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This is the St Jude Novena Prayer Group Page

This prayer group was placed online for those who are seeking
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It is a prayer group for a St Jude Novena

St Jude is the patron saint of Miracles and hopeless causes
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Now we start showcasing the Missing persons we pray for

Ellen Wagen
Thu 07-Nov- 08:59 AM
Please pray for missing 17 year old boy,
Abe Gonzalez, in Island Lake IL.

He has been missing Since Nove3rd
We need to find him. Please pray. We need help.
Read Deails
HERE Please.
Submited By Ellen Wagenknecht


Help Find Timothy Geren
A.K.A. Timothy Geren Somolom


Ember Graham missing
July 2nd 2015
Click HERE for more Details

Help the Family Find Ember

Ember Graham Needs to Be Found


It is my hope some of the visitors to this page
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By request and from a suggestion of someone who is a member of the Saint Jude Prayer Group Pages
who received an answer to her prayers
for her relationship to be mended and her financial situation to improve
After her prayers were answered
she asked me to look at the next image
I thought it might be something others in need might be interested in


Once again, we in the U.S. are shocked
by the many recent shootings and loss of life.
We need to pray to end these terrible events.
Please ask St Jude to give our Law Enforcement Officers
protection from those who would injure them
and the ability to make quick judgements.

We beg you to Give our leaders the wisdom to help resolve
the gun problem in The U.S.

The shootings in Orlando by an ISIS sympathizer
need to be addressed too
In light of the recent terrorist group ISIS 's attacks in Orlado and across the globe
we ask all who join our prayer group to
add to your request to St. Jude by asking for an end to the threats and attacks perpetrated by ISIS
and to give our leaders the wisdom to
bring about the demise of ISIS and all groups
who's aim it is to injure or kill God Fearing humans


This is PAGE 3 of the St Jude Novena Prayer Group Pages
with prayer requests
to St Jude Thaddeus
More of Those requests and thank you messages are found on the
other St Jude Prayer Groups Request and Thank You pages seen at the following links

Here is the most recent page
( placed online in May 2015
with the latest Prayer requests and some Thank You Messages

Here is the Printable Prayer Page

Our main page is at


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FIRST a request from someone who made a contribution


From: Chelsea Brown
To: "PrayerPage@yahoo.com"
Subject: The Prayer Page TY Thank you so much St. Jude for opening up your heart and hearing my prayer!
I know with your help that I will be reunited with my dog Reese very soon!!!!
I'm forever grateful to you St. Jude for all you have done
and continue to do for me!!!! I love you St. Jude!!!!


An urgent request from a friend of the prayer group -
Please consider helping him - contact him if you have a job.

Date: Mon, 31 Aug
From: michael_potvin@yahoo.com
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: I need a miracle BIll
Date: Mon

Good Morning and I hope you are well.
I unfortunately lost my very well paying job last week in a very surprising move,
and I am 3 months away from complete and utter destitution.

Further, not only will I be in the streets, but so will my 3 kids and my ex-wife,
as they rely almost completely on me.

Would very much appreciate you putting my plight up on the prayer page;
unfortunately, my girlfriend Kim Stotsky, never came back to me :
( (so I have to move on from that)...

Getting the right thing and within 2 months is supremely important.
Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.
(815) 354-6784


Now to the requests and Thank You messages
from OTHER Members of the St Jude Prayer Group


Date:2016 17:47:10 +0200
Subject: Re: Prayer Request
From: vuyifebruarie@gmail.com
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
I want to thank you for prayers. I received an interview this coming Thursday 23 March
at 11:30. Its a role of group it manager.
Getting this jib will change the state of my family
and open doors I could only dream off.
Please pray for me. So I can get this job.
Thank you


Subject: Prayer Page Thank You or Info
From: jmangus42@hotmail.com
Date: 23:20:41 +1000
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Thank you St Jude for your intercession
,my son Raymond can now have his liver operation
,we still have to pray
but so Thankful his treatment has gone this far.
I will honour your power and always encourage devotion to you. AMEN


Please include all those who submited requests In Your Prayers

From: jackieschmal@
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com

Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
Like your page says, I came across this page for a reason.

I was searching for prayers for a miracle. Powerful prayers.
My father, the most wonderful, loving, man in the world, is facing jail time.
Simply because he is taking the fall for a business that he owned.
Rather than fight, he is taking his punishment.
He has already lost his job, his retirement, filed bankruptcy, and now,
the attorney general wants to put him in jail for 3 - 7 years.
He killed no one, yet drunk drivers get lesser sentences.
This man is my rock. My husband and I turn to him for everything,
and he is my son's best friend,
we can't lose home for 3 years, let alone 7.

I ask for help in prayer that everyone involved in this case show compassion and not give him jail time.
I'm asking f/or some miraculous intervention to occur
and that the judge overseeing his case give him house arrest,
or something lesser. My father has always been the type of man that if
he saw a man on the street without a coat, he would give up his own to give to that person.
This selfless, wonderful man doesn't deserve this harsh of a punishment.
The only thing that could help now is a miracle.
I turn to God, his angels and saints for this.
Thank you. Something led me to your page.
I'll be making my donation now as well.
You don't have to send me anything, just promise me to pray.
I need my father.
Much love and prayer to all those facing difficulties


The Prayer Page
Dest Destinee wrote:
My sincere prayers request - for a crusifix fish skull bone for my family
and mortgage payments for our dream home
, a call from my agency for myself to start work ,
family prayer , blessings in our finances
for our phones bill payments ,
medical bill payments , love of God in our home
, peace in our minds , for traveling with each other safely
, future travels , physical continence, strengthen our health ,
siblings potentials discovered , holidays reunions .
Thank you SAINT Jude pray for me amen.
Saint Jude Pray for Us Amen.


Date: Thu,BR>Subject: Prayer request St. Jude
From: martignappi
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Please pray for a couple Nick C. and his wife Susie B. pray for their conversion and repentance.
Please pray for them!They need many prayers
Please pray for me too. I'm the owner of a shop and things are not going well.
Thank you


There is a link to a printable copy of the prayer
and a link to the PAGE WITH thank you messages
from those whose prayers have been answered too.

You need not be of any particular faith
You don't have to believe in Miracles or Saints
and some of those who share indicate they did not believe in Prayer and Miracles
UNTIL they gave it a try

This page was set up to share the Power Of Prayer

You will find the novena prayer on this page that has worked for me
and you can read emails sent to me from others who have had their prayers answered
and I also post your prayer requests

What harm would it do to try

Please read this page carefully and join others who are seeking help through prayer


EVERYONE Needs help at one time,
IF THE reason for you finding these St Jude Prayer Group pages
was to find the prayer to request intervention and help From St Jude,
Patron Saint of Miracles and Seemingly Hopeless Causes...THAT is here
maybe it was to find how to publish the Thank You to St Jude
for a miracle granted to you, which is part of the process
or if it was to read stories of those whose prayers have been answered, THOSE are here
( See the More Thank You Links )
Maybe you were just curious and wanted to find out if prayers do work, these pages offer your answer

IF you are here to ask for help through prayer


Oscararoundoosc @gm.com) Add to contacts 6:57 AM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
kindly pray for me. i messed at my place of work and would like God to divinely intervene
and protect my work. God help me and work a miracle in my life. protect my job from
the threat that is currently disrupting the normal operations of work at my branch.


From davepatriarch@
To: the Prayer Page
I continue to be in desperate need of intercessory prayer
from my Christian brothers and sisters.
I am desperately seeking Divine intervention
during these next several days to resolve my legal issues
in my favor without another court appearance.
I fear that another court appearance will not go well for me,
and result in the destruction of my career,
and life. I am also asking for Divine intervention
into my financial problems.

I am in desperate need of money,
not only to fight my legal battles,
but also to pay my regular bills, and survive.
I am also asking that the Holy Spirit directly guide my attorney
in everything that he does on my behalf from now on,
and causes him to do the very best he can,
with honesty and integrity.
And, if necessary that I will be provided
with additional competent legal counsel
very soon to assist me in resolving
this legal issue in my favor.
I am praying for signs and miracles
to begin to happen in my life very soon.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
Thank you for your prayers.
David P


The Prayer Page TY
Wesley Ngethe (ngethewn@yahoo.com) Add to contacts 10:14 AM
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Prayer Request:
We are trusting and believing Almighty God for a financial miracle Please pray and agree with
us for a winning favor from God


Dina Nap (dnapoli22@msn.com) 10:39 AM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
dnapoli22@msn.com Please pray for the healing and restoration of my marriage.
I pray for my husband and I to have mutual love and respect for each other,
and to be faithful, loyal and honest to each other,
and to be happy together for the rest of our lives.


Zoe Sailo (zoe_sailo@yahoo.com) Add to contacts 2/07/16
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
My name is Zohmingliani. I am from Mizoram, India.
There is so much of uncomfortness in my head and tooth.
My head shakes when i am in motion and hears a loud sudden sound
and when someone suddenly pass by me.
I have difficulty making eye contact with people,
not because of any inferiority but something happens in my head
that stops me to make eye contact.
My hand gesture is not normal.
My legs movement are sometimes not normal.
Please pray for me so that i can get well. Its urgent.

Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2015 10:58:41 -0700
Subject: the Prayer page
From: lolaapodaca.la@
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com

Please pray for the HEALING OF TIMOTHY BOYETTE. Thank you. God bless you all!!


Here is a Thank You Message

From: Obiageli
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page TY
, I had an opportunity to change career in my 44th year of life.
I resigned my job of 11 years and got on the 1yr fast track Degree course.
I had no idea how steep the learning curve would be and half way in I
started to feel overwhelmed by the course.
I prayed to st. jude for intercession prayers.
Last Friday was the 4/4/14 was the eight day of my novena a meeting
was in place to review all the student. I was so pleased to get a favourable review.
Thank you saint Jude for praying for me.
The 4/4/14 stands out as a day to remember for me this year,
although I got good news from uni, I also got shocking news about my 74 year old mum.
She had suffered a stroke affecting her occiput lobe.
The family have started st. jude novena for my mum.
As of the 5/4/14 her sight had returned and her speech is improving.
Having a prayer ally in St Jude
has given the family the peace and reassurance we needed to support each other
and especially mum at this trying period in our lives.
I thank St jude for always being there may his name be blessed forever



Remember You will have your request or Thank You Message
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Those not contributing will be placed on
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The Posting of a Thank You message in a public medium is requested to help others know about the
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If you can NOT contribute I will add your request for help
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AND now more Thank You messages and requests for help


NOW a Thank You from Message Lisa Q Jan 22 at 5:15 PM
To The Prayer Page
Hi, I have been praying the novena for nearly six months now and wanted to say
how much it is helping me through some very difficult times in my life.
I am so grateful to Saint Jude for helping me on a daily basis
and also to you for putting up this site in order to help others.
It is the best thing anyone can do for another person .
Giving them help and hope in times of need
and showing them that they are not alone.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Lisa Quirk
From Ireland.


From: agnel40@
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Prayer Request

I request prayer for my wife Xaverina's emotional, physical and spiritual healing.
She is holding on to some past unpleasant memories and experiences
, which she has not been able to let go.
This has been causing a lot of disruption of peace
, joy & harmony in our married life, family life and family relations. Please pray for healing, restoration and reconciliation of our strained & broken marriage and strained family relations.
Please pray that my wife be set free from the strongholds &
bondage of the lies of the enemy,
from all evil spirits and demonic influences,
which are haunting & troubling her with those past unpleasant memories &
experiences and filling her heart &
mind with hurt, hatred, vengeance, unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, pride,
anger, resentment, envy, negative thoughts & opinions,
doubts, misunderstandings, suspicions etc.
Please pray that Almighty God through his Son Jesus Christ
heal her wounded heart with his gentle hands and
restore in her the joys of forgiveness so that she will be able to
forgive all those who might have hurt her,
wronged her or oppressed her.
Please pray for restoration of peace, joy, harmony, unity,
happiness & gladness in our hearts, home, marriage and family.
I ask this prayer in the most precious & holy name
of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Subject: A prayer for unmerited favor
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
From: smartgal2005@gmail.com
Date: Mon, 29 Feb 2016 19:55:08 +0000
Dear all,
I am really thankful to God that I found this page.
My name is Sandra from Nigeria.
Pls do help me pray the novena for a miraculous breakthrough
in every area of my life especially the area of job.
I am presently unemployed and I need a job to sustain myself
and support my family. Thank, God bless.


