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It is my hope you found this page and are looking to help others
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This is a recently added page for the St Jude Thaddeus Prayer Group
for Requests and Thank You Messages
St Jude is the patron saint of Miracles and Help of Hopeless Causes

It is REQUESTED you finalize your prayer
after it has been answered
by posting a Thank You To St Jude in a public medium
WITHIN 7 days of your prayer being answered

My St Jude Prayer Group has many pages with messages posted
"Thanking St Jude Thaddeus" for granting prayers
The publication of Your Thank You message to St Jude for prayers granted
is requested to complete the intersession

to help others know about the
power of prayer and St Jude's Miracle Working Powers

I will NOT publish complete names and email addresses

The THANK YOU MESSAGES and requests are NOT in order by date

The ones near the top of the list are mostly From those who contributed to keep this page online
But I also take urgency into consideration

If you see a request you would like to help with
contact me and I will see If I can contact the poster

Send Your Request and Thank You to St Jude HERE

Contact me with your prayer request
and you will be including in all our collective prayers

I will post it as quickly as time permits me, with the many others I receive DAILY
Read some of the other requests which have been submitted to me
many of which have been answered with Miracles further down on this page

HERE is another page with many requests
from those who have not contributed


And don't forget to have me post your Thank You TO St Jude after your needs are met

If you have received an answer to your pryers Please consider contributing to
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Sarah pe @becklakebum
St Jude Miracle Prayer Novena miracles do happen after saying this novena prayer
cruci34.angelfire.com/prayer3.html and @2findthemissing


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I HAVE ADDED a link to The website which sells the Mysterious Icon Image of Jesus
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But made by the hand of GOD in nature

It is the Crucifix Fish Bone with the Image of Jesus on the Cross
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First Another personal "Thank You" from the author of this page

St Jude you have once again interceded for me and granted me my Prayers
I was getting very burdened with bills and other finances and
YOU stepped in and presented me with an unexpected windfall.

Thank You St Jude, Sacred Heart of Jesus
and Blessed Virgin Mary for helping me I will be forever indebted to you
and do everything in my power to propagate faith in you


TAP HERE For Our first request for a miracle - it is for a man
who has been associated with this parayer group for years
He has been diagnosed with ureter cancer

More requests and thank you messages are posted further down on this page
or found on the St Jude Novena Prayer Group's other pages at
Our main page is at



First a request from someone who made a contribution


From: Chelsea Brown
To: "PrayerPage@yahoo.com"
Subject: The Prayer Page TY Thank you so much St. Jude for opening up your heart and hearing my prayer!
I know with your help that I will be reunited with my dog Reese very soon!!!!
I'm forever grateful to you St. Jude for all you have done
and continue to do for me!!!! I love you St. Jude!!!!


An urgent request from a friend of the prayer group -
Please consider helping him - contact him if you have a job.

Date: Mon, 31 Aug
From: michael_potvin@yahoo.com
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: I need a miracle BIll
Date: Mon, 31 Aug

Good Morning and I hope you are well.
I unfortunately lost my very well paying job last week in a very surprising move,
and I am 3 months away from complete and utter destitution.

Further, not only will I be in the streets, but so will my 3 kids and my ex-wife,
as they rely almost completely on me.

Would very much appreciate you putting my plight up on the prayer page;
unfortunately, my girlfriend Kim Stotsky, never came back to me :
( (so I have to move on from that)...

Getting the right thing and within 2 months is supremely important.
Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.
(815) 354-6784


Here is an example of a person in true need
Please include Jackie's request In Your Prayers

Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
From: jackieschmal@icloud.com
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com

Like your page says, I came across this page for a reason.

I was searching for prayers for a miracle. Powerful prayers.
My father, the most wonderful, loving, man in the world, is facing jail time.
Simply because he is taking the fall for a business that he owned.
Rather than fight, he is taking his punishment.
He has already lost his job, his retirement, filed bankruptcy, and now,
the attorney general wants to put him in jail for 3 - 7 years.
He killed no one, yet drunk drivers get lesser sentences.
This man is my rock. My husband and I turn to him for everything,
and he is my son's best friend,
we can't lose home for 3 years, let alone 7.

I ask for help in prayer that everyone involved in this case show compassion and not give him jail time.
I'm asking for some miraculous intervention to occur
and that the judge overseeing his case give him house arrest,
or something lesser. My father has always been the type of man that if
he saw a man on the street without a coat, he would give up his own to give to that person.
This selfless, wonderful man doesn't deserve this harsh of a punishment.
The only thing that could help now is a miracle.
I turn to God, his angels and saints for this.
Thank you. Something led me to your page.
I'll be making my donation now as well.
You don't have to send me anything, just promise me to pray.
I need my father.
Much love and prayer to all those facing difficulties


Here is Jackies Response to me after she contributed $25.00 to keep this page online
and received the Image Of Jesus Fish Bone

Subject: Re: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
From: jackieschma@clou.com
Bill, V Thank you for the gift of the Crucifix Fish Bone.
Amazingly, it arrived when my dad was sitting at my table
as we were talking about plans for how to handle situations as they came up.
We are both touched by your thoughtfulness.
With everything going on in our lives,
it's been very hard for our family to keep having faith and believing in good.
Your prayer page, that simple letter and gift you sent,
has done much to restore some of that lost faith in humanity.
Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.
I'm sure God led me to your page for a reason,
and I know we will never forget this kindness you have shown.
May He forever hold you and your wife in His hands. You both are amazing people.
Thank you



Dear Bill please post this prayer:
Once again St. Jude you answered my prayers , my son was facing a couple of court cases
and with your help everything turn out to be okay. So I am posting this to say
Thank you again for being there for me. With much love and devotion,
Pat from NJ Aug 5th 2014
Thank you Bill.



