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Update - Aug 7th 2016

There have been NO new breaks in this case

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This web site was among the first to report the Breaking News


It appears Nancy Grace 's word to keep this story alive is as phony as her eyelashes

Would using Satellite picture taking technology or unmanned drones
have helped find these missing girls and help reduce other crimes ?
Read about that possibility on this page
and sign the Petition presented here to get those systems put in place



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The case is now taking an important turn
- The Evidence must now be gathered from the site of the recovery of the bodies
and hopefully it will lead to the capture of the killer or killers

The big question is how were Two girls able to be abducted without anyone hearing or seeing anything


There are sad developments

Evansdale Iowa Missing Cousins Lyric Cook and Elisabeth Collins may have been found

Two Bodies were found -
20 miles or 30 minutes north east of where the Two cousins went missing Friday the 13th in July, 2012

On Dec 5th at approx 12:30 p.m. two hunters found two partly decomposed bodies in dense woods
in the Seven Bridges County Park / Wildflife Area Near Readlyn in Bremmer County, Iowa
Police report the bodies were not found in close proximity to each other
They were separated by about 50 yards
sources say the bodies did not appear to be in a condition
which would indicate they were killed immediately in July

Police also said they are looking for the area where the deaths occurred
which lead us to believe they think they were killed elsewhere
and their bodies were dumped in the wooded area

Police notified both families of the find late afternoon Weds. Dec 5th 2012

Positive ID has been made
there were clothes found with the bodies which were immediately identified
as the clothes the girls were wearing when they disappeared

It is obvious Police are keeping some information from the media
and may be disseminating misleading info
Because some of it would only be details the Killer would Know

There are 18 registered sex offenders within the Evansdale area

for a close up of the area where the bodies were found

Since their disappearance, photographs of the cousins seemed to be everywhere in northeastern Iowa:
on T-shirts and buttons worn by locals, and
on fliers hung on gas station walls and in business windows.

A prayer vigil was organized quickly for the evening the bodies were found, Weds Dec 5th, 2012
After Wednesday night's vigil family friend Sarah Curl said it was a tight-knit, caring community.

Last week an anonymous donor
pledged $100,000 for information about the girls' whereabouts
on top of the $50,000 that police had offered.

"When something happens to one family it happens to all of our families," Curl stated.
"This could happen to anyone.

The mother and Step Father of one of the girls
both have records for use and distribution of Meth

While we are not pointing fingers at anyone - the facts are the facts
and those aspects need to be investigated to the fullest


IF you are as tired as I am, of listening to TV hosts use these cases for ratings and to build their popularity

Why aren't we using the real time high resolution satellite picture taking and transmitting technology
or unmanned drones which our military has developed and perfected to protect our troops for 4 decades

The systems should be adapted for use by Law Enforcement to FIND Missing Women Children AND Men
and drastically reduce other crime WITHIN MINUTES of them being reported ?

The Next link below is a Petition to get that done

PLEASE Sign The Online Petition HERE


Also Educate your self about how the system would work at


and Send an email to the CNN and HLN shows
and ask that they inform the public about the proposed solution

Contact HLN AND CNN shows through this link

Contact Nancy Grace - Jane Mitchell - ALL THE OTHER Shows
ask them to help


This Case is just the type of Case those show thrive on

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Info on this page is gathered from various sources and some has not been verified


The following is what the Original Page presented
on this case when it was first put online:

This page presents the Evansdale Iowa Missing Cousins Lyric Cook and Elisabeth Collins case
we post satellite pictures of the crime scene
as well as links to other cases and info needed to Find ALL the missing
This page also offers an online petition to adapt existing satellite picture taking and transmitting technology for use by
Law Enforcement to Find Missing, abducted Women Children and men and drastically reduce other crime


The Missing Iowa Cousings Case had been put on the back burner by the Media
Until Now

Click Here for info on this
IMPORTANT RESULT from this case

There is not much new

The FBI maintains: The "Girls are most likely still alive and they have expanded the search outside of Iowa

They still claim the Family and other persons of interest are NOT cooperating Fully, as the family says they are

There was an Interview Sunday July 22nd with Mother, Misty Cook - Morrissey = Grandmother, Wylma Cook and
Mistys sister -- Tammy Brousseau who is seemingly the spokesperson for the family ==
No tears again

Aunt Tammy reiterates info offered further down on this page about the dogs and the woods
Mother says NO ONE HAS been told "any evidence by police"
Just saying they have suspects and evidence
and Aunt Tammy added - neither FBI nor police will share the reasons for thinking the girls are still alive
She adds the family is Cooperating ????