Subject: From the Prayer page
From: jackiebluelondon@yahoo.ca
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2016 14:56:28 -0500
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com

Please I'm asking for a prayer request I'm in financial difficulty and I want to come out of it
I to start having money instead of living from pay cheque to pay cheque having no money.
and it would make me so happy to pass it would be a stepping stone in my life
something my daughter would be proud of me for thank u for this prayer request.

God bless


This next request is from someone who live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada
If you have a job anywhere near there please contact her
J Marquis (jmarquis59@gmail.com)
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
I am a single woman who is over 45, lives alone. I do not have children. I cannot find work for 3 years,
I live on low income. My family lives far away I cannot live there due to economic hardship.
I cannot find any friends here and the men I meet are not nice or leave me.
My only friend here died suddenly last april his family left him in the morgue,
he trully care for me and protected me like a father.

Lately things have been getting worse I try and try to get work, find good people for friends.
I was mostly alone at xmas but my sister came with gifts as she was closeby.
Some in my family are sick of my situation,
I had 2 abusive partners one 5 years, one 4.
Met awful men since last year I am a good person honest and I expect that back.
Lately my sisters are fedup and pretty well dont want to talk much
to me although i know they love me my situation never changes.
They get upset when my mom tries to help me at times with money
Im the only one in need and I dont ask her she offers me.
So now they cut me off of help
they dont feel I should have a computer i need to have one for the music
and job search
I live in a city with a long winter that is very cold and have no car.

Recently i joined a dating site and I met 3 very good decent men who really seem interested
but none live here.
I am hoping ONE will workout to be my soulmate,
I think my whole life could change.
They already say they miss and like me alot and one is coming to see me in 2 days.
I just dont want more lies and hurt. I cannot have kids
but I want to get married in a church and if possible have a baby
but soon it will be too late for a baby-
its now down to maybe 6 months for that.
I also applied to a job I really like but unsure if I will get it,
in medical esthetics it what I love and I Have alot of medical background
but this city does not seem to want to hire me,
not sure if its ageism or race or what.

I cannot continue like this being alone is worse than a disease its like a slow death.
I have tried everything here people dont want to mingle much ..≠≠≠≠≠≠≠
J Marquis


From: latisha.pendygra
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 11:13:08 -0400
Subject Prayer Page
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
My name is Latisha Pendygra and I was diagnosed with a incurable disease.
I'm 28 year old single mother of two beautiful kids and
I feel as if my heart is torn out of my chest.
I feel as if all my hopes and dreams have been stolen from me and
I will never get the chance to get married or have more kids due to my disease.
I need prayers for a miracle and healing of the body. This has emotionally and mentally
drained me as well. Everyone in my family, my kids, and myself are suffering due to this disease. Please help.


Angel Scott (angel_divine@) Add to contacts 12:16 AM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
I need help praying for money bills and food too help take care of my handicap son.


Now a request followed by The Thank You


From: markp02@
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 14:48:32 +0000
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Prayer Request To St Jude

Dear Apostle Saint Jude Thaddeus,
Please pray for me in this time of need. Come to me and help me with my special intention to:
"Pass my Comprehensive Examination
process in the Doctorate of Education-Leadership (Ed.D.)program
Please help me move on in the process of earning my Ed.D. degree,
so that I may put my God given talents and skills to use educating others
, as I believe it is my calling. Please help me through this process.
Mark Alan Peterson (Mark A. Peterson)of Saint Paul, Minnesota 55113-5220.
Saint Paul, MN 55113-5220


Now here is the Thank you sent to me by Mark Alan Peterson
Please post the following Thank You on the web page:
Thank You St. Jude for prayers answered.
Mark A. Peterson
Saint Paul, MN 55113-5220


From: Maureen Angle
Date: 05/23/14 19:17:06
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: From The Prayer Page

I would like to send a heartfelt "Thank you" to My Lord Jesus Christ, St Jude Thaddeus
and all who prayed for my daughter Annabelle and I.

Back in November, I sent a very emotional prayer request to St. Jude Thaddeus and the
Angelfire prayer page, asking for intercession with our very strained mother/daughter
relationship. The story is too long to even recap, but I will say I wasn't sure if it was even
possible to repair the damage that had been done. I am elated and excited to say that our
relationship has experienced the miracle of an answered prayer and I give all glory to St. Jude Thaddeus and Almighty God!!

A lost cause mended beyond belief. I keep pinching myself :)
What an AMAZING Saint you are! I will spread your marvelous name to the
ends of the earth along with Jesus our healer and comforter!
Praise God and thank you all for the time and effort put into all these hopeless causes.
It just goes to show.. They are NOT hopeless with God and miracles happen with prayer.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
Kind Regards,
Maureen Angle


Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2014 00:58:30 -0500
Subject: The Prayer Page
From: mommy0715@
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Good evening Bill,
I have had prayer requests in the past, and the miracles that have come to life for me
and my family will forever be engraved in our hearts.

I have yet another prayer request for a divine intervention from my savior, Jesus Christ, and the wonderful St. Jude.
My fiancee, Jose, has been fighting a child support case for the last 17 years.
He was allegedly named the father of a young boy,
and without any tests he took on the financial obligation of this child.
Jose has paid support, but has also had some horrible kidney issues of his own,
and also lost a few jobs here and there. The childs mother is relentless.
She does not care about his circumstances at all.

She recently got in contact with the court and made a lot of false accusations as far as his past and present work history,
which has brought him back to court tomorrow.
The judicial system does not see or care to see Jose's struggles over the years, even though,
during hard times, he always manages to pay something.
He pays the minimum right now, but that's because of what unemployment pays him weekly.

I am asking for a what seems like a miracle. Jose does not want to go to court, but he has to.
He has to show them he is trying his best.
Please, everyone, pray for Jose to have the strength to go tomorrow,
and help the judicial system see it too.
Help them see that he's a good person, who is giving what he can right now.
Please allow him to come home tomorrow and not face incarceration.
Also, please, grant all of those seeking spiritual intervention now and in the future.
I really appreciate it, may GOD bless each and every one of you.
O:-) Dianna


From: Julia Maddo To: "prayerpage@yahoo.com"
Sent: Saturday, November 1, 2014 5:26 PM
Subject: From the Prayer page
I have a request for prayer: I need a small miracle for rapid recovery for someone.
She is so very important to me

Thank you.


Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 20:06:02 +0700
Subject: Please pray for my wife
From: johantheo99@
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com

Please pray for my wife Nining (51 years old), she is sick in the back of her body (low back pain/spondylolisthesis at Lumbar).
She has been suffering this pain for almost 2 years.
She can not stand for a long time when the pain recurs, while I have to work to support my family,
we have 2 children.

We have tried various treatments but have not seen meaningful change.
I have almost given up. With all humility I pleaded please pray that any and all disease
will be permanently removed from her body and that she will be pain free.

Lord, if I have displeased You in any way, kindly forgive me and heal my wife.
The Scripture says that You have already borne our griefs and sorrows on the cross
and that we are healed by Your stripes.
I look up to You, my Heavenly Lord! I
humbly come into your presence let Your healing hands touch my wife and
heal her from all sickness, Lord, hear our prayer, Amen....

Thank you,
In Godís Peace,


From: pallav tore
Date: 7/7/2014 11:36:10 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: From the Prayer page
I am Pallavi, from nashik, Maharashtra. I love a guy named Deepak Joseph Salv.
We have been friends since many years now.
Our parents thought for our marriage but in some way Deepak is not agreeing with the marriage
. I love him a lot and i really want him alone
to be my better half or my life partner.
Please pray that he understands my love for him and comes
to me and feels the same as i feel for him.
I really think life impossible to live without him.
Please pray that my wish is fulfilled.


Bill T -- Thank you Again, Saint Jude for granting my requests you have never failed to answer me.......


From: Linda Mushb
Date: 05/26/14 02:19:49
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
I can't travel or ask for a job because I failed a paper& when I redid it I failed again .
.it's now 2years and.everything in my life can't move forward without this paper.
..I pray for a miracle in my life that this retake goes away..
.opportunities to open in my life


From: Douglas Roe
Date: 2/15/2014 12:58:01 PM
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Subject: St. Jude Thank You!
Thank you St. Jude for your intercession.
Thank you in asking God to help me receive 100% Service-Connection Disability (T&P)
in such a quick and efficient manner.
It demanded a miracle and you came through!
I am now able to take care of myself and my family.
I ask that you continue to take special interest in my family and our situation
and help us to build a stronger and loving commitment to God and each other.
Help us to discover all of God's blessings and glory through you
so that not only is my faith strengthened,
but that I will do the Lord's Will and service.
May my family continue to be strengthened by power of prayer
and the mercy of our loving God.

I will be ever mindful of this great favor you have given to me
and will always honor you as my special and powerful patron. Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you St. Jude. Amen.
Kind Regards,
Douglas R - USA


From Sharon Mabe
TO the Prayer Page
Thank You

I have been praying the St. Jude prayer for 11 days now.
I would like to give thanks to St. Jude for answering
some of the things that I ask him to pray for me.

I understand that if I donít send any money with this, it will be awhile before my thank you is posted.
That is okay cause I have no money what so ever.
But at least I do know that I have sent my request
for my thank you to be posted. And so does St. Jude and the Lord.

I pray that my request be heard for the obstacle that are keeping me and Michael apart to be
removed. So far, two of those obstacles have been removed. I also ask for St. Jude to
bring Michael closer to me and to remove the fear that Michael has of being hurt,
breaking my heart and his family turning against him. I also prayed that Michael would come
to be so that we can get on with our lives and be happy. I know in my heart that God
wants us together.

Please St. Jude pray for me and Michael.


Sheryl Extra (sheryl35@icl )
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com

Hi,there.I feel so down and hopeless right now and really need assistance in prayer.
I lost my job here in Canada and im still in the temporary worker program,
my sponsorship was cut and now Canada has new rule which impossible to take the permanency
although there is chances.

It is 50/50.
Thats why asking for your prayer help to help me find a good employer who will help me until I get my permanency.
I wish to get another work permit and soon apply for permanency.
This will help not only me but my love ones,
my bf,my parents snd people who are relying on me that I will help
.Thank you so for your prayer.


To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Prayer Requests For Ghosts
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 22:08:52 -0700

Prayer Request for Wendy wld semi trucking Transport of Hay Lakes , Alberta ,
Prayer Request for Mr. Wayne Joseph Lessard and wife Marlene sick with throat cancer
Prayer Request for Mr. Gerald Fortier of Quebec and Edmonton , Kanada ,
daughters Natasha Fortier and Vanessa Jackson stepdaughter their two cats and two dogs
gerald fortier ghost has pancreas cancer and hotchkins desease his brain is shrinking
natasha's boyfriend darcy has a broken jaw
Prayer Request for Janusz on work visa in edmonton , kanada
Prayer Request for Władek Władysław Zborowski
Prayer Request for Arek Arkadiusz śmiech he has a blog WWW.AREKS7.BLOGSPOT.COM
Prayer Request for Andrzej Jůzef Czerwinski of sosnowiec poland and edmonton alberta
Prayer Request for Mr. Kazimierz Kozina and brother Waldek and father ryśiek and mother
Prayer Request for my child
Prayer Request for my cousin in poland in mysłowice + katowice PL piotr siedlaczek and agnieszka siedlaczek
agnieszka siedlaczek is pregnant
Prayer Request for Mr. Tom Leszczewski

Prayer Request for Mr. Łukasz Siedlaczek
in Jesus Christ name ,
Prayer Request for Mr. Rafał Zazuniuk
there are other men and women
in Jesus Christ name
Reply to e.mail adres :


Subject: Request or Thank You To St Jude
From: gcordunia@
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com

Please pray the my ex gf and I are reunited. Thanks
Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone


From: roxanne.boucaud@
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: From the Prayer page

My friends Lisa and Junior son Krys-Anthony is missing. J
ust asking God for his safe return
and to comfort his family at this time.


Regards RoxannaFrom: DapheniE B
Date: 06/29/14 00:18:56
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Prayer Request for my Daughter
Dear Prayer Group of St. Jude;
I kindly request prayer for my daughter Geraldine Benders to be accepted in the St. Dominic High School
in St. Maarten and for her to miraculously pass her English and Math exam.
I also request prayer for all evil forces surrounding our life to be broken immediately!
Thank you in advance for your prayers brethren.
Dapheni Bende


Now the next three posts are ALSO from Daphenie B ,
Thanking St Jude after her prayer was answered,
You see - By our Prayer group members Including her needs in your continuing Daily prayers
you have been heard and her requests was answered

Daphenie has added another request
and promise to send a contribution to keep this page online From: Daphe Bend
Date: 7/3/2014 1:53:26 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Prayer Request for my Daughter
I asked for prayer on June 29th 2014 and prayed the miracle prayer for my daughter and on July 2nd 2014,
I got the great miracle news that she was accepted at the St. Dominic High!
We are so grateful for the answered prayers and thank all my brethren who also prayed for us.
God Bless all of you!