Subject: Prayer Page Thank You or Info
From: jmangus42@hotmail.com
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2016 23:20:41 +1000
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Thank you St Jude for your intercession
,my son Raymond can now have his liver operation
,we still have to pray
but so Thankful his treatment has gone this far.
I will honour your power and always encourage devotion to you. AMEN



Dear Bill,

I would like to sincerely thank St.Jude for interceding on my behalf with our Lord because
when i was really down and hopeless because of all the trials that I have been facing I felt
really lonely and hopeless and I can't find anyone to turn to until I thought of something,
"When all else fails or when there's no one to turn to, God is the answer" then I thought of
the LORD and I came across this little paper (with the Novena to St. Jude printed on it)
on this table where I always put my laptop every time I go online. That paper has been
sitting there on that table for quite a few days already but I'm just ignoring it until that day
I thought of asking God's help then I started reading what that Novena is all about. Then,
the next day I started praying the Novena to St.Jude with the intention that may the
LORD bless me that may I be hired again by a korean employer so that I can be able to
work in Korea again. Because when I came home here in the Philippines I wasn't
expecting that it would take me almost a year and a half before I can be able to find another employer.

With all those financial and emotional problems I was really desperate.
I kept on praying to our LORD even after
I felt like giving up, I also started reading the Bible also and the words of our LORD
lifted up my hopes again. Then on the 8th day after completing my Novena to St. Jude
and praying continuously, a call woke me up but I didn't know who it is because my
cellphone has problems when accepting calls I wasn't able to ask him so I thought of
checking the status of my application over the internet and there it is, I saw my name
posted on the website together with the others who just got hired. My heart was really
overflowing with joy and gratitude and I kept on saying "Thank you, thank you so much,
Lord" for so many times. And I also remembered to thank St. Jude who interceded for
me and that is why I am publishing this thanksgiving email. God is really great and He is
always true to His promises. So if your facing any kind of problems God is always our
answer and never, ever give up and never let go of His hand because only through HIM
we can find all we need.

Thank you and I love you Lord...

Respectfully yours,
Butch from Philippines -- AUG 27TH 2014



Subject: A prayer for unmerited favor
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
From: smartgal2005@gmail.com
Date: Mon, 29 Feb 2016 19:55:08 +0000
Dear all,
I am really thankful to God that I found this page.
My name is Sandra from Nigeria.
Pls do help me pray the novena for a miraculous breakthrough
in every area of my life especially the area of job.
I am presently unemployed and I need a job to sustain myself
and support my family. Thank, God bless.


From: "ks
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Subject: Thanks and continued prayers
Several days ago I asked for prayers for my father.
He is suffering from a horrible lung disease
and was experiencing severe respiratory difficulties.
I asked for a miracle and asked for his strength to return.
He is somewhat improved, although, he continues to have respiratory difficulties and weakness.
I ask for continued prayers.
thank you.


NOW TWO REQUESTS WERE ANSWERED FOR this next member of our Prayer Group

From: Cielo V
To: From The Prayer Page
Subject: Re: Please include me in your Prayers

Thank you St. Jude, for answering my prayer, St. Jude truly will listen to prayers if you just call his name.
My favors still not all answered but he already granted the first request
I have asked him.now I got the job that I wanted.
I thank you for this and I will continue to praise you and thank you.
.Miracles could happen if you believe. Praise the Lord and Saint Jude.


From: Cielo V
To: From The Prayer Page
> Subject: Re: Please include me in your Prayers

Praise the Lord and Saint Jude, my other prayer has been answered. If you just call them they will answer you right away.I believe in miracles ,
I believe in the Lord and Saint Jude. Glory to God in the highest..
And I thank Saint Jude for answering my prayers.
Amen\ Cielo V



From: Helen Dembin
To: "prayerpage@yahoo.com"
Subject: Thank You to St. Jude

I want to thank St. Jude for showing me he is listening and intervening on my behalf.
While my problem is not over yet, I see and feel St. Jude helping to ease my pain and answering my request.
Thank you St. Jude, and I will always praise you and thank you for all you have done in my life and the life of others.

Helen Dembin


From: "ellioange
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Sent: Sept 12th 2014 7:49 AM
Subject: The Prayer Page TY

I thank St Jude in all my requests.

Angela Marie Elliott


From: Crala Ver
To: "PrayerPage@yahoo.com"
Sent: Oct 14th 2014 11:53 AM
Subject: The Prayer Page TY

Dear st Jude, thank you for your answers to my prayers! I have asked for two intentions in one week and you have answered both in an amazing time.
Both were difficult and you helped in both cases. You are forever my saint! Thank you!


