheriff's department arrested a neighbor who has been accused of poisoning two dogs, one of
which belonged to the Swift family, in early Karen Swift

That suspect, 39-year-old John Hogshooter, was charged with animal cruelty in the case, according to the State Gazette.

The paper reported that Karen Swift had tried to speak to Hogshooter about her dog weeks before she disappeared,
but he was not home.

The sheriff's office has not said whether or not he is suspected of being involved in Mrs Swift's disappearance.

Karen Johnson Swift's husband says he last saw her at their Dyersburg, Tennesee, home

She has two sons in college and two daughters aged seven and nine. The youngest girl 'just cries' and will
'hardly eat' now, Mr Johnson told ABC.

Her cell phone is also missing. Police said it was last used at about 5am on Sunday when Mrs Swift accessed the
internet on the device.

Cops are working with the phone company to pinpoint its last location. Her husband has not been named as a suspect in the case.

Karen went missing just 80 miles from Holly Bobo

And very close to 5 other women
Nancy Grace guest Pat Brown an 'Expert' criminal profiler does not think they are connected but others disagree
The other cases are presented below

FOR A larger version of the Swift Home
in the satellite photo seen below

Note the plentiful wooded areas in the area of her house Below


FOR A larger version of the satellite picture seen above
of the area where Karen Smiths car was found


You may become angry after reading the next link

I hope it builds a fire under you to join our effort

We are doing everything we can
to assure these crimes are stopped
and the missing are found quickly and safe

We present info on the real time, satellite surveillance and picture taking capabilities and technology
OUR military has been developed, perfected and used for decades to protect our troops and provide vital information on our adversaries
This Technology should be adapted for use by Law Enforcement to find Missing Children, women and men QUICKLY and SAFE
and drastically reduce ALL other crimes

We have a page with Scenarios of how the system would work at
This Link Here HERE


All the details can be found at
THE Main page for our effort to get our leaders to adapt the existing real time satellite surveillance
picture taking technology

Karen Swifts, Michelle Parkers, Jennifer Kesse And many more cases are also listed in the "More Missing Persons Cases" Section there

Step Up AND see to it the
proposed solution is adapted by Law Enforcement to help them
Do their jobs more effectively and to better ends
wE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY to find the Missing WITHIN Minutes of them being reported
and solve MOST OTHER crimes also within MINUTES - YES MINUTES

BUT the media and our elected officials are ignoring attempts to
Adapt the existing system of real time satellite picture capturing capabilities for use by Law Enforcement

Please READ the linked pages to educate yourself about this proposed solution
AND ADD your voice to the petition

Share the info you find with ALL others and HELP the effort
to implement the solution to the scourge of crime and Missing Children, Women and Men cases
which sweeps our nation

We can spare families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one
Plus all the other benefits this would provide to everyone

Again: Please See and sign our petition at
This link here for more on the possible solution to Finding The Missing
WITHIN Minutes of them being reported

We need to use the real time Satellite Surveillance Technology we have developed
for our military since the 1970's and adapt it for use by Law Enforcement
to Bring Missing children women and men home Quickly and Safe
and spare millions of families the pain of dealing
with a missing loved one

We fully understand the usefulness of HLN hosts Grace and Jane Mitchell putting the face of the missing on TV
and thank them as they are among the very few that give
exposure to the missing in the mainstream media We can NOT understand why they refuse to tell their viewers about the petition and allow those viwers to decide
if it is something they would like to see in place

We would hope they would consider at least mentioning the petition

And why don't they show Picture in Picture during their broadcasts which would show the missing
We have seen enough of Nancy 's Darling Children

I repeat, Please Please Sign the Petition


to ask the media to educated the public about the technology
and help get the System put in place




PLEASE join the prayer group for ALL the missing seen

At This Page Here -
There is a special request to find Karen Swift and ALL the missing on that page
Add your voice to the thousands of others who are praying with us


Visit the Face Book page for Karen Swift's Case at this link HERE


Join the Prayer Group
for the Missing
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Join Us
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We Will Build
a Page for Your
Missing Person Case

HERE are more pages we have built


Michelle Parker is Still Missing

Please take a look at the Jennifer Kesse case too

Just Tap Here



Help Find Timothy Geren
A.K.A. Timothy Geren Solomon or Solomen


Missing Minorities
In both
English and Spansih
These Cases Need to be solved
Missing Minority Victims
Click HERE
for more Information

Help Solve These Cases



Details On Dylan Redwine

Missing From 11/19/2012 Bayfield CO

If you have pages for the missing, you have my permission to cut and paste the html code
from the "view page source" right click option
you will need to save both images to your PC
all we ask is that you post credit for where you found it



Morgan Harrington

Here is what the link to the page For Morgan Harrington's Case
looks like on my other pages

Morgan Harrington's Case Need to be solved
University Of Virginia Area
Click HERE

Help the Family Solve this crime



Transgender teen
Dashad "Sage" Smith Is Missing

Please help Find Her
Charlottesville, Va


David Cisneros is Missing
Colorado Springs CO.
Click HERE

Find this young man Click Above


Help Find Christina Whittaker Young
Her Page is HERE


Click Here to sign the Petition to help find Derricak Henagan



Where is Derrick Henagan ?