From: Daphe Bend
Date: 7/3/2014 2:32:02 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Prayer Request for my Daughter
Thank you very much.
I am unemployed at the moment but will remember to contribute once I am employed.
It is my desire that God keeps this prayer site running on the web.
God Bless.
Daphe Bend


From: ashzoneus@yahoo.com
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 17:32:32 +0200
Subject: From the Prayer page
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
I am in desperate need of Gods mercy and a miracle. My marriage is a struggle,
my husband wants to divorce and I have knocked all doors for him to seek Christ.
With Jesus Christ he will never be able to leave his family.
Please help to melt my husbands heart,
please pray for a miracle for our family.
We have a baby girl who just turned 12 months.

The Ward family.


From: Daphe Bend
Date: 7/3/2014 2:00:04 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Prayer Request for Financial Aid
Dear Brethren,
I kindly request prayer for financial aid or windfall for all my needs to be met and also the funds necessary to conclude an important transaction.
I have faith that all will be well.
Thank you for your prayers.
God Bless
Daphe Bend


Subject: The Prayer Page
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2014 11:21:56 +0000
I am in deep financial problems I need urgent help. I rarely have enough food for myself and is always in debt I need financial assistance .
I cry everyday to the lord and hope something is going to happen.

Richards mkwa


From: Robert Marshl
Date: 06/21/14 22:53:37
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: From the Prayer page
My 17 year old son seems to be very disturbed,
has been angry with his family for the past 6 years and it has gotten progressively worse.
We need help he talks to no one at home,
he is excessive on the computer and now he is experiencing constant body twitching
and it is impossible for us as parents to communicate with him.
Please Say a pray for his healing and deliverance.
Yours in Christ


From: E,Pere
Date: 05/26/14 22:28:34
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
I am pleading with having the intercession of Saint Jude Thaddeus in my case.
I am soon to lose my home, due to a wrongful foreclosure, and will be homeless.
I need for the patron Saint Jude to intercede in this case to help me and my family remain in my home.
I need to appeal my case with the court, however, money is dire and
if I don't will lose everything, will be out in the streets.
Oh, Saint Jude please listen to my humble prayer for in you
I direct what you feel is the best for me, not necessarily what I desire.
Please rescue me and uplift my faith,
for I only serve you via our Almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
and his father Jevohah.
I trust in you and believe that can accomplish the impossible since
you are the saint that will help when there are lost causes.
Deliver me and I shall repay this great debt within the 7 days granted and will publish my gratitude.
E. Pere
Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier- Mother Teresa of Calcutta



FIRST is a request that is very pressing - PLEASE include it in your prayers
The family made a contribution

-------Original Message-------
From: Rick Drie
Date: 2/2/2014 8:06:26 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page
My mother Mary has been in Hospice several
months and was stable but not really improving.
She got worse 5 days ago and they told us
she's now in the final stages of life. Doctors say
she has no life threatening illness keeping her
from improving but she's just lost the will to
live and given up trying to get better.
Her family is praying for a miracle, standing by her
and doing everything humanly possible to
encourage, support and urge her to eat and fight
harder but her spirit isn't willing.
She's always been a fighter and taught us all to never,
ever give up while there's the smallest chance
of life left so we're doing just that because she
truly has so much to live for.
Today, Sunday 2/2/2014, they told us she's not responding and
won't wake up and it could be 24 hours to a week is all the time she has left.
Urgent prayer is our only hope now and faith that
God will heal her mind, body and spirit.
Please pray for her life to be saved with a full
recovery and to return to her the belief she has
everything to live for and the will to live and work
to get her life back.
Thank you for all your prayers and may God bless.


This next request is from a woman From the U.K.
who sent A large contribution and did not want the Image Of Jesus Icons
Please add her request in a special Prayer

From: "Stellamaris Nicholso
Date: 11 Jan 20:23
Dear Friends,
I call you friends because all people of God are heir in his kingdom.
Please pray for my son Alexander who has been accused of rape and the CPS are meeting in
2weeks time to discuss whether he will be charged. If found guilty, the sentence is
8years. He is just 19.
Their conduct at the bail hearing shows that they have decided that he is guilty.
It is true he slept with the girl but he said she consented. Now she and the police had come
up with this rape story.
I am so anxious l cannot pray.
Please help me for l believe that God is in this matter somehow. I must confess that there
was a time l prayed to God to arrest my son, his behaviour was nothing shirt of
diabolical, he acts recklessly. He seems to know everything.
However, l believe him when he said the young lady consented.
Please help me pray to God for pardon. His whole life will be destroyed were to be given
such a still punishment.
Also pray for the young lady and her family members for healing and forgiveness.
I will yet praise God through this email.
Thank you.


On Friday, November 22, 12:46 PM, Gael wrote:

Good am to all.. I really want to have Crucifix fish skull bone for my family protection.
I will donate on monday. May I request to pray for my sister Charlene.
She encountered a work problem and for our situation right now,
she doesn't need to quit her job because I have no work.
Please give her peace of mind that she may enjoy her work together with her true friends.
She's crying right now as I am writing this request. I really love her please protect her from
any misinterpretations. Please I need a miracle prayer for her.

I will double my donation if this prayer will be answered.
May I also request to be successful in my online job,
may this business will worked out for the sake of my family.
I want to spend more time together with them.
May Jesus hear our prayers.
I truly believe HIM and HE knows all of my plans I will surely do what I have said/promised to HIM.


Gael Contributed to keep this page online and here is A second request from Gael
To The Prayer Page

I thank you Bill for posting my prayer request yesterday.
I was really glad when I saw your email. I gave my contribution today. ;-)
Please continue praying for my request last time, I know that this group can help me to protect my sister from her work.
May God heal the heart of her officemate Greys so that it will not cause for some trouble.
Kindly post my another request on your page, thank you.

I really need a miracle prayer for what I had experience last time,
I was in SG, there was a doctor name Darius and he can predict the future.
Just for fun he shared his present prediction for us one by one.
The first thing he said If I love marriage?
It seems like it depends on me,
he doesn't see that I will be married.
For me, I will surely say YES because marrying is a dream come true.
It affected me and I think too much. Before, I was at peace,
I wasn't thinking of a man who will love me for the rest of my life
but now it really bothers me, he also said that I will get my job in SG
and it will lasts for about 7 years
that's why I came back here in PH. I pray and ask GOD what's his plan for me?
I don't want to be miserable in my whole life. I want to have a loving husband,
I want to have kids in short I want to have a FAMILY of my own.
And that's what makes me happy. Please pray for me.

My niece Urice Carlin 6 yrs old. Since birth she can't speak and she cannot hear anything,
I know that you will help me to pray for her situation.
I want her to fully experience the real beauty of life.
Dear God I need your miracle healing for her.
I still believe in YOU.
May you grant my desires in life at the right time in God's will. Thank you.

Please include prayers for the victims of typhoon haiyan.
May all of them build their own house as soon as possible for their protection.
Thank you for all the supports in our country.
May Jesus bless you all. I hope that all of my requests will be granted.



This next one is from someone who also contributed to keep this page online
From: bachani via PayPal
Date: 04/09/ 17:53:46
To: The Prayer Page
dear sir,
please request St. Jude to bless us- regards-
hiro,rajni,sharad,rohit,aarti,asha,ruhaan,harchandrai bachani and family


I don't have much extra time to address the following message
but thought someone who is in our prayer group
might be able to answer this man

From Prabhu Simon -- ( simon.prabhu4@gmail.com )
To Prayer Page Fools
Oct 16 2013 at 1:24 PM

God is fake ill prove if any one can challenge reply to me .... at simon.prabhu4@gmail.com

this next post is what Prabhu requested three days previous to sending me that notice

Prabhu Simon To The Prayer Page
Please pray that i get her back my common friend has cum down from uk and talking to her
pray tat god speak through her and help spk the rite thing and mainly jo understand and
take me back .... Prabhu


Click Here for the Printable Text version of the prayer

The NEW website for the Crucifix Image of JESUS IS
Found HERE

Before getting To the Prayer that will help you in your needs

Please consider Doing Something to assure you are in Gods sight
and show you deserve to receive your request for help from St Jude
doesn't it make sense that
IF YOU show your intentions to help others
YOUR Prayers will be answered more readily

I repeat I ask for nothing in return - just a few minutes of your time

After your prayer is answered I am sure you will come back here
and join my effort to help even more people


From Tammy
To The Prayer Page
Nov 21 at 10:43 PM
At this moment I have absolutely no money,, I am dead broke so when I get some money
I will contribute to this website so that u no how desperate I am...
I have a prayer request but no money so please pray for me!!
I work 6 days a week working about 55 hours a week and my husband is laid off again,
, so the money that I make barely pays our bills
,, and we absolutely have no extra money and rite now I don't have any extra
to buy groceries for this week or to put gas in our vehicle's!!!
Please pray that some how we get some extra money,
, I have 3 kids and I need to buy groceries this week and I want to give my kids a thanksgiving dinner,
,we don't have a lot of food in our cupboards!!
And I need money for gas so I can get back in forth to work every day!!
I only make 8.25 an hour and my husband only gets 150 every 2 week's right now!!
I'm worried about Christmas just being a month away
so I need a miracle blessing come into my life so please grant me a miracle blessing and grant the requests
of all who are seeking a spiritual intervention now and in the future,,
I promise I will forever be grateful to u and assist in helping others find u!!!
Please hear my prayer thank u!!
Tammy D Lynch


I say the novena prayer everyday that missing children women and men will found


You can help the following effort to show you are willing to help others
I am also very much involved in a very important effort which can help tens of millions of families
Many families have an empty seat at their Holiday Tables
because of a kidnapping, abduction, human trafficing or other causes
then step up and Do Something
800,000 Americans are reported missing EACH YEAR

Educate yourself about the technology which exists to find them quickly and safely

N.A.S.A. and our Military should be made to use technology they have developed
to assit police in finding these Abducted Children, Missing Women and men and solve other crimes
within minutes of them being reported

It is an effort which should be presented to the Public by the media
But is being kept quiet
Again: I am trying to Pay It Forward for the Miracle I truly believe I received
by offering the prayer found on this page
AND doing my best to help others

I also ask you to Join My Face Book Group
for the Missing and Abducted
HERE -- then PLEASE Do Something
And help with my effort
and show St Jude you are willing to help others in return for his blessings

~~ ~~~~ ~~~

I know many do not believe in Prayer and Miracles

Here is a story of a miracle and
a prayer novena to St Jude the Patron Saint of Hopeless causes was suggested
- It appears the prayers were answered.

Here is the Miracle Story

From Bill - Ohio

I was paralyzed from the waist down
and given little chance of ever walking again.
I was granted a miracle recovery.
It is why I have the need to help others

The Story of my Miracle is found at

This link Here
Visit it and see how you can Pay It Forward too



Here is the most recent page with the latest Prayer requests and some Thank You Messages

This prayer group has:-) been online for many years and
( There are MANY pages for Our St Jude Novena Prayer Group in ALL )


Before resuming the requests postings
I list a few exceptional Thank You messages to St Jude
they make my effort worth it:

From: lady_j1682
Subject: The Prayer Page TY

Thank you St. Jude for interceding my prayer. I had prayed for you to find jobs for my sister and I,
as we are both unemployed and struggling to keep afloat.
On the 6th and 7th day of my novena, we both received news of a second interview both scheduled on the same day.
I do believe that we will get the jobs because of my faith in you.
I also know that you will intercede my other request to reunite with my boyfriend within the coming days.
I love you St. Jude and thank you so much for answering my prayers.


Good Morning Bill,
I was really amazed when I seen your email this morning when I got to work.
I was actually thinking of my St. Jude Prayer that I had prayed a couple of months ago,
but it looks like from the email that it wasnít sent out until yesterday.
But anyway, in my previous prayer request, the two obstacles that had been removed have returned
, and things seem to be worse now. Michael isnít even speaking to me.
I donít know what is wrong I just know that I miss him so much.