From: Shikongo Vick
To: "Prayer@yahoo.com"
Sent: Wednesday, Oct 22nd 2014 1:08 AM
Subject: The Prayer Page TY

Thank you St Jude for the miracle done to Alina and thank you for your prayer contribution.
Alina is passed her interview and she is called to start the training for the Police women on the 5 May 2012.

Thank you a lot for your prayers.


From: "dee_bria
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Sent: Saturday, Nov 11, 2014 5:06 PM
Subject: prayer answered

I received 2 job offers that I was able to accept both.
Thank You St Jude

Denise B


From: "dee_b
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2014 5:31 PM My son didn't go to jail today when he went to court.
Thank you so much.

And an added thank you
my son went to court again, he didn't go to jail,instead he's on probation/has community service to do. Dee_b


Now a Thank You Message from Lisa Q Jan 22 at 5:15 PM
To The Prayer Page
Hi, I have been praying the novena for nearly six months now and wanted to say
how much it is helping me through some very difficult times in my life.
I am so grateful to Saint Jude for helping me on a daily basis
and also to you for putting up this site in order to help others.
It is the best thing anyone can do for another person .
Giving them help and hope in times of need
and showing them that they are not alone.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Lisa Quirk
From Ireland.


From: Maureen Angle
Date: 05/23/14 19:17:06
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: From The Prayer Page

I would like to send a heartfelt "Thank you" to My Lord Jesus Christ, St Jude Thaddeus
and all who prayed for my daughter Annabelle and I.

Back in November, I sent a very emotional prayer request to St. Jude Thaddeus and the
Angelfire prayer page, asking for intercession with our very strained mother/daughter
relationship. The story is too long to even recap, but I will say I wasn't sure if it was even
possible to repair the damage that had been done. I am elated and excited to say that our
relationship has experienced the miracle of an answered prayer and I give all glory to St. Jude Thaddeus and Almighty God!!

A lost cause mended beyond belief. I keep pinching myself :)
What an AMAZING Saint you are! I will spread your marvelous name to the
ends of the earth along with Jesus our healer and comforter!
Praise God and thank you all for the time and effort put into all these hopeless causes.
It just goes to show.. They are NOT hopeless with God and miracles happen with prayer.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
Kind Regards,
Maureen Angle


Now the next three posts are from Daphenie B ,
Thanking St Jude after her prayer was answered,
You see - By our Prayer group members
Including her in your continuing Daily prayers
you have been heard and her requests was answered

Daphenie has added another request
and promise to send a contribution to keep this page online From: Daphe Bend
Date: 7/3/2014 1:53:26 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Prayer Request for my Daughter
I asked for prayer on June 29th 2014 and prayed the miracle prayer for my daughter and on July 2nd 2014,
I got the great miracle news that she was accepted at the St. Dominic High!
We are so grateful for the answered prayers and thank all my brethren who also prayed for us.
God Bless all of you!


From: Daphe Bend
Date: 7/3/2014 2:32:02 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Prayer Request for my Daughter
Thank you very much.
I am unemployed at the moment but will remember to contribute once I am employed.
It is my desire that God keeps this prayer site running on the web.
God Bless.
Daphe Bend


From: Daphe Bend
Date: 7/3/2014 2:00:04 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Prayer Request for Financial Aid
Dear Brethren,
I kindly request prayer for financial aid or windfall for all my needs to be met and also the funds necessary to conclude an important transaction.
I have faith that all will be well.
Thank you for your prayers.
God Bless
Daphe Bend


Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2014 00:58:30 -0500
Subject: The Prayer Page
From: mommy0715@gmail.com
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Good evening Bill,
I have had prayer requests in the past, and the miracles that have come to life for me
and my family will forever be engraved in our hearts.

I have yet another prayer request for a divine intervention from my savior, Jesus Christ, and the wonderful St. Jude.
My fiancee, Jose, has been fighting a child support case for the last 17 years.
He was allegedly named the father of a young boy,
and without any tests he took on the financial obligation of this child.
Jose has paid support, but has also had some horrible kidney issues of his own,
and also lost a few jobs here and there. The childs mother is relentless.
She does not care about his circumstances at all.

She recently got in contact with the court and made a lot of false accusations as far as his past and present work history,
which has brought him back to court tomorrow.
The judicial system does not see or care to see Jose's struggles over the years, even though,
during hard times, he always manages to pay something.
He pays the minimum right now, but that's because of what unemployment pays him weekly.

I am asking for a what seems like a miracle. Jose does not want to go to court, but he has to.
He has to show them he is trying his best.
Please, everyone, pray for Jose to have the strength to go tomorrow,
and help the judicial system see it too.
Help them see that he's a good person, who is giving what he can right now.
Please allow him to come home tomorrow and not face incarceration.
Also, please, grant all of those seeking spiritual intervention now and in the future.
I really appreciate it, may GOD bless each and every one of you.
O:-) Dianna


From: Linda Mushab
Date: 05/26/14 02:19:49
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
I can't travel or ask for a job because I failed a paper& when I redid it I failed again .
.it's now 2years and.everything in my life can't move forward without this paper.
..I pray for a miracle in my life that this retake goes away..
.opportunities to open in my life