We have heard nothing about the who the biological father of Lyric is

It has been verified Lyrics step-father Daniel Morrissey walked out on a questioning session
saying The police were accusing him of Harming his daughter

Later the parents had gone to a Motel to escape the media and
one of the investigators showed up and "pounded on the door"
accusing Daniel of "knowing more than he is telling"

It is reported he told police he was at his Mothers house with his 15 year old son during the time the girls went missing
although his whereabouts have not been verified by police

It is now a fact: Lyrics mother Misty Cook Morrissey and Daniel Morrissey both have criminal arrest records for various offenses
The arrests are many recorded arrests from everything from
- Sale and Distribution of Methamphetamines to Domestic Violence
This opens up the case to more suspects
those being the people the Morrisseys dealt the drugs to

They say they have made the record know to the media
They still have active cases pending

Nothing has been said about Tammy Brousseau or Grandmother Wylma Cook having any record
BUT -- Nancy and Jane - Has anyone checked ????

While Lyric Cook's parents, Aunt Tammy Brousseau and grandmother Wylma Cook of Lyric have appeared often

There has been little emotion shown by the parents, grandmother AND Aunt of Lyric Cook in their interviews
We have seen no tears or apparent distress or really emotional pleas from them,
the mother seems to smile too often

The mother of Elisabeth Collins is still too distraught to appear on TV regularly -
she did make a very emotional plea once for the return of her daughter and her
demeanor was in stark contrast to that of Lyric's Parents
there is no info on Elisabeth s Family

Jane Mitchell scored a scoop as she interviewed Lyrics parents in depth Thursday July 19th

After Jane 's Interview the parents and Aunt Tammy said they "will no longer talk with any media"
But they did so 3 day later, ON Sunday July 22nd as reported above


The police confiscated Lyric's step-father Daniel Morrissseys Cell phone and retrieved phone numbers
But the step-father did not supply any info to police on who those numbers belonged to

Did the 2 girls know and trust their abductor ?
Were they taken or given away by Drug associates

What could explain them NOT screaming for help ?

The parents were adamant from the start that the police were "wasting their time" looking in the lake --- Why ??

Authorities suspended draining Meyers Lake, which is located
adjacent to an area of woods and a grassy parking area
and where the cousins' bicycles and a backpack with cell phone were found hours after
the two cousins were reported missing Friday.

Police and FBI Divers have searched the lake and Found == NOTHING

Police say finding the articles does NOT mean the girls were even ever at the lake that day, their shoes were not found
Would youngsters go into water wearing their shoes ?

Law Enforcement's approach IS: "let's be 100 percent sure, and the only way to do that is to drain the lake,"
Blackhawk County Sheriff's spokesman Cpt. Rick Abben told reporters.

The girls, 8-year-old Elizabeth Collins and 10-year-old Lyric Cook, were last seen by their grandmother Wylma Cook on
Friday when they left to go on a bike ride, authorities said.

The FBI brought two dogs to the area to search for two days
spokeswoman Sandy Breault said.

The FBI dogs used scent pad samples taken from the girls' shoes and picked up a scent trail,
which led to the waters edge AND then a wooded area abutting the lake
but Breault wouldn't say what, if anything, else was indicated by the dogs
The 2 acre area of woods is between the site where the bikes and other items were found WITHIN 12 FEET OF THE LAKE
and the Grassy Parking area as shown in our photos below

Misty Cook-Morrissey, Lyric's mother, told CNN:
"after smelling the scent pads Monday, she saw the dogs
run around the lake and stop at the water's edge"

She also said she "thinks" the girls were taken.

Misty Cook Morrissey 's sister, Tammy Brousseau, now the family spokesperson said she:
"SAW the dogs hit on a scent then go a little way into the woods between the lake and a grassy parking area
and then the handlers brought them out."

Ms Brousseau Also said the woods were about "200 acres", they are in reality about 2 acres ( approximately 250 feet by 350 feet )

The Black Hawk County Sheriff's office said they didn't know whether the girls had ever been at the lake.

DID or DID NOT the FBI dogs hit on a scent ????

BUT moreover === Why were non-police allowed in a crime scene to observe the investigation ?
The entire 1/2 mile by 1/4/ lake area ( see satellite pics below ) should have been cordoned off
and NO ONE but police allowed in.