So, if you donít mind I would like to make another prayer request.
I also find it really odd that I received this email from you
when I was thinking of my St. Jude prayer on my way to work.
Is God , Jesus Christ or St. Jude trying to tell me something? If so, what?
Please if you have any guidance please share it with me.
Thank you


Now Sharons Most recent prayer request:

From Sharon Mabe
Subject: Prayer request

My Prayer Request is:
I feel as if I am losing the love of my life.
When I met Michael, everything in my life seemed so meaningful.
I felt as if I had found that missing piece of myself that I have been searching for all my life.
I felt whole. Michael is a true believer in our Father,
and I know that he has brought me closer to our Father than I have ever been.
I know that Michael loves me too, but there are obstacles that are keeping us apart.
I wonít go into very much detail,
but there is this woman that every time that Michael leaves her
she will harass and stalk him until he goes back to her.
(And no, they are not married or have children together.)
She is a true manipulator, and I am sure that he feels
that is the only way he can have peace is to return to her,
but when he does, he is miserable as well
because of the way that she treats him.

I love this man with all my heart and soul.
I finally felt alive, happy and loved.
I truly had a genuine smile,
not one that I had to put on just to hide the emptiness in my heart.

I know in my heart that God wants us together to do his work for him.
The reason that I know is because God has spoke to me
and keeps telling me not to give up, that he wants us together.
Everything seemed to be working out for us,
until the woman played her tricks again and now
Michael wonít even talk to me, and I donít know why.
Like I stated earlier, I know that God wants us


From: Ricardo Mcclai
Date: 04/01/14 20:28:15
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
Hi,iv been in a three year relationship,and
she walked away for a nother guy,and we know we were soul mates,
we have 7 kids involved from 12 to 3, iv been suffering,with out them i now have high blood pressure
,and my nerves cant stop shaking,can't hardly eat.or sleep,
id love to have my family back.i feel lost with out them
.its about 3 mouths i haven't see or heard from her
please pray for me i my heart hurts so bad.


VIVKIL Victoria Marti ) 8:42 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
My boyfriend Cameron and I have been together for 13 years. We finally planned to be married this November.
Over one year ago he has come down sick with a very bad chemical and hormone imbalance.
No doctor or specialist so far can find the cause. At least two treatment plans so far have failed.

This is making him depressed , weak and very physically ill.
We are now talking about postponing our wedding as well until he can find the solution.

He has another series of tests this Thursday.
Please pray that his doctor can find the cause and solution
to his illness and pray that it is nothing serious or terminal.
He is only 45 years old takes care of himself and is a loving heart.

Thank you.
Victoria M.


From: evadd1979@yahoo.com
Subject: From the Prayer page
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2016 14:45:29 -0500
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Hello prayer page. I'm in need of desperate help. My daughter just got her divorce final today
and now the father and other grandparents of her daughter
want to take her away. Just because he is military they think they can do whatever he wants.
Today he's taking her for two days for the first time.
Us knowing he does not care for her. He never calls to see how she doing
or gives her any money. In court they were laughing at us when we were in tears
. This is so not fair. He ask my daughter
for a divorce right after the baby was born.
This is not fair. In court they asked for full custody.
I'm so scared it's going to happen.
The judge did not care that he was a dead beat dad.
He appraised him for being in the military.
Again this is not fair.
Please please pray for them not to take my grandchild away from my daughter.
My daughter has done nothing wrong.
She works.
Goes to school to try and make a better life for her and her baby.
She doesn't go out or anything like tha
t the way he does.
She is a great mom. Please please help her.
This is so not fair. My daughter's heart
is being ripped from her and no one care out here.
Please please pray.


From: Leah Coppe
Date: 03/10/ 03:41:43
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page
Dear Friends:
I know within my heart of hearts, very deeply, that if I can have as many people as possible praying for me during the next 30 days,
along with my own prayers, that my prayers will be answered. My main concern/prayer request is to remove all negative
energy, ethereal ties, negative emotions from myself, my children and our family-along with my battle with constant
depression, stress and extreme fatigue. I am also in desperate need a home for myself and my children, a home of my very
own, that will not ever be taken away from me, where we can finally begin to build memories- filled with happiness and
peace. I need the type of financial security that will provide that home, all the vital dental work I need immediately, for the car
repairs, to pay our bills and can offer us the stability we need so much. I pray for the guidance necessary to rebuild our lives,
repair relationships, heal deep wounds and my body if possible, to free myself from all medications. I pray that we continue to
build our Faith so we may be closer to God, Jesus, Mother Mary and Our Angels. Amen.

(thank you so much, I'll report back in 30 days!)
Leah in CA


From: Jordan V
Date: 3/8/2014 11:59:40 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Please pray for me and my family for God's Will be done now in our lives and let us accept Thy Will. Amen
-Jordan V -Eleanor V -Kyle J -Kylen V -Kayden V


From: James Lindee Ra
Date: 3/6/ 11:53:54 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page
I'm James Lindee Raping and I'm from the Philippines.
I'm suffering from spinal cord injury for almost five years
and I'm always hoping for miracle.
Please grant me that miracle oh Lord!
James Lindee


-------Original Message-------
From: Syrus_Wilso
Date: 03/31
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page
Hello prayer group my name is Syrus Wilso im writing you all to ask if you all would please offer prayer for me
i have court today at 1:30pm in Lake County Florida
the State wishes to have me thrown in prison
but please pray for me to walk free with no jail or prison time thank you so much


From: Monica Adrid
Date: 03/24/
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page TY
This Monica adrid I'm as for help to pray for my husband to come to me, were mariied for 27 yrs.
pls help me pray for him. His name is jessie a


From: James Macha
Date: 2/17/2014 12:42:45 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Reference: Donation1 Help Keep the Prayer Page Online - Donation from James P
Only thing I can think of at moment is a simple prayer for my financial situation to turn around
and get better due to some debts I'm struggling with.
Thanks for any prayers & my prayers go out others on your website as well.


Evelyn Mung***
Dec 19 at 3:13 AM
Dear Prayerpage,

I have spent a sleepless night after it has been confirmed that my youngest sister is still
seeing her abusive 'husband'. My sister and this man only lived together for a short while
and have two children - the second of whom he told my sister to her face that he did not
want because he had not planned to have another child.

He starved her. He has beaten my sister. He has verbally abused her. Mostly unemployed,
he is uses her money and refuses to share his whenever he finds temporary work. He
has cheated on her countless times and taunts her about his conquests. He infected her
with HIV. I suspect that the UTI she says

Now he is coming around saying that he wants to see his children. My sister Katherine pays
for everything the girls have from their home to school to food to clothing. These are
children who are well loved and cared for and in a stable environment.

Please pray for my sister Eleanor that she may see the light and walk out on this man who is
an anchor. Holding her down when she is capable of so much more. Please pray that
Eleanor sees the beauty and blessing that she is that needs to flourish, far away from this
destroyer of her and her children.

I will donate USD 25 early January 2014 whether or not the novena comes to pass.
Evelyn Omb*** Mung***


From: dolphi rego
Subject: Re
St Jude I have wronged others and need forgiveness.
I am most sorry for my transgressions and hurtful actions
PLEASE LET MY FAMILY and friends forgive me so I can have peace and happiness
Signed Dolphi Rego


From Michael Potvin looking for Kim Stotsky

Now A Thank You from Michael Potvin

From Michael Potvin looking for Kim Stotsky
Date OCT 9TH 2013
Subject: Thank You St Jude Thaddeus

Good Afternoon. I had to share some good news with you...
After about 1 month of not speaking, Kim had reached out to me this past Thursday,
and we have been speaking a little bit here and there...
We spoke again last night and while part of her is convinced that there is no way we can make it
due to our constant fighting and her daughter's disdain for me,
she admitted that she wants to be with me and wants to reconcile,
and "of course I want to be with you if we didn't have all of our issues"...So we are going to take it "one day at a time", and "speak when we can"...
So I don't know if we are considered "reconciled", but I know that St. Jude interceded for me,
softening her heart and getting her to reach out to me,
even though she initiated the break up. From here,
I need to woo her all over again, show her I am patient and not fight with her.
She will see that I have changed and as she said to me,
she wants me to be the person again that she ran to...

Please tell St. Jude thank you for me and once again, he has never failed me..
.Thank you St. Jude,
I Love You and I will not stop saying this prayer of intercession until Kim
and I are back together for good....


Here is a more recent email I received from Michael Potvin regarding Kim:

Good Morning and I hope you are well. I wanted to ask you a question about the Novena.
Said love interest, Kim, has again been entertaining thoughts of moving to California,
through her company, because of the allure in making more money.
To your point of "if it is meant to be, it will be",

I just want her to be happy, even if that means her moving to California.
We are not 100% back together yet and are still taking it one day at a time;
she said the other day that she needs to see action from me -
not just words in order to consider getting back together fully.
So "we" are not a consideration in her decision making process to move to California..
.I just know that if that happens, we would be done forever

My question is, can I say the Novena so she will receive a blessing and get the break(s) that she needs?
Even if it means her destiny is to go to California and I never see her again?
Again, I just want her to be happy, fell not so frustrated or under the immense amount
of pressure she is under; I want her to have the "break(s)" she so richly deserves...

She is so frustrated with constantly killing herself working in a very challenging sales job,
just to see most of, if not all of her money, go to take care of the Mom...
and her Mom is a true albatross around her neck (God forgive me for saying that)..
. Plus, her ex-Husband is truly not interested in holding up his financial end of the bargain
of taking care of their one child...
Kim does not get the child support for her one child,
as my Ex-Wife gets for our 3 children from me..
.She gets nothing right now as her ex-Husband lost his job months ago,
is not actively trying to find a job,
and is pursuing a pipe dream of getting a fledgling (after 10+ years) BMX bike company
off the ground; which has never made any money to date.

Unfortunately, she does not have a faith she can rely on, and believes she can only rely on herself
(she has many great points, and this one is not one of them)...
I would very much hope that St. Jude could intercede for her,
through my prayers, even if it means it is to the complete detriment of she and I as a couple
Most people say Novenas for Money, Jobs, Love, health of loved ones...
basically for things they need.

I really want something for her even if it completely does not benefit me.
The way I look at it is, if she goes to California, especially after St. Jude intervenes,
than we really weren't meant to be and
I would be able to let her go with a clear mind and heart...

Appreciate your thoughts and I look forward to hearing from you.
Michael Potvin


Ruth Aut
Thank You
I have made a small donation.
I want to thank st jude thaddeus for the unexpected money.
May he continue to answer all my prayers and answer all the prayers of other people.

Thank you
Ruth Auta


THIS NEXT request is from someone who donated $25.00
From: Anna Giddin

Pls pray for me a sinner, our finances are upside down and my job is stressing me out request relief.
Pls pray for my daughter Auliya who doesn't have health insurance and has been diagnosed with Porphyria
Pls pray for my sons John Luc safety he is stationed Camp Humphrey Korea
Pls pray for my co-workers, my family and my husbands family.

For the first in my life, I wanted what all wise man say can't last;
what can't be promised or made to linger any more than sunlight.
I don't want to die without having felt its warmth on my face.Thankyou


From: Paul Gravell
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page TY
From: Paul Gravell
Subject: The Prayer Page
my name is Paul I need a big miracle in my life and have been praying since 1984...
St Jude I have prayed to you since 1984 for my intentions.
Please grant my needs
pray with me Paul


From: Holli Malouf
Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page

Please obtain Godís blessings on all couples that will be married on October 5, 2013.
May they have a faithful and loving marriage.
Bless them with a day of beautiful weather and safety for all traveling to and from their wedding.


FROM: John S.
Subject: Thank You St Jude Thaddeus
Date: Sat Aug 17th 2013

Now Dear Bill

I Do not practice any religion and came across your site

I read your miracle story and the messages sent to you by some of the others who have received answers through praying

I did NOT Believe that a mortal being such as a Saint was capable of helping
BR>BUT THOUGHT what the heck its worth a try
I was wrong. I started to say the prayer you offer on your page

On the 10th Day my request was answered,

Thank you Bill for your taking time to post this page and Thank you to St Jude Thaddeus for helping an unbeliever

John S. Boston MA


From: Monica

Subject: The Prayer Page TY

Please I need all the help my son is in jail and he has 2 kids.
Ages 5&4 and now they can give him 10 years of time for violating probation .
His kids are his life he has some custody of his children because he fought for them
and the children do think he is at work and do not know in reality where he is
please I beg of of all I ask is that the judge just releases him back on probation and not to serve his Time
.please pray for him mark Anthony
just to be released and stay on probation please pray that the judge has
a Heart so my son can be with his children please amen



From: David Smal
Subject: The Prayer Page

I need help! I have said Novenas before , some have astounded me , some have yet to be answered.
I am about to lose my house to foreclosure . I have been working with the bank
of 6 years now . Only to given wrong information or down right lied to. Every
attorney gives different answers , all want way more than I can afford . I the
past 3 years I've had 3 heat attacks n a stroke , maybe this is Gods way of
relieving me from the pressures of owning a home . My children want there home,
therefore I will do what I have to keep it.
I've prayed for his will, so maybe this is his will. However , I'm
asking for a miracle to save my home with a mortgage I can afford
Thank you
Please let me know if there's anything I can do or pray for on my side.
Thank you , many blessings for providing such a page .