From: Obiageli
Date: 04/06/14 03:26:26
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page TY
I had an opportunity to change career in my 44th year of life.
I resigned my job of 11 years and got on the 1yr fast track Degree course.
I had no idea how steep the learning curve would be and half way in I
started to feel overwhelmed by the course.
I prayed to st. jude for intercession prayers.
Last Friday was the 4/4/14 was the eight day of my novena a meeting
was in place to review all the student. I was so pleased to get a favourable review.
Thank you saint Jude for praying for me.
The 4/4/14 stands out as a day to remember for me this year,
although I got good news from uni, I also got shocking news about my 74 year old mum.
She had suffered a stroke affecting her occiput lobe.
The family have started st. jude novena for my mum.
As of the 5/4/14 her sight had returned and her speech is improving.
Having a prayer ally in St Jude
has given the family the peace and reassurance we needed to support each other
and especially mum at this trying period in our lives.
I thank St jude for always being there may his name be blessed forever


From: Douglas Roehr
Date: 2/15/2014 12:58:01 PM
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Subject: St. Jude Thank You!
Thank you St. Jude for your intercession.
Thank you in asking God to help me receive 100% Service-Connection Disability (T&P)
in such a quick and efficient manner.
It demanded a miracle and you came through!
I am now able to take care of myself and my family.
I ask that you continue to take special interest in my family and our situation
and help us to build a stronger and loving commitment to God and each other.
Help us to discover all of God's blessings and glory through you
so that not only is my faith strengthened,
but that I will do the Lord's Will and service.
May my family continue to be strengthened by power of prayer
and the mercy of our loving God.

I will be ever mindful of this great favor you have given to me
and will always honor you as my special and powerful patron. Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you St. Jude. Amen.
Kind Regards,
Douglas R - USA



NOW is a request that is very pressing - PLEASE include it in your prayers
The family made a contribution


This next one if from someone who also contributed to keep this page online
From: bachani via PayPal
Date: 04/09/ 17:53:46
To: The Prayer Page
dear sir,
please request St. Jude to bless us- regards-
hiro,rajni,sharad,rohit,aarti,asha,ruhaan,harchandrai bachani and family


From: E,Pere
Date: 05/26/14 22:28:34
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
I am pleading with having the intercession of Saint Jude Thaddeus in my case.
I am soon to lose my home, due to a wrongful foreclosure, and will be homeless.
I need for the patron Saint Jude to intercede in this case to help me and my family remain in my home.
I need to appeal my case with the court, however, money is dire and
if I don't will lose everything, will be out in the streets.
Oh, Saint Jude please listen to my humble prayer for in you
I direct what you feel is the best for me, not necessarily what I desire.
Please rescue me and uplift my faith,
for I only serve you via our Almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
and his father Jevohah.
I trust in you and believe that can accomplish the impossible since
you are the saint that will help when there are lost causes.
Deliver me and I shall repay this great debt within the 7 days granted and will publish my gratitude.
E. Pere
Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier- Mother Teresa of Calcutta


-------Original Message-------
From: Syrus_Wilso
Date: 03/31
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page
Hello prayer group my name is Syrus Wilso im writing you all to ask if you all would please offer prayer for me
i have court today at 1:30pm in Lake County Florida
the State wishes to have me thrown in prison
but please pray for me to walk free with no jail or prison time thank you so much


From: Monica Adrid
Date: 03/24/
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page TY
This Monica adrid I'm as for help to pray for my husband to come to me, were mariied for 27 yrs.
pls help me pray for him. His name is jessie a


To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Prayer Requests For Ghosts
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 22:08:52 -0700

Prayer Request for Wendy wld semi trucking Transport of Hay Lakes , Alberta ,
Prayer Request for Mr. Wayne Joseph Lessard and wife Marlene sick with throat cancer
Prayer Request for Mr. Gerald Fortier of Quebec and Edmonton , Kanada ,
daughters Natasha Fortier and Vanessa Jackson stepdaughter their two cats and two dogs
gerald fortier ghost has pancreas cancer and hotchkins desease his brain is shrinking
natasha's boyfriend darcy has a broken jaw
Prayer Request for Janusz on work visa in edmonton , kanada
Prayer Request for Władek Władysław Zborowski
Prayer Request for Arek Arkadiusz śmiech he has a blog WWW.AREKS7.BLOGSPOT.COM
Prayer Request for Andrzej Jůzef Czerwinski of sosnowiec poland and edmonton alberta
Prayer Request for Mr. Kazimierz Kozina and brother Waldek and father ryśiek and mother
Prayer Request for my child
Prayer Request for my cousin in poland in mysłowice + katowice PL piotr siedlaczek and agnieszka siedlaczek
agnieszka siedlaczek is pregnant
Prayer Request for Mr. Tom Leszczewski

Prayer Request for Mr. Łukasz Siedlaczek
in Jesus Christ name ,
Prayer Request for Mr. Rafał Zazuniuk
there are other men and women
in Jesus Christ name
Reply to e.mail adres :


From: Rick Drie
Date: 2/2/2014 8:06:26 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page
My mother Mary has been in Hospice several
months and was stable but not really improving.
She got worse 5 days ago and they told us
she's now in the final stages of life. Doctors say
she has no life threatening illness keeping her
from improving but she's just lost the will to
live and given up trying to get better.
Her family is praying for a miracle, standing by her
and doing everything humanly possible to
encourage, support and urge her to eat and fight
harder but her spirit isn't willing.
She's always been a fighter and taught us all to never,
ever give up while there's the smallest chance
of life left so we're doing just that because she
truly has so much to live for.
Today, Sunday 2/2/2014, they told us she's not responding and
won't wake up and it could be 24 hours to a week is all the time she has left.
Urgent prayer is our only hope now and faith that
God will heal her mind, body and spirit.
Please pray for her life to be saved with a full
recovery and to return to her the belief she has
everything to live for and the will to live and work
to get her life back.
Thank you for all your prayers and may God bless.