See the satellite pics below for the proximity of houses around the lake which puts into question
- would an abductor take the chance the girls would be heard screaming while being taken
-- IF they were taken from the area of the lake and not elsewhere

Is it possible the girls were taken from another location and the bikes and other items found were
then dumped near Lake Meyers to throw police off ?

Then how do the police account for the dogs hitting on a scent

IF the girls DID NOT know the person/persons who took them
How did the abductor take 2 girls without any screaming ?
If so how did the abductor control 2 girls while he dumped the items ?


Is it possible someone driving on the interstate may have seen something ?

It has been pointed out elsewhere online Nancy Grace has again given out incorrect
and incomplete information on her tabloid crime show

We fully understand the need for such shows
We feel that Ms Grace has a duty to her viewers to present well researched info

She continuously ignores that and injects her own veiled insinuations about POI's
and treats many of her her guest with little compassion

A few examples of the many instances are when Ms Grace interviewed the brother of the girl Juran Van Der Sloot Murdered in Peru
Grace in her best manner, asked the brother
"Now that you have seen your sisters body with her eye hanging out from the beating
she allegedly received from Juran Van Der Sloot - How do You Feel ?"
How caring

We all know what happened in the Trenton Duckett Case.

Is that why the parents and police have not been seen on Nancys Show ?

Her research staff has again failed her

The satellite pics of the crime scene near the bottom of this page were found within a minute by me
They show the actual locations of the bikes, the woods and Grassy Parking area

On Tues July 17th show She did not even know there was a grassy Parking area
next to the woods ( within 200 yards )
and to the spot where the items were found.

As of Thursday July 19th she was still showing the parking area far from its actual location ( see pics below )

If I were Ms Grace I would REPLACE MY STAFF with people who will do the whole job

I would be asking the police a few questions:
Did you cordon off the area before you allowed volunteer searchers into the area ?
Did you take aerial photos of the grassy parking area
before the scene was compromised by other cars and foot traffic ?

No exact time line has been given - what time were the girls last seen ?
what time were the bikes found ?

When did police respond to the scene ?


HLN's Jane Valez Mitchell s interview with the parents of Ltyric was less than in depth too
- she did not ask ask probing questions like
Where and who is the bio father ?
Where was the 15 year old step brother ? is there any reliable proof of their claims
Why were they allowed inside the crime scene to witness the dogs working ?


My next question is:
Why aren't we using the real time high resolution satellite picture taking and transmitting technology our military uses
to protect our troops
and adapt it for use by Law Enforcement to FIND Missing Women Children AND Men and drastically reduce other crime
WITHIN MINUTES of them being reported ?

Again: There is a Petition to get that done



Also Educate your self about how the system would work at



Now more info on the Evansdale Iowa case

Click ON Each Pic
to see a Large version

The following satellite photos were taken from the N.A.S.A. World Wind Online site
Is it possible other satellite pictures would show the crime in progress ?

See the petition on this page

Click for Larger Pic

Click for larger Pic

Click for Large View


Now we present our proposed solution

Request our elected officials to change any laws that might infringe on the ability of Police to use such technology
then for them to move forward to adapt the existing technology for Police

The online petition to get that done is below

Please stop and sign it

It also asks the media to inform the public about the solution and elected officials to
Start the process to get it put into place

Click HERE


We have other web sites with more info -

Click HERE for a Larger Picture

If you want to read scenarios on how the system would work

Visit this link


For a long page with ALL the benefits, drawbacks, and other pertinent info

Visit This Link


And now until we can get our proposal put into use we must
continue to post notices about the missing



The Most recent case I have built a page for is:

Diana Zacarias
Missing since April 2 nd 2016

Diana Zacarias 's Case Needs to be solved
Last seen near South Rim of Grand Canyon
April 1st 2016
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Help the Family Solve this case


If you have a missing loved one
I will build a FREE page
like this one to help find
Diana Zacarias
for your case -- at no cost

Here is the link to my page where you can submit your info
on your loved ones missing person case

I do that

Need a page for your case ?