From: LJKip Ech
Hi Bill,
Please post my prayer request to St. Jude. I am recently struggling with family and financial
problems since late last year. I pray for peace of mind and forgiveness for me and my
family. I pray for financial assistance to help me settle with the debts and bills so my son
and husband and I will be together. I promise to pray for everyone else as well. I know
that with everyone's prayers, everything will be alright. Thank you everyone and God
bless us all!


From: Lawrence R
Subject: St. Jude

Dear Bill,
Thank you for your inspiring web site. I have received significant blessings from the novena prayers to St.
Jude outlined in your webpage. I have been inspired by your concern for missing children by making a
donation to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children today.
God bless you and all the lives you touch through God's grace.


From: Carrie Batzl
Subject: The Prayer Page
Please help me pray for my friend, Leah, who has Stage 4 cancer. Ask God to
grant her complete healing. This situation needs a miracle. Thank you.


From: Alfred Ojiamb
Subject: Prayer request
Kindly pray for me to get a job and for financial breakthrough to clear my graduation fee balance
before next months deadline.thankst


From: lexi baghe
Subject: need prayers please
I pray that God will allow the one who is constantly on my mind and heart to open his heart and
to come back to me so that we can build a relationship with one another and to be a family.
If it is in the highest and best good of all concerned,
please make him realizes how wonderful I am,
realize how much he loves me, realize how much he would miss me
if I were no longer part of his life.
Please God let me hear back from him in the next few weeks that he is coming back.


From: Ayesha ayeshared
Subject: Prayer for me
I was diagnose herpes virus which has no cure... I know.
GOD has start punishing me of my tresspasses in him but still hoping ang praying that God.
Will send his power of healing to heal me.... ST. JUDE... SAINT OF THE DESPERATE..


From: purvisri

Subject: The Prayer Page
I'm in need of a miracle,please pray for me. I have a spinal cord injury due
to motor accidents in 2007,am a paraplegic. Can't use both m legs and my
right arm. If the Lord can just give me 1 leg and ability to operate my right
arm will be so greatfull Plzzz pray for me.
My name is purvis
God bless


From: Toni Der
To: prayerpage
Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
My name is Toni and I,am requesting prayers for myself and for my family and friends their families
and the world. First and foremost,I would like to thank our Holy Lord Savior
for letting me wake up this morning and for the wonderful blessings
that he has bestowed upon me and my family.
I listen to the news and it is very depressing what people are doing all the tourmal thats taking place poor innocent children
lives being destroyed for what control,dictatorship,to control the oil they have so much greed
and that,s the basis of all this corruption that,s going on in this world today.
So I pray that Our Lord takes all of this unholiness away.
I, pray to Our Father Lord jesus to answer my prayers today,
I am going to a situation may be losing my section 8 voucher that I truly need to pay my rent
all because of a misunderstanding ,
I am praying for forgiveness from my daughter for not paying more attention to this situation because I could,ve
cause her to lose her voucher also, she is my only child
I Love her more than life her my mother and my grand children

I, wouldn,t purposely do anything to hurt her or for that matter know one else I
, have a good heart and it goes out to children,elserly and animals
I, wouldn,t purposely harm anyone. I,AM ALSO praying for my arthritis, prediebetic,high colesteral,sleepapnea
,high blood pressure and a very strange feeling under my left foot,
and my mothers arthritis and corpal tunnel syndrome crippling her hands,also
I,need prayers said for my daughter Tammy and my unborn grandchild to be born normal and healthy,
also Dear Lord please watch over Kaylan and Sean my other grand kids
keep them safe and healthy and wrap your arms around them always to keep them safe
Oh Heavenly Father I, know that I,ve requested a lot of prayers but, also pray every day so
I,am asking for a little assisstance from you and all the Saints because
I, truly love and pray to them daily

. Please pray for me to become a better christain,a better mother,daughter,sister,friend
and I, request special prayers for Charles and his blind mother he is also blind.

Please pray for my dear friend Deborah who has cancer and all the poor little homeless people,
and homeless and abused animals.
Please Pray for all my request my Special Saint St. JUDE,
I adore you and you have answered my prayers in the past
please help me with these prayers also Thank You.

Toni P.S please watch over me and my new home and make my home safe and happy
always keep theives away and also help me with my finances
so I, can get some money to purchase a car to travel home to see ny mother and family
I am 5 hrs away from home because of the katrina hurricane.

My love and faith is with you at all times.

Thank You


From: velma ajug
Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page

For Financial Blessings to enable me resolve pending financial issues
For a successful fibroid surgery and divine healing
There is a man I am dating whom I love and care about but another married woman
by the name of Frances has refused to leave him alone, may God remove her
completely from his life
For my businesses to grow and prosper
For spiritual growth


From: "benbanda@
To: prayerpage
Subject: The Prayer Page
I would prayers for the healing and restoration of my relationship with
Nombulelo Shinga. We separated on the 16th of July 2013 and even Though we
occasionally talk, we dont meet nor share much anymore. She has told me in my
face that she has completely shut the door for our reconciliation. We are both
saved and stay 600kms apart. I love her and would love to marry her. Pls pray
for me and her that God will intervene and restore what we had and that we may
proceed to get married as we had initially planned.


Sarah pe @becklakebum
St Jude Miracle Prayer Novena miracles do happen after saying this novena prayer
cruci34.angelfire.com/prayer3.html @2findthemissing


I first heard about your site when the news came out that two California
girls Elvia Flores and her friend Elizabeth had been abducted by a gang
while on their way to school. I started praying nine times, and on DAY
ONE the glad tidings came out that the two girls were free and safe.
Thanks to St. Jude. I'd be glad to have you publish my Thanks on your site.
I'm late with this, since Day One happened several days ago.
That was because I didn't read carefully and wasn't aware of the publishing of
Thanks until I looked at your site again just now. Sorry for being careless and negligent.
John Jayne
Weston, MA


Dear Bill, Itís the second time Iím writing to you.
ST Jude did help me and I am honored to keep my promise of saying thank you.
What he did for me is unreal and I donít know how to thank you for passing on this prayer.
St Jude, I asked you to help me and you did ..
i hope that the other request will also be realized
as itís the most difficult one but thanks for making me obtaining the visa in order to see him.
I would like to encourage everyone to pray you and honor you. You are indeed the patron of desperate causes.
Thank you God and My lord jesus And our lady of perpetual succor,for hearing my prayers
I love you all. Without you I donít think I would have get it today.
I will follow u everyday of my life and will encourage people to see what the power of God is.
God I cant thank you enough but I promise to keep on praying every single day
and St Jude I will thank u till the end of my life.
Thank you again.
And thank you Bill for Publishing my thank you.
God bless you
Pascaline Aug 15th 2013



Here is the prayer you need to say if you join our Group


Click Here for the Printable version of the prayer
So you can have it with you and say it any time

I started saying the novena prayer to St Jude found here - suggested by my Aunt Helen Pecek and Mickey Mantle
After I suffered a paralyzing spinal Injury

A novena prayer is supposed to be said 9 times per day until your prayer is answered

After your prayers are answered you are required to publish a thank you to Saint Jude in some public media

As you will read some have received thier intervention after just a few recitations

You can send me your thank you and I will publish it here FREE
and that will be your published thank you

There are Thanks You's posted below, and more on the link "More Thank Yous"

I use this website and hereby Thank Saint Jude for MY Miracles Granted


Here is the prayer
to say a minimum of 9 times per day until your prayer is answered:
It has a Printable version of the prayer

Here is the prayer:BR>"St Jude Thadeus Worker of Miracles and Help of Hopeless causes,
Pray for me and grant me ( say your request HERE AND ADD "and grant the requests
of ALL who are seeking a spiritual intervention especially "Grant All those seeking missing loved ones now
and in the future that they are found and protect all soldiers everywhere they are in danger"........" )
THEN continue AND add a Hail Mary after each repetition of the prayer


I repeated it, over and over again, many more times per day than the required 9 times

I estimate I said it over 25,000 times during my 2 1/2 years of therapy and recovery from my spinal cord injury
and I continue to envoke it today and it has worked in some form almost every time
Print it So you can have it with you and say it any time

+++++ + + +++++

You can start your own Pay It Forward String

"Paying It Forward" is a little practiced theorum by which one person does something
nice randomly for another and that person in turn does something nice for some else
so on and so forth until many people are doing nice things for many others

Help me perpetuate my Pay It Forward String and start your own Pay It Forward engine


I publish their thanks as required
they also serve as testimonails to the power of prayer

Afer the FIRST FEW THANK you messages I list prayer requests which I have received,
Please send me yours to be added
and THERE IS A Link to a page with MORE Thank You messages

Again I implore you to include ALL those who seek help in your prayers


Here is the most recent page with the latest Prayer requests
some are FROM THOSE WHO HAVE contributed to keep our prayer group pages online


Now more requests


From: Tammy Gilbe
Subject: Request or Thank You To St Jude

I need u to pray for my finances,, I need like 5,000 dollars to b caught up on all my bills,,
we got married in August and I over spent and now it seems its taking us for ever
to get caught up on my bills please pray

I have a couple requests more that's needs to b take.n care of soon!!
One is tht my 9 year old son keeps throwing horrible fits,, for no reason at all!!
I don't no how to deal with it he's 9 when will he stop??
He's a hyper boy and just has to much energy please pray for us,
,, he has ball fits

Here is another thing I need to b prayed for,, my husband needs a full time job,
, he's been working at this job for 3 years but works during the summer gets laid off in the winter,
, winter is almost coming now and he's gonna b getting laid off there's a full time position
thts gonna b coming and please pray that he gets it!!
He works for Osceola road commission,,


From: Laura Ros
Subject: Hear My Prayer St Jude

God brought John into my life when I had given up on love and God allowed him to heal a lot of my past hurt.
Please St Jude I pray that you bring John and I
together in a strong bond of love for one another and allow John to love me like I love him.
I pray that you allow John to feel the love for me that I have for him.
I pray that John and I grow in a strong bond of love for one another and proclaim to each other our desire
to love one another fully, unconditionally and to allow our hearts to grow together
as we share our whole lives together and with each other.


From: Ensah Ern To: prayerpage@yahoo.com - lance
Sent: Saturday, August 24, 2013 6:55 PM
Subject: Prayer request

Hello brethren,peace be whit you.am writing ffrom the St, Jude Parish
bolifamba Diocese of Buea cameroon on behave of all the
parishioners.please we need your intercesion to complete the building
project of our parish. the project has stoped because of financial
situation and only prayers can relieve us . please help us. i will
atach some file to show you how far we have gone and what is still to
be done.
may God Bless you
Parish Priest Rv. Fr. Ensah Ernest Djoh.


From: "Rajaret, Louis"
Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
Dear Prayer Group,
I am a very talented pianist, songwriter and singer. I play the organ lot at weddings. I have applied to join a music agency called Lark Entertainment.
My request is that my application to join them is successful as I would love to break into the music industry as this is my dream.
My second request if I may is that I find a loving husband as I live on own. Thank you so much for allowing me to put my requests on your page,


From: Shorona Mahar
Date: 7/16/2014 4:24:59 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: From the Prayer page
Please pray that my boyfriend forgives me and takes me back. I want us to be a happy couple again


-------Original Message-------
From: Phindile Sithole

Subject: From the Prayer page

May YOU please pray for my mum who is in icu
Phindile Sithole


From: Sherri Ba
Subject: prayer requests

my name is sherri and my mom paula has stage 4- cancer. lung problems,etc, dad is blind,health,etc,
URGENT A BUYER COMES AND MOM-DAD SELL the house and they get a 3-bedrom home a great one.
hospital-chemo-radiation bills all piled up all bills canceled matt-cathy moves out of my home, mike doesnt move to e-town.
restore mike and tonis marriage and she ebcomes a better mom/ miraclous miracles 4-me mom and dad.


from Audrey: Hello,
I saw your site and I am amazed without fail eveytime I see miracles happening in prayer.
I hope you would post my thank you letter to St Jude, thank you:
Dear St Jude, thank you very much for interceding to God and Jesus to let my O Level
certificate be found with my mother and not thrown away by accident, which i thought
it was, months ago. That night, my parents were looking for it and i asked St Jude
to intercede to God to let it be kept with my mum. In the end, it was indeed with my
mother so as a result, all my worries about losing the certificate was gone and i
was saved from getting into trouble especially with my father. Thank You God and
Jesus for hearing this intercession too.


and Another Thank You St Jude thanks for answering our prayers in having our
incarcerated son released early so he can be with us this
christmas. St Jude, you have always been there whenever we
needed your help, thank you for helping us, May the
most glorious heart of Jesus be adored forever, Amen.