From Michael Potvin looking for Kim Stotsky

Now A Thank You from Michael Potvin

From Michael Potvin looking for Kim Stotsky
Date OCT 9TH 2013
Subject: Thank You St Jude Thaddeus

Good Afternoon. I had to share some good news with you...
After about 1 month of not speaking, Kim had reached out to me this past Thursday,
and we have been speaking a little bit here and there...
We spoke again last night and while part of her is convinced that there is no way we can make it
due to our constant fighting and her daughter's disdain for me,
she admitted that she wants to be with me and wants to reconcile,
and "of course I want to be with you if we didn't have all of our issues"...So we are going to take it "one day at a time", and "speak when we can"...
So I don't know if we are considered "reconciled", but I know that St. Jude interceded for me,
softening her heart and getting her to reach out to me,
even though she initiated the break up. From here,
I need to woo her all over again, show her I am patient and not fight with her.
She will see that I have changed and as she said to me,
she wants me to be the person again that she ran to...

Please tell St. Jude thank you for me and once again, he has never failed me..
.Thank you St. Jude,
I Love You and I will not stop saying this prayer of intercession until Kim
and I are back together for good....


Here is a more recent email I received from Michael Potvin regarding Kim:

Good Morning and I hope you are well. I wanted to ask you a question about the Novena.
Said love interest, Kim, has again been entertaining thoughts of moving to California,
through her company, because of the allure in making more money.
To your point of "if it is meant to be, it will be",

I just want her to be happy, even if that means her moving to California.
We are not 100% back together yet and are still taking it one day at a time;
she said the other day that she needs to see action from me -
not just words in order to consider getting back together fully.
So "we" are not a consideration in her decision making process to move to California..
.I just know that if that happens, we would be done forever

My question is, can I say the Novena so she will receive a blessing and get the break(s) that she needs?
Even if it means her destiny is to go to California and I never see her again?
Again, I just want her to be happy, fell not so frustrated or under the immense amount
of pressure she is under; I want her to have the "break(s)" she so richly deserves...

She is so frustrated with constantly killing herself working in a very challenging sales job,
just to see most of, if not all of her money, go to take care of the Mom...
and her Mom is a true albatross around her neck (God forgive me for saying that)..
. Plus, her ex-Husband is truly not interested in holding up his financial end of the bargain
of taking care of their one child...
Kim does not get the child support for her one child,
as my Ex-Wife gets for our 3 children from me..
.She gets nothing right now as her ex-Husband lost his job months ago,
is not actively trying to find a job,
and is pursuing a pipe dream of getting a fledgling (after 10+ years) BMX bike company
off the ground; which has never made any money to date.

Unfortunately, she does not have a faith she can rely on, and believes she can only rely on herself
(she has many great points, and this one is not one of them)...
I would very much hope that St. Jude could intercede for her,
through my prayers, even if it means it is to the complete detriment of she and I as a couple
Most people say Novenas for Money, Jobs, Love, health of loved ones...
basically for things they need.

I really want something for her even if it completely does not benefit me.
The way I look at it is, if she goes to California, especially after St. Jude intervenes,
than we really weren't meant to be and
I would be able to let her go with a clear mind and heart...

Appreciate your thoughts and I look forward to hearing from you.
Michael Potvin


From: Ricardo Mccla
Date: 04/01/14 20:28:15
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
Hi,iv been in a three year relationship,and
she walked away for another guy,and we know we were soul mates,
we have 7 kids involved from 12 to 3, iv been suffering,with out them i now have high blood pressure
,and my nerves cant stop shaking,can't hardly eat.or sleep,
id love to have my family back.i feel lost with out them
.its about 3 mouths i haven't see or heard from her
please pray for me i my heart hurts so bad.


From: James Macha
Date: 2/17/2014 12:42:45 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Reference: Donation1 Help Keep the Prayer Page Online - Donation from James P
Only thing I can think of at moment is a simple prayer for my financial situation to turn around
and get better due to some debts I'm struggling with.
Thanks for any prayers & my prayers go out others on your website as well.


From Sharon Mabe
TO the Prayer Page
Thank You

I have been praying the St. Jude prayer for 11 days now.
I would like to give thanks to St. Jude for answering
some of the things that I ask him to pray for me.

I understand that if I donít send any money with this, it will be awhile before my thank you is posted.
That is okay cause I have no money what so ever.
But at least I do know that I have sent my request
for my thank you to be posted. And so does St. Jude and the Lord.

I pray that my request be heard for the obstacle that are keeping me and Michael apart to be
removed. So far, two of those obstacles have been removed. I also ask for St. Jude to
bring Michael closer to me and to remove the fear that Michael has of being hurt,
breaking my heart and his family turning against him. I also prayed that Michael would come
to be so that we can get on with our lives and be happy. I know in my heart that God
wants us together.

