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A "Venus Cuff" law is proposed for GPS trackers in Michigan
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Would unmanned drones help find missing / abducted
women children and men?

We need to help educate others about the effort to Stop these atrocities,
there is a solution seen at
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Venus Stewart Story has been featured on Dateline NBC
Venus Rose Stewart: not yet found

After 11 days of testimony, jurors deliberated only three hours March 11, 2011 before finding Douglas Stewart
guilty in the 2010 death of his estranged wife, Venus.

Stewart was convicted of first-degree premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree premeditated murder.

He is serving life in prison without parole. Venus has never been found

Her family and friends are dedicated in the search for her.

A Venus Stewart Face Book Page is Here

Another Web Site for Venus is here


With over 2000 Americans Reported missing EACH DAY,
I am determined to stop the need for NEW missing person notices in the future seen online and on Face Book

The time would be well spent, If those who post those notices would take a few extra minutes a day
helping educate others about the online petition
to get our elected officials
to adapt existing real time military unmanned military drone
or satellite picture taking and transmitting technology
to Help find the Missing
and drastically reduce other crimes within MINUTES of the crime being reported

By adapting the technology for use by Law Enforcement the
Existing REAL TIMEunmanned drone picture taking and transmitting technology
our military has developed and used for decades to protect our troops
WE Can save victims and spare tens of millions of families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one in the future
AND SAVE billions of dollars on the over 800,000 searches done for the missing EACH year

Until then we must continue to post the notices and Pages like this one

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I placed a link to Venus Stewart's case at The Main site for
Our Effort to Find Missing Children Women and Men
AND drastically reduce other crimes
using existing drone or satellite surveillance technology systems
HERE -- http://findthemissing.vze.com

AND I also posted Venus' Case
At This link
HERE = http://trenton.2truth.com

This link has scenarios of how the systems would work to Finding the missing children women and men
Using the existing system

We also have a petition to ask the media to educate the public who can then request our elected officials to step up
and adapt the system for use by ALL Law Enforcement Agencies
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Jerry Walker
Jerry Walker


I am posting this site PRO BONO
and will do the same for any missing person
IF I am contacted from the email link below

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Missing Person Case

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Michelle Parker is Still Missing


Please take a look at the Jennifer Kesse case too

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Help Find Timothy Geren
A.K.A. Timothy Geren Solomon or Solomen


If you would like to have a case listed

Email Me, Bill
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Contact HLN AND CNN shows through this link

Contact Nancy Grace - Jane Mitchell - ALL THE OTHER SHows
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The Most recent case I have built a page for is:

Diana Zacarias
Missing since April 2 nd 2016

Diana Zacarias 's Case Needs to be solved
Last seen near South Rim of Grand Canyon
April 1st 2016
Click HERE for more Information

Help the Family Solve this case


If you have a missing loved one
I will build a FREE page
like this one to help find
Diana Zacarias
for your case -- at no cost

Here is the link to my page where you can submit your info
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Venus Stewart is Missing Michigan Missing woman
child man use satellites to find the missing dateline NBC
husband Doug Douglas Stewart guilty life without parole body not yet found