Please help his family find Him



Here is The Heather Nicole Broadus Murder Case - Long Beach CA. Aug 2010

Here are the six cases which have occurred
within a few hundred MILES of each other
some as close as 30 miles apart
Note the similarities in appearance of the victims
Is the Knoxville Area Next ?
Dover TN is near the middle of ALL these crimes

Again: Criminal Profiler and frequent commentator on HNL shows Pat Brown
says there is NO CONNECTION ? Others disagree

Note Dover TN is near the middle of all these disappearances

Now more cases that need attention


Find Lindsey Baum

and PLEASE PLEASE look at the Lindsey Baum FACE BOOK PAGE AT
This link


16 year Old Antoinette Garrison Is Missing
From Fort Collins Colorado
Please Help Find Her
Click Here for details



Hailey Dunn is Missing
from Colorado City Texas
Since Dec 27 2010
Click HERE
To See Hailey Dunn 's Face Book page
On March 21st Nancy Grace has been reporting a body has been found
in "Big Springs" Texas ( the name of the town is actually "Big Spring"
Big Spring is over 300 Miles from Big Springs
This is not the first gaff Mr Graces research team has made
send Nancy Grace a message from the media link ABOVE
asking why she ignores the SOLUTION presented here
To Find the missing......
Be Outraged and Let your voice be heard



Katelyn Markham

Kate Markham has gone Missing
from Fairfield Ohio

Please CliCK THIS link and Read the Face Book Page
info to help Find Katelyn Markham

Click on pic

for a Close Up satellite view of the location Katelyn Markham was last seen


Holly Bobo
she was wearing levi 's

Country Singer Whitney Duncan's cousing is missing


AND Help
Bring Holly Bobo Home Safe
There is a reward fund
For Ms Bobo But I can Not Post the info here
Google "Reward Fund and add any of the names you see in this section to
see if there is a fund for that case and PLEASE donate


Lauren Spierer

Click Here For Info on Lauren, We need to Find Lauren Spierer

Click On the satellite picture above
For a blow up version of the last place Lauren Spierer Was Seen


Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson NEEDS to be found
Please Visit this Link for more info on Paige Johnson 's Case



Jacque Sue Waller

Click Here For Details on Jacque Sue Waller

Missing from Cape Girardeau, Missouri June 1st 2011
The family of Jacque Sue Waller, a missing mother of young triplets from Cape Girardeau, Missouri,
said today she was a victim of domestic abuse. The family believes her estranged husband,
whom police have identified as a person of interest,
is involved in her disappearance.


This is the end of those six cases

Agian Is there a Connection ? Pat Brown Does Not thinks so BUT others do


Now another high profile case
Michelle Parker
Missing from Orlando Florida
Click Here for a Page for the Michelle Parker Case

Michelle, who runs a "Mobile Tanning Service" went missing after a segment of People Court
in which she and the father of her children appeared to settle a contentious financial Situation.

Police say the Florida mom who appeared on "The People's Court" television show went missing the day her episode aired.

Michelle Parker, 33, was last heard from late Thursday afternoon, Nov 17th
when she sent a text message saying she was in
the Waterford Lakes neighborhood, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

We plead with anyone with information to call Crimeline at (800) 423-8477 IF you have any info about Michelle Parker

Click Here to see a larger pic of the area

The HLN Nancy Grace Show has also presented the Michelle Parker case and is Urgently requesting help with Finding Michelle Parker


Grace reported a body was found and was being "Fished out of the water as I speak" one night on her show
That Body turned out NOT to be Ms Parker.


Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson

Last Seen in: Lubbock, Texas
Last Seen on: 7/13/2004
Height: 5' 5 "
Weight: 110 lbs.
Age: 26
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown with red highlights
Date of Birth: 12/9/1977
Race: White
Sex: Female

Jennifer was last seen wearing a red halter top, blue capri pants and black flip-flops.
She has several tattoos:
a small ladybug on the right rear of her neck,
a dragon that wraps around her right ankle,
a red rose with a small snake wound around the stem on her upper left arm,
a butterfly on her back,
roses on her right wrist,
a fish on her stomach, a tattoo around her left leg
and she sometimes wears a lip ring.
Click Here for more about the Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson Case



The satellite surveillance technology proposed by us
could provide police with evidence of a crime - WITHIN MINUTES of it being committed -
guilty parties would be seen in pictures committing the acts. Leaving no excuse for police to NOT make an arrest

The recent Trayvon Martin killing/murder case points out the need for the system we propose.
All the confrontations and mishandling of the case
could have been avoided IF the system were adapted for use by Law Enforcement.

Please read the article about Trayvon 's Case at


I ask AGAIN: PLEASE Sign the Petition to See to it the solution to Solving crime /
saving victims and sparing tens of millions of individuals and families the pain of being crime victims.

And once again it could be used to rescue missing children, women and men Within Minutes of them being reported missing

Sign the Petition by Clicking Below
and be informed about our effort to accomplish this
CLICK HERE to help



James Joseph Martin Was Killed by a hit and run driver in Apopka Florida
Here is the info on the Hit and Run case
which could have been solved using The technology we present on this page

CLICK Here for a large version of the poster



Please sigh this petition to Help
The family of Murder Victim Nicole Ayres
Change the law on prison terms for Murderers



Here is the Mitrice Richardson Case
Which happens too often
and her Father - Michael Richardson's fight to get justice for his daughter

Why do parents and loved ones of the missing have to endure such pain and agony

Police need to cooperate fully with families of the Missing
The solution presented in the petition seen on this page
would make it easy for police to solve these crimes
PLEASE READ THE petition HERE and ADD Your Voice


Kathy LaMadrid Needs to be Found NOW
Kathy La Madrdid -Missing since 2004

Susan Powell is still missing in Utah - is Steven Powell a Suspect or Not Cox Family wants to know

page is here


Jerry Walker
Jerry Walker

Haley Dunn Haily Dunn Big springs texas big spring Body found Karen Swift case on Nancy Grace Show HLN Vinnie Politan

serial killer

cereal killer Memphis Tennessee Cemataries Semataries semitaries
like the Virginia Tech Shooting



wearing levis