Joseph Camilleri May 22.2013


After my son was turned down for a job,
I prayed to St Jude and they called him back to say the job is his. To me this is a miracle!!!
Now he will not lose his home!!
He will have the money he needs for food heating etc.
Thank you St Jude.
JoAnne. June 22nd 2013

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you St. Jude for your powerful intercession.
You have brought me a miracle,
very fast and just time time.

Thank you
Natalie July 18th 2013

A thank you from a FB friend


I have been praying this prayer and so far part of what I have been praying for has been
answered. I have no doubt that when the time comes for the other part of my prayer
comes up it will be answered too. I am so thankful to St. Jude! Saying this prayer
realy does work

Susie Sept 12th 2012


I was flipping through the internet and came across this site where l can publish my
thanks to St. Jude. l prayed to St. Jude for a job and he handed it to me!! He is
indeed a miraculous saint and may his name spread to all nations.

Annette sept 14th 2013


And another Thankyou st.jude for giving me a miracle regarding my visa application and the only
reason it worked out was because you interceded for me.
I want you to know that i will forever be grateful to you for this great miracle and you
will be my patron saint and i will make others know you.

mary,nairobi kenya Sept 30th 2013


> Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 19:13:06 +0100
> From: breigeeamon@yahoo.co.uk
> Subject: save my marriage
> To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
> > hello my name is eamon conway my wife has left but dosnt know what she wants i pray a lot to st,jude
i hope you can pray for myself and breige my wife that we can save our marriage were together 19 years,
i know if you can pray for us to st,jude all will be ok,
thank you


Hi Bill, Your site is great! I too have had a miracle. My daughter, age 30, and myself,
age 66, were both looking for a new apartment. It seemed hopeless, as we both had a
financial burden, and our little dogs. I found a sliding scale Hud apt. that will
allow a pet, and she got help from a new church, a gift of $500, and loan for $900.

This is such a miracle for us, as we were almost homeless. I asked St. Jude, & Jesus for
help, and got a double miracle. And I would love to thank Him for the help He
provided for us. I also was aware of a passage in Psalms 5522, not really sure or
psalms 2255, it says, "He will sustain us!"

I hope you'll publish this on your site for me. thanks, If you publish this,
please only use my name, Nancy 12/01/12

Its done Nancy Now I hope you Pay It Forward as seen on my website http://mickymantle.2ruth.com
and continue to pray for the others who are in need of help

And another addition to the Publishing of a thank you:
After my son was turned down for a job, I prayed to St Jude
and he was call from another company and his final interview is next
week. He never expected that this company would call him back but they did with St.
Judeís help (you interceded for me.) Thank You Dec 23rd 2012


I want you to know that i will forever be grateful to you for this great miracle and you
will be my patron saint and i will make others know you.

Thank you St Jude. Isabel and Mike Jan 2nd 2010


St Jude thank you I had lost hope for working back here in the USA and even though I do
not know proper ways to pray you again answered my prayer. Its been a long wait
until I ask you Thank You St Jude.

Randall Boehm Jan 19th 2010


Hi Bill, I don't know if you're still accepting "miracle" stories, but even if you're not, I just
wanted to thank St. Jude for my job. I found it in the most unexpected place
after many months of searching in a time when the economy wasn't looking too good,
and it has just been wonderful. I'm asking for his intercession again, and I believe
I will receive what I ask for in Jesus name.

Thank you to you too. It is sites like these that give hope when times are
Keep up the good work :) HYA/ March 1st 2010


Dear Bill please post this prayer:
Once again St. Judge you answered my prayers , my son was facing a couple of court cases
and with your help everything turn out to be okay. So I am posting this to say
Thank you again for being there for me. With much love and devotion,
Pat from NJ Aug 5th 2010
Thank you Bill.


Dear Bill,

I would like to sincerely thank St.Jude for interceding on my behalf with our Lord because
when i was really down and hopeless because of all the trials that I have been facing I felt
really lonely and hopeless and I can't find anyone to turn to until I thought of something,
"When all else fails or when there's no one to turn to, God is the answer" then I thought of
the LORD and I came across this little paper (with the Novena to St. Jude printed on it)
on this table where I always put my laptop everytime I go online. That paper has been
sitting there on that table for quite a few days already but I'm just ignoring it until that day
I thought of asking God's help then I started reading what that Novena is all about. Then,
the next day I started praying the Novena to St.Jude with the intention that may the
LORD bless me that may I be hired again by a korean employer so that I can be able to
work in Korea again. Because when I came home here in the Philippines I wasn't
expecting that it would take me almost a year and a half before I can be able to find another employer.

With all those financial and emotional problems I was really desperate.
I kept on praying to our LORD even after
I felt like giving up, I also started reading the Bible also and the words of our LORD
lifted up my hopes again. Then on the 8th day after completing my Novena to St. Jude
and praying continuously, a call woke me up but I didn't know who it is because my
cellphone has problems when accepting calls I wasn't able to ask him so I thought of
checking the status of my application over the internet and there it is, I saw my name
posted on the website together with the others who just got hired. My heart was really
overflowing with joy and gratitude and I kept on saying "Thank you, thank you so much,
Lord" for so many times. And I also remembered to thank St. Jude who interceded for
me and that is why I am publishing this thanksgiving email. God is really great and He is
always true to His promises. So if your facing any kind of problems God is always our
answer and never, ever give up and never let go of His hand because only through HIM
we can find all we need.

Thank you and I love you Lord...

Respectfully yours,
Butch from Philippines -- AUG 27TH 2010


From: Alfred Ojiamb
Subject: Prayer request
Kindly pray for me to get a job and for financial breakthrough to clear my graduation fee balance
before next months deadline.thankst


From: lexi baghe
Subject: need prayers please
I pray that God will allow the one who is constantly on my mind and heart to open his heart and
to come back to me so that we can build a relationship with one another and to be a family.
If it is in the highest and best good of all concerned,
please make him realizes how wonderful I am,
realize how much he loves me, realize how much he would miss me
if I were no longer part of his life.
Please God let me hear back from him in the next few weeks that he is coming back.


Because of space restraints I have HAD TO Move
the Thank You, St Jude Page to
This Link

visit and read some of the Prayers that have worked


From: Kif Cahilla
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Sent: Sunday, October 5, 2014 10:13 AM
Subject: From the Prayer page

I have been struggling for 3yrs with a serious bacterial disorder in my
GI system after I got a parasite in me after a trip to Mexico.
Recently I was given a cocktail of strong antibiotics
that had slight risk for irreversible hearing loss.
After a few days, I developed hearing problems and stopped the meds
but many weeks later my ears and hearing is getting worse.
Please protect me from losing my hearing,
cure me of this & save my hearing
Chris Cahillane


Include all those who ask for your help In Your Prayers and together with the others seeking help
you can band together as one and Your voices can be heard as one ......


I am without a job and I am in a desparate situation.
Last wednesday I drove all the way to Maryland to the shrine of St. Jude and prayed for
help Today, my son lost his job. It isn't suppose to be that way.
I pray and pray
Please pray for me
Halina Korotasz
ANd my son Filip === July 20th 2010


Thank you Saint Jude
I have prayed for many things and for a desperate situation to be solved.
I have complete faith that though the answer has not come yet,
that in time it will be revealed and help will be on the way.
Thank you in advance for comfort and love.
I will continue to pray for your intercession.

D.P. Aug 2nd 2010


Here is prayer request to find a missing person

Please Pray so Gary Price,
60 Missing February 28, 2013, from Williams Lake, BC is Found

Info about GARY and over 200 others missing from British Columbia since 2000 is Here
Gary Price was reported missing on March 3 by a family member. Gary was last seen in Likely, BC and lives in a remote area past Yanks Peaks.


F Hi Bill,

I am very inspired by your story. I was wondering, would you mind saying the novena with me?

I am in a rough spot. I lost my job, had been interviewing all over the place,
and didn't get a single job offer. And then, just as I was moving cross-country to be near my boyfriend,
Beau--with whom I'm very much in love and who initiated conversations about marriage and children
and even discussed such events as recently as a week prior to the break up--suddenly
and very unexpectedly broke up with me.

I will say this novena to St. Jude, requesting his intercession for
our reconciliation and reunion.

My heart is broken. My life has been turned upside-down. I love this man with all my
heart and our relationship was the one thing I had been sure of up until the night
of June 10th. :( Please pray with me. )

I will post my gratitude to St. Jude on your web page.

Thank you very much.
Joleen ~~~ Aug 3rd 2010


Please Include Stephen in Your prayer request too -
And I am sure he will include you in his.......The more voices heard the better....

BILL, Im going through a very ruff patch in my life ,from all that has happened ,
im 37 yrs old married i was addicited to pain meds ref back surgury,i became so addicited
that i was going to two diffrnt drs to get those and eventually got arrested ,im
hoping for a miracle myself that my harsh charges will be reduced or dropped with no
prison time,ive read your story adn it gives me inspiration that god can and will do
anything ,hes our father ,god bless you for your miracle and hopefully mine will be
posted really soon ,please if you will also pray for me on june 17 2010 thats my court date
and i need all the prayers and support i can get ,
god bless you ,

stephen ~ from north carolina Feb 16th 2010


I say the novena regularly in faith for financial help.
Wud u say it with me please. Sori to ask but I dont know wot else to do.

I should say thank you to St jude for all his intercessions before..
and I think I didnít do it properly ..and the mistake I did was after the wish was granted
I didnít keep praying his prayer but just kept it in case I needed..
i was not a good devoter..I feel bad and thatís y he didnít grant me any other wish..
And today I am in a very very bad situation and I am hoping he will help me..
My problem only God can help ..no one else.
Thank you for sharing your stories with us..i will do the prayer as requested,,
Because I always knew that God is the key to my problem and I am hoping he wil help me..
Thank you again..and I hope you are okay..
I joined your page on facebook and I want to help to pay it forward too..
God bless you and I pray for all those who are parying to have their prayers answered,
I know god is good and great and without our Jesus we will not be reconciled with God.
Thank you again..and St jude I will leave this matter in your hand.
I need your help. Please help meÖ
Pascaline --- Aug 5th 2010

Hi Bill,

Thank you for inspiring me with your story .. for letting me know that nothing is
impossible if you just believe in Him and trust Him. Please include me in your prayers.

I am now on the lowest part of my life...I recently had a break up with my 10 years
realationship with my bf. I was already prepared for a wedding with him.
I leave everything in my country went to other country just to be with him.
but after almost 2 mos he just broke up our relationship.

I love him so much and I chose him to be my husband .. I'm asking for a miracle that he
will realize and feel that I am the one He loves and comeback to me ..
hope it isn't too late because He already have a girlfriend now.

I will say this novena to St. Jude, requesting his intercession for our reconciliation
and reunion. Iam begging to please help me pray too. Thank you and I truly believe
in the miracle He will give to me and has given to others.

Dona Aug 14th 2010

My son was in an accident in 1980 which esulted in a Brain stem injury
He is confined to a wheel chair,uses a communtcation device to help him to converse with people,
We had himin the best Hospitals in Texas and in a rehab in Arkansas,but he still can.t
stand up with out falling. ,We have taken him to The grotto of our Lady of Lourdes in
France 10 times on Pilgrimages their, He seems to be content now with his deliema,
But I always wish he could walk again, Only God knows and I put my complete
confidence in God and his Blessed Mother ,So keep in your prayers also.His name is Ronnie. Aug 16th 2010


Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010, 8:14 AM

Dear Sir,

I accidentally visited your site and it was interesting. May God bless you to keep the good work.

I need your prayers and also I want an opportunity to post my thanks to St Jude. I am from India

My son is a doctor and wanting to pursue his Post Graduation i.e he wants to be a
Surgeon, he is appearing for many entrance tests and just missing admissions by few
marks/percentage. Please pray that he is a success in the coming entrance exams.
Also pray that our we all have good health in the family, our court matter of the
house be ended with judgment in our favour or out of court settlement.