Please St. Jude pray for me and Michael.


Good Morning Bill,
I was really amazed when I seen your email this morning when I got to work.
I was actually thinking of my St. Jude Prayer that I had prayed a couple of months ago,
but it looks like from the email that it wasnít sent out until yesterday.
But anyway, in my previous prayer request, the two obstacles that had been removed have returned
, and things seem to be worse now. Michael isnít even speaking to me.
I donít know what is wrong I just know that I miss him so much.

So, if you donít mind I would like to make another prayer request.
I also find it really odd that I received this email from you
when I was thinking of my St. Jude prayer on my way to work.
Is God , Jesus Christ or St. Jude trying to tell me something? If so, what?
Please if you have any guidance please share it with me.
Thank you


Now Sharons Most recent prayer request:

From Sharon Mabe
Subject: Prayer request

My Prayer Request is:
I feel as if I am losing the love of my life.
When I met Michael, everything in my life seemed so meaningful.
I felt as if I had found that missing piece of myself that I have been searching for all my life.
I felt whole. Michael is a true believer in our Father,
and I know that he has brought me closer to our Father than I have ever been.
I know that Michael loves me too, but there are obstacles that are keeping us apart.
I wonít go into very much detail,
but there is this woman that every time that Michael leaves her
she will harass and stalk him until he goes back to her.
(And no, they are not married or have children together.)
She is a true manipulator, and I am sure that he feels
that is the only way he can have peace is to return to her,
but when he does, he is miserable as well
because of the way that she treats him.

I love this man with all my heart and soul.
I finally felt alive, happy and loved.
I truly had a genuine smile,
not one that I had to put on just to hide the emptiness in my heart.

I know in my heart that God wants us together to do his work for him.
The reason that I know is because God has spoke to me
and keeps telling me not to give up, that he wants us together.
Everything seemed to be working out for us,
until the woman played her tricks again and now
Michael wonít even talk to me, and I donít know why.
Like I stated earlier, I know that God wants us


Now more prayer requests and thank you messages




From: LJKip Ech
Hi Bill,
Please post my prayer request to St. Jude. I am recently struggling with family and financial
problems since late last year. I pray for peace of mind and forgiveness for me and my
family. I pray for financial assistance to help me settle with the debts and bills so my son
and husband and I will be together. I promise to pray for everyone else as well. I know
that with everyone's prayers, everything will be alright. Thank you everyone and God
bless us all!


suraj abrah
To The PrayewrPage
Jan 7 at 3:15 PM
I am in a desperate and dire situation for a job, as I am the only bread winner.
I am without job since long time
and very upset / frustrated mentally & physically.
I attended 2 interviews last month and heard 6 candidates have been chosen
by 1st company.

I humbly request you to kindly pray for me to be one among
those 6 candidates chosen for the job. Otherwise to get a Job in the second company
or any suitable Co. Please help me.

Thanking you,
Suraj Abrah


From: lady_j1682
Subject: The Prayer Page TY

Thank you St. Jude for interceding my prayer. I had prayed for you to find jobs for my sister and I,
as we are both unemployed and struggling to keep afloat.
On the 6th and 7th day of my novena, we both received news of a second interview both scheduled on the same day.
I do believe that we will get the jobs because of my faith in you.
I also know that you will intercede my other request to reunite with my boyfriend within the coming days.
I love you St. Jude and thank you so much for answering my prayers.


Ruth Aut
Thank You
I have made a small donation.
I want to thank st jude thaddeus for the unexpected money.
May he continue to answer all my prayers and answer all the prayers of other people.

Thank you
Ruth Auta


From: Ruth Auta
Sent: Fri, Aug 16, 2013 10:06:24 AM
I want you to send my thanks to st jude thaddeus
Can you please add the following to your website
My thanks:
Thank you st jude thaddeus for helping me at work, healing me and answering all my prayers.
Thank you
Ruth aut


THIS NEXT request is from someone who donated $25.00
From: Anna Giddin

Pls pray for me a sinner, our finances are upside down and my job is stressing me out request relief.
Pls pray for my daughter Auliya who doesn't have health insurance and has been diagnosed with Porphyria
Pls pray for my sons John Luc safety he is stationed Camp Humphrey Korea
Pls pray for my co-workers, my family and my husbands family.

For the first in my life, I wanted what all wise man say can't last;
what can't be promised or made to linger any more than sunlight.
I don't want to die without having felt its warmth on my face.Thankyou


Even More Thank You
Messages to St Jude

From: Helen D
To: "prayerpage@yahoo.com"
Sent: Friday, Aug 10th, 2012 2:51 AM
Subject: Thank you to St. Jude

St Jude answered a prayer for a 20-year old autistic young man who was told
he was having severe medical issues and went for tests to see the severity of the damage to his esophagus.
The tests showed the esophagus was completely healed an no damage was present.
His father is a dear friend, and from the beginning of his problem,
I told his father I would pray to St. Jude to heal his son.
As soon as his son's test results were in,
he said he immediately thought of my praying to St. Jude
and knew his son was given a miracle through St. Jude;
he is now a strong believer, and his faith has been strengthened.
Thank you to St. Jude and Our Heavenly Father for granting
Josh a miracle and answering my prayer for him and his family.
Not only was Josh given a miracle,
but his father has a renewed faith he was looking for.
I will continue to spread the word of the power of prayer
and the prayers to St. Jude.
Thank you. Helen D


