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connection to Missing Person cases

It was reported ALEX HAS BEEN FOUND
I don't have any confirmation or details of his return
Please IF you are connected to this case contact me
so we can verify the facts I will not remove this page until I get that


Alex Where ever you are We Love you and want to Find You

Things will be better from now on

If you are Alex and have a reason for going missing
PLEASE contact us and we will help you tell your story

Please email us

All emails are confidential

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it was put online at 1:30 p.m. May, 3rd 2012

Alex Vasquez Is Missing and needs to be found NOW

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On the Alex Vasquez missing person case

Poster was provided by Sue Bandeen
Visit her Face Book page HERE
and add HER TO YOUR friends
She is one of the best advocates for the missing on Face Book


PLEASE educate yourself by READING then Sign the Petition Seen linked below
to get our elected officials
to adapt existing Military Satellite Surveillance technology
for use by Law Enforcement
The Missing could be found WITHIN MINUTES
And most other crimes could be solved as quickly
while sparing tens of millions of families the pain of dealing
with a missing loved one or of being a crime victim

Be informed about our effort to accomplish this
YOU can see to it these crimes are drastically reduced
Victims are rescued and other crimes solved quickly
Educate yourself and cut and paste then share the info and URL ( http://sign.1sta.com )
On all online sites you use
and with ALL you come in contact with

To sign the petition to help get the proposed solution in Place



We are dedicated to Help Find the Missing and will build a page for any case that is presented to us

We Will Build a page for your case
See Examples of the pages we have built


TV Hosts Sitting in front of cameras and speculating about these cases
DOES NOTHING to prevent them and very seldom solves them
The exposure is welcomed by the families of the missing but at what costs
Many times the hosts bully the family members
and sometimes even accuse them without actually saying so

We present a possible solution which can end these atrocities
and the need for the shows which use tabloid journalistic tactics

Our answer is presented in the petition
seen linked above -- our military has used the technology for decades.


If you have any info please email us

If you are Alex and have a reason for going missing
PLEASE contact us and we will help you tell your story


We Will Build a page for your case
Examples of our pages are HERE


Contact HLN AND CNN shows through this link

Contact Nancy Grace - Jane Mitchell - ALL THE OTHER SHows
ask them to help