Thanks and Regards


please pray for my relationship with Jim. Jim has been suffering a lot from his past and
feel he cannot move forward until his past is clear. I care for him deeply and
would like us to be happy together. Please pray that the blockages will be removed
and that he can make the right decisions.pray for our love, finances, faith, and relationships as a whole
Cheryl Barber Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 11:09 PM



This next request is from someone who bought two Crucifix Fish Images Of Jesus

June 11th 2013

. You know what they say, "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of".
Dear Lord, please help Stephanie get through this health scare and be here for her husband and children.
If it is cancer, please let it be curable and treatable so she can live her life free of worry.
Thank you, dear Lord, from the bottom of my heart.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 6:35 PM

I came across your website when I was doing a search on the power of the St. Jude Novena.
I'm on Day 2 of doing mine.

I'm in need of a big miracle. I'm so scared and worried...and anxiety is overtaking me.

Please ask St. Jude to help me!

Thanks so much and God Bless You for your website!

~anna Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 6:35 PM


Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2010, 2:49 PM

Dear St. Jude,

I am out on disability, due to severe eye problems. I pray that my workman's
compensation case will fall in my favor, for this will help us with a lot of our
bills, and will get our lives back on track, please dear God grant my request.




From: JoAnn V
Subject: From the Prayer Page

Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 11:40 AM


I was laidoff from my job (Merck & Co. Inc.) in Dec. 2003. I was called back to the
company in Sept. 2005. I was in a very emotionally abusive relationship with
someone. The other person in the relationship interfered with my returning to my job
and I did not make the return date. I have been devestated all these years.

To Saint Jude,
I beg you St. Jude to get me back into this company that I so long to go back to. St.
Jude you made it possible for me the first time I was hired to the company. Please
make it possible again.
My prayers have gone unanswered for all these years. Please let my prayers not be in
vain any longer. Helpless, hopeless, and full of despair, please St. Jude I beg and
plead for your intercession. I promise to encourage others to pray to you for your
intercession. Amen. Joann V.

Contact me with your story
And I will post your request and thank you here too
Send email here


Hi Bill

Thank you St.Jude Thadeus for all your miracles

I prayed the Novena for 9 days or more and am patiently waiting for my miracle to happen
I am a firm Believer when it comes to St.Jude. I am praying for another chance with
my boyfriend, I miss him terribly. We broke up about a month ago.

I need your prayers and I also want an opportunity to post my thanks to St.Jude.
I will continue to pray the Novena for all who are seeking a spiritual intervention
in the name of Jesus.
Please help us all.
deb d
Date Friday September 17, 2010


From Micheal Daves - Sept 20th 2010

I want to honor someone that i have known since I was a kid and I consider a great
friend Howard Hornsby he has been battling lung cancer that has spread, he breathed
in something bad when he was in a forign country spreading his goodness to those in

God please help Howard Hornsby fight this.



From: Marita G
Subject: From the Prayer Page/PRAYER REQUEST
To: "capecoralbill@yahoo.com"
Date: Monday, September 27, 2010, 5:19 AM

Dear Bill,

It is indeed a miracle, just coming across your site among billions of sites as I was
looking for St. Judeís prayer! Praise the Lord for thatJ

Iím actually in desperate need of help for my present financial dilemma. Please help me
pray to St. Jude that my petition be granted, to solve my financial problem already. Iím
really, really in a very deep situation wherein I donít know how to get out ofÖ The only
thing that can help me now is a miracle, that a solution to my immediate problem will
arrive very soon.

Please St. Jude, hear my prayers that my financial burdens will be solve alreadyÖ, this
month or I may face legal woes! I ask this in Jesus name, through you St. Jude. I
promise to publish your prayers & let your miracles be known to others. Please St. Jude,
help and grant the prayer requests of others too.


Marita E. B.


From: valerie s Subject: prayers
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Sunday, September 26, 2010, 9:36 PM

Dear Bill,

Please post my prayer to St. Jude. My partner and I recently have fought and she wants
a divorce. I know down deep there is still love within us for each other. But,
there is lots of anger, distance, resentment that has muddied the situation. I pray
to st. Jude out of desperation so that he may heal our love, our hearts, our
spirits. For together, we can do lots of good in the world.



On Fri, 10/1/10, > From: Edith P.
> Subject: My prayer request.
> To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
> > Date: Friday, October 1, 2010, 10:31 AM

> Hallo in the name of Jesus.I have
> come to you with a prayer request,i have been praying to
> Lord to give me a life partner,so would you please be
> with me in prayer,Am a lady from malawi.sometimes i feel
> stress of loneliness.I Believe God is going to give a good
> man who fears and obey God's commandments.please pray for me
> and i promise to pray for others.thank you.



From: Lawrence W
Subject: Thank yous
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, October 2, 2010, 7:13 PM

I have grown up being taught about the power of St Jude's Payer by my mother who passed almost 2 years ago.

My family has been going through very difficult financial situation, as are many in the world today.
We have always managed through ups and down before.
But it is different now because we have adopted 2 BEAUTIFUL ! children from birth 5 years ago.
This is not the life we had planned for them when we asked to have them as our children.
My spouse has been unemployed for almost 2 years and it is all we can do to now to make it on just my paycheck now.
We are grateful to have made it this long.
None of the Job interviews have turned into Job offers.
Really that would be enough to get us stable again.
So the job offer is the piece that keeps my families future hanging?
We have our nice house up for sale with no offers for 5 mos.
And I have a chance at a promotion at work.
So there are a lot of what ifs and maybes out there.
Just one or all will change our lives in a split second.
On my Mothers Birthday it came to me about the St jude Payer.
I would like to add my "Thank you" for the blessings I know I and my family are about to receive




Wednesday Oct 6th 2010 Dear Bill,

Thank you for suggesting this site to me as I am a firm believer in the power of prayer & paying forward.
I will add this to my prayers each day.
We are in need of financial help as we spent most of our retirement money helping our daughter who is a
single parent so now we are at risk.

My husband has taken on a job that requires a lot of physical labor and he has had 3 heart surgeries and
numerous health issue and has not business doing this job and now I fear for his health!!
When I pray to St. Jude I always tell him that this is out of need and not greed and many will benefit
from any help we get as we have always helped everyone in the past and still do.
Again thank you so much for telling me about this page.
God bless,



From: peter
Subject: From the Prayer Page
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, October 8, 2010, 4:29 AM

i have cancer it was a day then i was coming home from the hospital and i
was out in the middle of the road and a lorry comes on the other side i try to go back into the
roadside to give him
room but it was to late i damaged my car and hit his today is the last day of novena to st jude i
sayed him to help that my car is fixed i do not mind if i have to wait a day or two longer
it may not seem to be imported but to me it is i have said this novena many a time and know that
there will be results thank you so much



From: Jessica
Subject: please help me
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, October 15, 2010, 10:25 PM

hello, my name is jessica, i was reaidng on your site of st. judes novea prayer, I have
been going through a very hard time in life at the moment, I need help, im at a
point where i feel lost, desperate and internally destroyed, all my life i have
witnessed death after death and suffering as well as bad luck, in my heart i
know i am not a bad person, as i believe in god and want to do right and get
closer to him, its just so much negativity happened to me this past month, it
sheilds me from all the 'good'. The father or my baby recently left me cause he
said he wasnt ready for a 'family' and i know in his heart he loves us and wants
to be with us, but he lets a lot of his 'influences' and 'temptations' of ungodly
things of the world take over his ability to follow his heart and be with his
family (me and the kids). He isnt a bad person he just has a lot to work on and i
just wanted to know how i could say the st. judas novea properly...cause this
has destroyed so much of my heart, and has weakened me, not a day goes by
that i dont shed a tear and pray to the lord he open his eyes and see that the
things he 'wants' arent the things hes looking for, that he needs to be with god
and that way he can be with his us in the right way, I wish God would clear his
mind of all these temptations and addictions so that we could be happy and live
the way The Lord wants us to live. My question is, I wanted to know how
exactly to do it? I know i have to pray and say the st jude prayer with 3 our fathers,
3 hail marys, 3 glory be's....and do them 9 times a day...can i light a
st. jude candle, virgin mary mother of god candle, and a jesus christ candle?
when your prayer is answered post a public thank you? is that all? or would i
have to do more? i just really want to get this right and do it the right way
before i start. if there is anyway you could help me with this i would GREATLY
appreciate it, as i so desperatly want to get my life back, in the right way, with
the one i love and who i know loves me but has astrayed, please help me. thank
you very much,
God Bless.
Stockton california

( ed. - from Bill Tomsk )
I REPSONDED to Jessica and suggested She should follow the instructions given on the webpage
and to seek advice from a CLERGYPERSON.


From: Allison C Dalessandro
Subject: Thank You To St Jude
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Sunday, October 17, 2010, 12:42 PM

Bill, my name is Tim and I am asking you to think of me in your prayers. I am trying to get a job as a truck driver in Afghanistan,
so I can take care of those I love. I believe in Prayer, and I believe the
Prayer of a righteous man is powerful and avails much.

Please call me at 201-925-4340 and let me know that
you will lift me up in Prayer. I do believe
that Saint Jude will intercede on my
behalf. God Bless You!

Tim Carney


From: AnIrishLassieC
Subject: From the Prayer Page
: Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 6:13 PM


Thank you St, Jude for hearing my prayer

I'm saying the prayer to St Jude because I believe in him and the power of prayer..I
am praying to have a special man named Brian C to come back into my life and
for us to fall in love and have the relationship that I have been praying for .I am
asking for it to now be my time for happiness with him and have a life together ..I
believe my prayers will be answered because I believe in St Jude and god with all
my heart and soul..I have always trusted in prayer and I will always continue
too ..Thanks you St Jude and I am continuing to say the Novena until my prayer is
answered ...I am eternally grateful always ....

Colleen Shyanne My response was: Please keep saying the prayer and ask that those who seek
intervention be granted their requests too - Bill Tomsk


From: Lawrence R
Subject: Prayer to St Jude
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 11:40 PM

Dear ST. Jude,
Please help me with my career to find a new job that will relieve me of my financial distress, provide
financial security for my family and advancement in my career. Please help me with my spiritual and
physical health and finally that the case be concluded in my favor. I promise to help make your name and
good works known, through this site and other means in return for the favors I seek.
Thank you with all my heart,



From: mlb4065
Subject: From the Prayer Page
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Please pray for my son to find his soul mate i would be ever so thankful



From: Joshua & Lisa
Subject: Thank You To St Jude
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com

Dear Bill,

I am requesting a miracle prayer from St. Jude. I ask St. Jude to remove all
negative thoughts and actions from all the parties involved in my request to change
my practicum placement. I am requesting a miracle in 3 days time from St. Jude, I
ask that I be placed in the most perfect practicum to complete the remainder of
my master's in social work degree which I will finish in May 2014. As God is my
witness, I will make a donation and publish that my miracle was granted by St.
Jude, in a newspaper.
Thank you

Lisa R


From: Lori S
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com;
Sent: Mon, October 25, 2010 6:20:40 AM
Subject: From the Prayer Page

St Jude, please help my husband. He was diagnosed with a cancerous spine tumor. We are flying to Sloan
Kettering today to meet with the doctors. He is in pain and has trouble walking. We don't know the
outcome yet, or what the future holds. Anyone reading this please pray for him. Thank you so much and

God bless you.


From: Hugo G
Subject: Re: From the Prayer Page
To: "Bill Tomsk"
Date: Saturday, October 30, 2010, 6:46 PM

I do want to ask a request,
I'm currently working but it not a very good flexible schedule, of course money also is a factor too.
So, my request is simply For a Better Job, salary and Benefit wise.and flexible schedule.

Please send me instructions if you don mind on the prayer so I can start Tonight.

Thank you


From: Hugo Gonzalez
Subject: Re: From the Prayer Page
To: "Bill Tomsk"
Date: Tuesday, December 7, 2010, 1:28 AM

I had my interview today. It went well overall, I have the same qualifications I used to have
for my previous job. The only thing is, I was invited for a second interview, I don't know when that will be yet,
hopefully soon.



From: Esther F
Subject: pray for us please
To: "capecoralbill@yahoo.com"
Date: Wednesday, November 3, 2010, 6:34 AM

Good morning,

My husband and me are in a very difficult situation. After 18 blissful years together
and two wonderful daughters, my husband has told me he doesn't love me anymore. I have been trying to cope and need your prayers to repair my mariage. I
love my husband so much, I'm begging St Jude to show him the way to love me again as he did before.
Thanks for the novena prayer I'm keeping it with me at all times and praying it
gives me the courage and the strength to carry on and I hope to come out of this crisis as a stronger couple.
I truly hope to be posting a thank you on your website very soon, wouldn't that be wonderful.