From Thomas B
To: "PrayerPage@yahoo.com"
Sent: Aug 10 2012 9:43 AM
Subject: THANK YOU-- If you are praying for job
St Jude Thank you for answering our prayers for a job for my step son
They were answered quickly
MY step-son just found a job
Please post this so other looking for jobs might get one

Its steady work and above average pay
see this ad Click HERE http://www.classifiedads.com/other_jobs_jobs-ad13046215.htm


From: Name withheld by request
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Sent: Monday, Aug 11th, 2012 9:18 PM
Subject: request to publish St Jude 's prayer for me

I would prefer my name and email be withheld.

I was in a desperate situation with overwhelming debts. It was creating incredible stress and worry.
I was praying and saying the Rosary, and I felt specifically led to say a novena to St. Jude.
I said the Novena prayers, and talked to St. Jude from the heart, for the 9 days. Shortly after,
I was led to contact an old friend regarding my situation.
He agreed to give me $ 30,000 towards my debt problems (not a loan)
I am so grateful for St. Jude. A faithful follower of Our Savior while on earth,
and a power intercessor now for all who are in hopeless, difficult, situations.
Even as I am finishing this, I'm thanking him again.
Thank you, St. Jude.


Evelyn Mung***
Dec 19 at 3:13 AM
Dear Prayerpage,

I have spent a sleepless night after it has been confirmed that my youngest sister is still
seeing her abusive 'husband'. My sister and this man only lived together for a short while
and have two children - the second of whom he told my sister to her face that he did not
want because he had not planned to have another child.

He starved her. He has beaten my sister. He has verbally abused her. Mostly unemployed,
he is uses her money and refuses to share his whenever he finds temporary work. He
has cheated on her countless times and taunts her about his conquests. He infected her
with HIV. I suspect that the UTI she says

Now he is coming around saying that he wants to see his children. My sister Katherine pays
for everything the girls have from their home to school to food to clothing. These are
children who are well loved and cared for and in a stable environment.

Please pray for my sister Eleanor that she may see the light and walk out on this man who is
an anchor. Holding her down when she is capable of so much more. Please pray that
Eleanor sees the beauty and blessing that she is that needs to flourish, far away from this
destroyer of her and her children.

I will donate USD 25 early January 2014 whether or not the novena comes to pass.
Evelyn Omb*** Mung***


From: Hance B
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, Aug 11, 2012 10:59 PM
Subject: RE: From the Prayer page
Hi Bill
I experienced a health scare last week and I had numerous tests done. I've got back the results and they show that I'm in perfect health.
I want to say thanks to God and St. Jude and everyone for all the prayers.
I will now seek to eliminate my financial situation. I'm in debt and wish to become debt free and have money to be comfortable.
I ask for prayers in this instance.

Thank you


Bill - Cape Coral FL -- Thank you Again, Saint Jude for granting my requests you have never failed to answer me.......


Aug 12th 2012

Dear Bill

I Do not practice any religion and came across your site

I read your miracle story and the messages sent to you by some of the others who have received answers through praying

I did NOT Believe that a mortal being such as a Saint was capable of helping
BR>BUT THOUGHT what the heck its worth a try
I was wrong. I started to say the prayer you offer on your page

On the 10th Day my request was answered,

Thank you Bill for your taking time to post this page and Thank you to St Jude for helping an unbeliever

John S. Boston MA


May 15th 2012 from Audrey: Hello,
I saw your site and I am amazed without fail every time I see miracles happening in prayer.
I hope you would post my thank you letter to St Jude, thank you:
Dear St Jude, thank you very much for interceding to God and Jesus to let my O Level
certificate be found with my mother and not thrown away by accident, which i thought
it was, months ago. That night, my parents were looking for it and i asked St Jude
to intercede to God to let it be kept with my mum. In the end, it was indeed with my
mother so as a result, all my worries about losing the certificate was gone and i
was saved from getting into trouble especially with my father. Thank You God and
Jesus for hearing this intercession too.


From Tammy
To The Prayer Page
Nov 21 at 10:43 PM
At this moment I have absolutely no money,, I am dead broke so when I get some money
I will contribute to this website so that u no how desperate I am...
I have a prayer request but no money so please pray for me!!
I work 6 days a week working about 55 hours a week and my husband is laid off again,
, so the money that I make barely pays our bills
,, and we absolutely have no extra money and rite now I don't have any extra
to buy groceries for this week or to put gas in our vehicle's!!!
Please pray that some how we get some extra money,
, I have 3 kids and I need to buy groceries this week and I want to give my kids a thanksgiving dinner,
,we don't have a lot of food in our cupboards!!
And I need money for gas so I can get back in forth to work every day!!
I only make 8.25 an hour and my husband only gets 150 every 2 week's right now!!
I'm worried about Christmas just being a month away
so I need a miracle blessing come into my life so please grant me a miracle blessing and grant the requests
of all who are seeking a spiritual intervention now and in the future,,
I promise I will forever be grateful to u and assist in helping others find u!!!
Please hear my prayer thank u!!
Tammy D Lynch