See pages we have built at NO Cost


The following link to the Tabitha Lynn Franklin Case is a sample of the type Of Page
I will build for any Missing person case
And then Place a similar link on my other 80 pages for the Missing

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Tabitha Lynn Franklin

Tabitha Lynn Franklin Needs to be Found


NOW here are the pages I have built for missing /abducted women, children and men
and links to other cases
Just Click ON the pic to be taken to the page with details on each case
You are also asked to Like the Face Book Pages
for these missing loved ones IF linked on the pages



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Here is the Mitrice Richardson Case
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and her Father - Michael Richardson's fight to get justice for his daughter

Why do parents and loved ones of the missing have to endure such pain and agony

Police need to cooperate fully with families of the Missing
The solution presented in the petition seen on this page
would make it easy for police to solve these crimes
PLEASE READ THE petition HERE and ADD Your Voice

Again: Next are sites with info about our effort to stop these crimes
We have a solution presented in the Petition ( furthest on the right )
and need Your Help Getting the attention of those who can implement it

Our solution is based on the facts: We have the satellite picture taking and transmitting technology
and IF Adapted for use by Law Enforcement it would
Drastically reduce crime and spare tens of millions of families
and individuals the pain of dealing with a missing loved one
or being a crime victim

Educate yourself then share the info you find with everyone == any way and anywhere you can

Our Main Website
Read How Technology Would Work
Our Efforts Main Web PageHow the system Would Work

40% of Missing are Minorities
ADD Your Voice
Read & Sign Our Petition
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James Joseph Martin Was Killed by a hit and run driver in Apopka Florida
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which could have been solved using The technology we present on our pages page

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You may become angry after reading the next link

I hope it builds a fire under you to join our effort

We are doing everything we can
to assure these crimes are stopped
and the missing are found quickly and safe

We need to use ALL the tools we have at our disposal to stop these atrocities and reduce crimes

We are NOT doing that NOW

We present info on the real time, satellite surveillance and picture taking capabilities and technology
OUR military has developed, perfected and used this technology and system
for decades to protect our troops and provide vital information on our adversaries
We as taxpayers have paid for it
This Technology should be adapted for use by Law Enforcement to find Missing Children, women and men QUICKLY and SAFE
and drastically reduce ALL other crimes

We have a page with Scenarios of how the system would work at
This Link Here HERE


All the details on this capability can be found
THE Main page for our effort to get our leaders to adapt the
picture taking technology


The issues of "Invasion of Privacy" and "Big Brother" fears are dealt with in more detail on our main web page


Our pages for Karen Swifts, Michelle Parkers, Jennifer Kesse And many more missing men children and women cases
are also listed in the "More Missing Persons Cases" Section on our main web site
as well as on our other missing person page

Step Up AND see to it the
proposed solution is adapted by Law Enforcement to help them
Do their jobs more effectively and to better ends
Educate yourself to the facts: wE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY to find the Missing WITHIN Minutes of them being reported
and solve MOST OTHER crimes also within MINUTES - YES MINUTES

BUT the media and our elected officials are ignoring attempts to
Adapt the existing system of real time satellite picture capturing capabilities for use by Law Enforcement

Please READ the linked pages to educate yourself about this proposed solution
AND ADD your voice to the petition
HERE http://sign.1sta.com

Share the info you find with ALL others and HELP the effort
to implement the solution to the scourge of crime and Missing Children, Women and Men cases
which sweeps our nation

We can spare families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one
Plus all the other benefits this would provide to everyone

Again: Please See and sign our petition at
This link here for more on the possible solution to Finding The Missing
WITHIN Minutes of them being reported

We need to use the real time Satellite Surveillance Technology we have developed
for our military since the 1970's and adapt it for use by Law Enforcement
to Bring Missing children women and men home Quickly and Safe
and spare millions of families the pain of dealing
with a missing loved one

The webmaster's Face Book Group ID IS
" Finding Missing " Please like us for more on the Missing


We fully understand the usefulness of HLN hosts Grace and Mitchell putting the face of the missing on TV
and thank them as they are among the very few that give
any exposure to the missing in the mainstream media
BUT We can NOT understand why they refuse to tell their viewers about the petition and allow those viewers to decide
if it is something they would like to see in place

We would hope they would reconsider at least mentioning the petition

We have also been ignored after asking, why don't they show Picture in Picture during their broadcasts which would show the missing
We have seen enough of Nancy 's Darling Children

I repeat, Please Please Sign the Petition


to ask the media to educated the public about the technology
and help get the System put in place





Contact CNN AND HLN shows through this link

Contacxt Nancy Grace - Jane Mitchell - ALL THE OTHER SHows
ask them to help


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Above is one more way I can help others
If the Back Ground is Yellow there is an active Amber Alert
which means there is a child missing or abducted
Please see my page
To Find Missing and Abducted Women and Children


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