St Jude, I'm begging you to intercede



From: Mark T
Subject: From the Prayer Page
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, November 4, 2010, 5:35 PM

Dear Bill,

I am not a good prayer but i believe in Miracles and found this website.
I hope you will post this and I thank you in advance.
Please help me pray that the Love of my life returns to me
. That she find the love back that we shared and that we can fulfill what she was
talking about to her sister in January.
Please St.Jude, grant me the returning of my Hearts Desire,
My one and only special love of my life.

I will post a thank You on this page too.
Thank You in advance for granting me my request.
There is nothing I would wish for more than to be with her again.
And live together.

Thank You Amen



From: Penny T
Subject: please pray for me
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Tuesday, November 9, 2010, 7:57 PM




From: liskole@
Subject: read your Mickey Mantle story
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Sunday, November 14, 2010, 6:18 PM

You are a brave man. I feel like you will not appreciate my prayer
request, because I did not have a similar accident, but need
prayer just the same and need all the prayer partners I can get.
My prayer is from a broken heart. I am a divorced single
mom. My son Zach is 13 this December, and My daughter is
19, she is an unwed mother, with a 5 month old daughter, living
in her boyfriends parents home. I met someone a year and a
half ago, whom is a single father. He has been divorced a long
time and his ex-wife is not involved in his or their daughter's life.

It has just been the two of them. his name is Ross and her name
is Paige. When Ross and I (Lisa) met, if you believe in love at
first sight ( I do ) It happened to us. We were crazy about each
other from the beginning. We met each others kids, went to
each of each others kids sporting events. We have a lot in
common. To make a long story short. Ross' daughter Paige
grew jealous of his eventual love for me and felt threatened.
Today 11/14, Ross turns 42. I am 45. Last year on
his birthday was the last day I was at their house with Paige
home. I could only go when she was gone. Or he would come
over to see me. Her mom had moved to Alabama, and last
year she announced she was moving back. Since then, Paige
has tried to drive a huge wedge between her dad and I, and
definitely has. We agreed to give her space, and I would stay
away. One year later I am putting on the pressure of him telling
his daughter the truth. He don't like it, and is getting very distant
with me. I love him. He say's he loves me every day, but won't
do anything to change. I moved into a townhouse last
December and Ross asked me to only sign a 6 month lease
because he wanted to marry me and be with him always. I did
do that and when he helped me move in he said we would go
shopping for rings. One year later and no change. I am asking
for prayer in that Ross will marry me and that Paige will accept
it. I love Ross and Paige as one of my children and want to be a
good influence in her life. My son Zach needs a father as much
as Paige needs a mom figure in her life.. I will pray for you and
all others on your web page, missing people, and our soldiers
who fight for our freedom every day. I ask that you pray for me
and Ross and Paige, and Zach to become one family. We are
meant to be together. Help me to not ride Ross and Pressure
him so much, but I have been waiting long on his promise. I
pray for you to get stronger, and not give up hope. I started my
St. Jude novena today. Thank you for you letter of
inspiration and hope. Mine should be easy..I just want to marry Ross.

I hope this is where I was suppose to post my prayer request.

Thank you, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you always.



From: linda S
Subject: From the Prayer page
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, November 15, 2010, 2:47 PM

I have just recently been lucky enough to find your website. I was wondering Bill Tomck
if i might be abel to have a prayer said for myself and 3 other people we
all have cancer and I am in remission. I have said more than one novena to St.
Jude through God part of my prayers have come true, I feel that we are very lucky to
have such a good friend in Jesus and St. Jude, and I thank him for favors already
received. I hope to hear back from you Bill, and i thank you for the priveledge of
being a member of your webside. Thankyou

Sincrely Linda S


From: Jill R
Subject: From the Prayer page
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010, 3:12 PM

Please pray for my Mother Jill A. B. who was a victim of abduction at 17 yr. old.
I thank Jesus for making a home in her heart and soul that helped her survive all
these years after. Please pray for healing of her alcoholisim.

Jill R


From: lakshmi
Subject: Miracle Prayer request
To: "capecoralbill@yahoo.com"
Date: Friday, November 19, 2010, 3:25 AM

My husband left me a month ago for his parents since they doesn't like this marriage.
I am deeply in love withmy husbandand cannot live without him. i love my in-laws too.
Oh God! theres nothing you cannot change in this world.
Please do some miracle to change my inlaw's and my husbands mind.
Please God help me to bring him back to me with everyones love.

Please God, bring my husband back to me and let us all live happily. Please God help me.
I don't have anybody else to ask help except you. Please God, help me.
Please transform my husband and bring him back to me.

Please include me in your prayers. may God Bless you all.


From: Rosy Di
Subject: Prayer Request
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, November 22, 2010, 3:11 AM

Kindly I would like to petition St Jude for a job by Dec of which am expecting to be
called for as per my request to that company.

I have earlier done a nine day novena but no results and hope to start another soon.

Thanks Rosi

I also want to publish thanks for the earlier prayer to st jude hoping that he will grant my petition soon.


From: alexandra.
Subject: RE: From the Prayer page
To: "Bill Tomsk Cape Coral FL"
Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2010, 10:05 AM

My name is Alexandra I actually prayed for everyone individually on the page and a little after midnight some of the things fell into place.

I would like to know if it is possible to pray for
Keeping my lines of communication open with David to resolve any conflicts that
arise in our relationship, for my son that he does not lose hope and continues
to not lose faith and turn to drugs, for a solution to my situation regarding
work, my health, and being able to take care of my parents all at once and for
our youth and everyone who goes without may they be blessed with people
who will be able to help and provide for them. Thank you St Jude.

Thank you for your page and being an instrument to everyone that St Jude has helped through your page.


BR> From: Dick E
Subject: From the Prayer page
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, November 25, 2010, 4:15 PM

Please join with me in prayer to St.
Jude for my youngest son. He seeks a good Christian
girl to share his life. I will naturally join in
prayer with you and have ask my son to join us.

Thank you.


From: mary thompson
Subject: From the Prayer Page
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, November 25, 2010, 12:58 PM

Hi, I saw your prayer page.
I was wondering if you could pray to St. Jude for me and my ex boyfriend.
We were perfect togher, so happy and everything else that could qualify as perfect.
About a month ago our relationship abruptly ended in the course of a few hours.
He's been making excuses and we are at a point that we do not talk anymore.
He has low self esteem because of his looks and is easily influenced.
I have a feeling his friends were the cause of the breakup because they did not like me.

I also fear that he might go back to another girl who dated him that hurt him before.
I love him so much and would do anything to get him back.
Sounds cliche and cheesy but I'm in love with him and I know it is true love.
I am praying to St Jude to make my ex realize his feeling for me again and come back to me.
But I know prayer is more affective when a lot of people pray together.
So, please pray for me. Pray to St. Jude that my ex will realize his feelings for me again and come back to me.
Right now I don't know what else to do.

Thank you.


From: hemaliz
Subject: Prayer Request
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, November 26, 2010, 7:07 PM

Hi Bill,
I've glanced at your website a few times over the past year. I truly do believe in St.Jude's intercession.
I have been at a crossroads in my life about 5 years ago and now looking back, have realized how many blessings I have truly received since then.
I am again now in turmoil about my Board exam. The results should be coming out soon. And I plan to begin a Novena to St.Jude on 11/28/10.
I do believe in the power of prayer in numbers.
Would you be able to pray with me and other viewers to pray with me also?
I am so in need. I really would appreciate your help.

God bless. St. Jude hear our prayers Thank you,



From: V G
Subject: From the Prayer page
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 6:20 PM

Dear Bill,

Thankyou for your wonderful work with promoting the intercession of St. Jude, who has such a special place amoung God's elect in Heaven.

Please put my request down and I will pray the novena and aftre it is granted I will
thank St. Jude with all my heart and thank our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Mother
for allowing St. Jude to intercede on our behalf.

St. Jude,

My ex Shona, desparately needs your help in finding a good full time job that gives
her stability and esteem. She has been looking for so long without success,
except for a difficult small part time job that makes it difficult to make ends meet.
I try to help with what I can, but she really needs some blessings in her life. She
went to school and worked very had while taking care of her two children. Please
grant this petition and let the right work come to her to help her family. Please
keep Dejana away away from peer pressure and let her to make the right choices
as Jesus wants.
St. Jude bring the family into a personal relationship with Jesus, Mary and you. I will tell them of your great love and care, please help.
Bring the whole family closer to the Lord Jesus so they know him and feel his presence in there lives.

This I pray to you St. Jude in the might name of Jesus.

Vince G.


From: Renuka De Silva
Subject: From the Prayer page
> To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
> Date: Sunday, November 28, 2010, 7:13 PM
> Renuka De Silva
> > Dear Brother,
> I am Devotee St.jude since many years. I am praying daily
> and going every Thursdays to St.jude Church Idigolla Gampha
> Sri lanka. > Brother i am a Mother 2 sons. Since many years i am
> struggling with Debt and Financial Difficulties. Every Month
> i have to pay a big intrest to the Money lenders.Some days i
> havent any Money to buy Food. Day by day my situation
> becomes worst. I am steping to poverty. I have lost
> everything. Our Kitchen and Fridge are allways empty. Since
> many years i havent any Blessings in my life.
> My life is full of struggles, Tears, Unhappyniss, Debt
> ,Lack of Money and Sickniss.
> I am sick now. I have a Heart trouble, Diabetes, Highblood
> Pressure and Athsma. Some times i have lot of Difficulties
> to breath than i have to go for a Hospital to get Oxygan.
> Please Pray to end my Difficult Situation. Please Brother
> Pray for me to St. Jude to recive a Help. Please send me a
> reply.Thank you.
God bless you.


Hello Bill,

Bless your heart for having the St Jude website. I am in need of a miracle desperately.
I have prayed the Novena to St Jude many times a day continuously, for my miracle.
On the fourth day of the Novena, I was blessed with the miracle I payed for. Thank you blessed St Jude,
I will praise your name always!!!!

I am continuing to pray for my other needs. I know and have faith, that St Jude will grant all my needs when it is time.
For those of you out there, who need miracles, you are not alone! Please remember St Jude!
Pray to him and he will intercede for you. Praise the almighty Father!
This Novena really works! God's blessings to you all!


G. V.


From: Pat W
Subject: From the Prayer page
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, December 4, 2010, 9:41 AM

I would like to post a thank you:

Dear St. Jude,

I want to thank you for answering my prayers, you have made it possible for a close
friend's husband to find a job and second you let my son in-law come home from Afghanistan safe and sound.

With all my love,


St Jude please help find the missing and bring them home
Also please inspire those wHO Use face book to help with the effort to use existing
technology to help find those who are sought.

Bill Tomck


Because of space restraints I have HAD TO Move
the Thank You
to St Jude Page to
This Link

visit and read some of the Prayers that have worked


From: Robert B
Subject: From the Prayer page
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2010, 12:06 AM

Dear God,
I ask that my financial burdens will be lifted from me, that I am blessed with
economic financial security. Also right now I am facing a difficult time with a
workman's compensation case, and please intercede for me as
well that I will win this case. We as a family have been struggling for a
long time now, since I lost my job due to this work injury, and want our
lives to be better,
Thank you and Bless you for all you do.

Robert Jamison, Pa


From: Diane P.
Subject: Please pray for us
To: "capecoralbill@yahoo.com"
Date: Monday, December 13, 2010, 1:55 AM

Hello, please pray for me and my girlfriend of almost 3 years. We broke up because she says she does not love me anymore.
It's been more than a month since I last saw her. It seems to me like a hopeless case for she says she doesn't have feelings for me.
Although she treated my badly, I think that we can still salvage our relationship.
I really hope that she comes back because we really endured a lot of challenges during our relationship.
I do hope that she comes to appreciate my efforts. May our love for each other be replenished.
I believe St Jude can answer my prayers. Please pray for us.
Thank you.


From: Steven C
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, December 13, 2010, 9:43 PM

Dear My Lord Jesus,

Please Pray that my14 old son,Joel, be released from incarceration next year or earlier,
watch over him and keep him safe, help him to turn his life around and get back on the right track
and help him to learn from his mistake.
Stop playing around with game & encourage to go to school & studying hard

Also pray for wife to cure & heal his health to rid off her Paranoia Schizophrenia.
Lord grant blessing & protecting my family & Home may the peace,Love & understanding come alive

In Jesus name, AMEN


From: gerald X
Subject: From the Prayer Page
To: capecoralbill@yahoo.com
Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 1:51 PM

please i needso much prayers for myself and my ex girlfriend claire, please pay for us to be reunited together with her,
i was wronged in so many ways, i forgive all wrongs please help me in my prayers, help me,
may God hear my endless prayers.i need this miracle in my life,
God reunite us, i have been praying and praying please see the attached prayer - keep to yourself and open with speakers...



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