On this page you will find a Printable prayer
to say that the Missing are found

If you want to add a missing person to our Prayer Group
just send the info about the case and we will
add the person to our prayer list
Here is a link to one of Missing Person Prayer Group Pages

In addition we will build a page for your missing person
at no charge if You request it
for my page offering to build pages for the missing
you can see my work


Our prayer group online supporters
have inquired if they could contribute to help
defray costs to keep our Prayer Group and other missing person pages online
We won't refuse
So we set up a method to do so
and we send those who contribute a gift

Please consider contributing to keep my pages online

With a contribution of $20.00 or more
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more info is found further down on this page


Next you will find a copy of the
the non denominational printable prayer
which our Missing Person Prayer Group members invoke
to help families with a missing loved one
Just click on the next image
for a separate page to print the prayer out
and carry it with you
so you can say it whenever
you have a spare moment

CLCIK here to go to a the
Print the Prayer page


Now one of the cases we have added
to our Missing Person prayer group
AND built a page for the case






Diana Zacarias is the newest missing person case I have built a page for
Missing since April 2 nd 2016

Diana Zacarias :

Diana Zacarias 's Case Needs to be solved
Last seen near South Rim of Grand Canyon
April 1st 2016
Click HERE for more Information

Help the Family Solve this case


If you have a missing loved one
I will build a FREE page
like this one to help find
Diana Zacarias
for your case -- at no cost

Here is the link to my page where you can submit your info
on your loved ones missing person case



If you have any questions
or want to contribute an amount
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For each $20.00 of contributions you make
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named the Crucifix Fish or Crucifish
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The Image of Jesus is formed in nature by the Hand of GOD
it is said to protect
AND bestow good fortune
to anyone who possesses one

Again: Each of the Image of Jesus fish bones
will come with a Legend of the Crucifix Fish Display Card
as seen above

You will get one of icons for a $20.00 contribution
you get 2 for $40.00
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We also offer FREE Shipping to those who live in the Lower 48 U.S.
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Here are some of the missing person pages
with actual cases for Missing
women, children and men
if you find any that have been solved PLEASE
send and email with that info



Now here are links to some of our other
Special Prayer Group Pages


Click HERE

to be taken
to the main website for the Prayer Group
for Finding Missing Women, Children and Men


is a recently added page for the St Jude Novena Prayer Group
( placed online in May 2015 )
with the latest Prayer requests and some Thank You Messages
posted by some of those -- whose prayers were answered

this Prayer Group accepts requests for any and ALL requests from prayers for finding jobs - financial needs
to help in relationships -
to legal matters


The next list is more of our many Prayer groups pages
Our main page is at


Again the Special Missing Persons Prayer page's
URL to share online is



Click the image above to be taken
to the website for a Printable Prayer to say to
Find Missing Women, Children and men

Printable Prayer to find the missing women children men woman child man Pages to find the missing cases what can we do miracle novena prayer for hopeless causes and other serious needs michelle parker Jennifer Kesse Natalee Holloway