This next request is from a woman From the U.K.
who sent A large contribution and did not want the Image Of Jesus Icons
Please add her request in a special Prayer

From: "Stellamaris Nicholso
Date: 11 Jan 20:23
Dear Friends,
I call you friends because all people of God are heir in his kingdom.
Please pray for my son Alexander who has been accused of rape and the CPS are meeting in
2weeks time to discuss whether he will be charged. If found guilty, the sentence is
8years. He is just 19.
Their conduct at the bail hearing shows that they have decided that he is guilty.
It is true he slept with the girl but he said she consented. Now she and the police had come
up with this rape story.
I am so anxious l cannot pray.
Please help me for l believe that God is in this matter somehow. I must confess that there
was a time l prayed to God to arrest my son, his behaviour was nothing shirt of
diabolical, he acts recklessly. He seems to know everything.
However, l believe him when he said the young lady consented.
Please help me pray to God for pardon. His whole life will be destroyed were to be given
such a still punishment.
Also pray for the young lady and her family members for healing and forgiveness.
I will yet praise God through this email.
Thank you.


and Another Thank You St Jude thanks for answering our prayers in having our
incarcerated son released early so he can be with us this
christmas. St Jude, you have always been there whenever we
needed your help, thank you for helping us, May the
most glorious heart of Jesus be adored forever, Amen.

Joseph Camilleri Aug 10th 2012


After my son was turned down for a job,
I prayed to St Jude and they called him back to say the job is his. To me this is a miracle!!!
Now he will not lose his home!!
He will have the money he needs for food heating etc.
Thank you St Jude.
JoAnne. Aug 12th 2012

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you St. Jude for your powerful intercession.
You have brought me a miracle,
very fast and just time time.

Thank you
Natalie Aug 8th 2012

A thank you from a FB friend


I have been praying this prayer and so far part of what I have been praying for has been
answered. I have no doubt that when the time comes for the other part of my prayer
comes up it will be answered too. I am so thankful to St. Jude! Saying this prayer
realy does work

Susie Sept 12th 2006


I was flipping through the internet and came across this site where l can publish my
thanks to St. Jude. l prayed to St. Jude for a job and he handed it to me!! He is
indeed a miraculous saint and may his name spread to all nations.

Annette Aug 12th 2012


And another Thank You st.jude for giving me a miracle regarding my visa application and the only
reason it worked out was because you interceded for me.
I want you to know that i will forever be grateful to you for this great miracle and you
will be my patron saint and i will make others know you.

mary,nairobi kenya July 30th 2012


Hi Bill, Your site is great! I too have had a miracle. My daughter, age 30, and myself,
age 66, were both looking for a new apartment. It seemed hopeless, as we both had a
financial burden, and our little dogs. I found a sliding scale Hud apt. that will
allow a pet, and she got help from a new church, a gift of $500, and loan for $900.

This is such a miracle for us, as we were almost homeless. I asked St. Jude, & Jesus for
help, and got a double miracle. And I would love to thank Him for the help He
provided for us. I also was aware of a passage in Psalms 5522, not really sure or
psalms 2255, it says, "He will sustain us!"

I hope you'll publish this on your site for me. thanks, If you publish this,
please only use my name, Nancy 08/01/12

Its done Nancy Now I hope you Pay It Forward as seen on the website http://mickymantle.2ya.com
and continue to pray for the others who are in need of help

And another addition to the Publishing of a thank you:
After my son was turned down for a job, I prayed to St Jude
and he was call from another company and his final interview is next
week. He never expected that this company would call him back but they did with St.
Judeís help (you interceded for me.) Thank You Dec 23rd 2009


I want you to know that i will forever be grateful to you for this great miracle and you
will be my patron saint and i will make others know you.

Thank you St Jude. Isabel and Mike Jan 2nd 2010


St Jude thank you I had lost hope for working back here in the USA and even though I do
not know proper ways to pray you again answered my prayer. Its been a long wait
until I ask you Thank You St Jude.

Randall Boehm Jan 19th 2010


Hi Bill, I don't know if you're still accepting "miracle" stories, but even if you're not, I just
wanted to thank St. Jude for my job. I found it in the most unexpected place
after many months of searching in a time when the economy wasn't looking too good,
and it has just been wonderful. I'm asking for his intercession again, and I believe
I will receive what I ask for in Jesus name.

Thank you to you too. It is sites like these that give hope when times are
Keep up the good work :) HYA/ March 1st 2010


This page is continued here with requests going bback to 2009


I very seldom endorse any products but I found something that worked wonders for me to rid me of pain
It is called DMSO and if you google that = 'DMSO' and read about it you may want to try it




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Before getting to the Thank You Messages,
I feel I need to remind you of some of the things
we ask you to add in your prayers

Here is an URGENT prayer requests
from Thousands of concerned cyber citizens on Face book,

Please Jesus and St Jude patron of hopeless causes and worker of Miracles
we pray that Amy Patterson, Susan Powell, Holly Bobo, Gabriel Johnson, Michelle Parker,
Karen Swift, Phoenix coldon, and ALL missing children women and men are found,
they need to be returned to their families
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