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Once again, we in the U.S. are shocked
by the many recent shootings and loss of life.
We need to pray to end these terrible events.
Please ask St Jude to give our Law Enforcement Officers better judgement,
and ask they be protected from those who would kill them.
We besech you to Give our leaders the mindset to help resolve
the gun problem in The U.S.

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First a request from someone who made a contribution


From: Chelsea Brown
To: "PrayerPage@yahoo.com"
Subject: The Prayer Page TY Thank you so much St. Jude for opening up your heart and hearing my prayer!
I know with your help that I will be reunited with my dog Reese very soon!!!!
I'm forever grateful to you St. Jude for all you have done
and continue to do for me!!!! I love you St. Jude!!!!


Here is an example of a person in true need
Please include Jackie's request In Your Prayers

Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
From: jackieschmal@icloud.com
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com

Like your page says, I came across this page for a reason.

I was searching for prayers for a miracle. Powerful prayers.
My father, the most wonderful, loving, man in the world, is facing jail time.
Simply because he is taking the fall for a business that he owned.
Rather than fight, he is taking his punishment.
He has already lost his job, his retirement, filed bankruptcy, and now,
the attorney general wants to put him in jail for 3 - 7 years.
He killed no one, yet drunk drivers get lesser sentences.
This man is my rock. My husband and I turn to him for everything,
and he is my son's best friend,
we can't lose home for 3 years, let alone 7.

I ask for help in prayer that everyone involved in this case show compassion and not give him jail time.
I'm asking for some miraculous intervention to occur
and that the judge overseeing his case give him house arrest,
or something lesser. My father has always been the type of man that if
he saw a man on the street without a coat, he would give up his own to give to that person.
This selfless, wonderful man doesn't deserve this harsh of a punishment.
The only thing that could help now is a miracle.
I turn to God, his angels and saints for this.
Thank you. Something led me to your page.
I'll be making my donation now as well.
You don't have to send me anything, just promise me to pray.
I need my father.
Much love and prayer to all those facing difficulties


Here is Jackies Response to me after she contributed $25.00 to keep this page online
and received the Image Of Jesus Fish Bone

Subject: Re: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
From: jackieschma@clou.com
Bill, V Thank you for the gift of the Crucifix Fish Bone.
Amazingly, it arrived when my dad was sitting at my table
as we were talking about plans for how to handle situations as they came up.
We are both touched by your thoughtfulness.
With everything going on in our lives,
it's been very hard for our family to keep having faith and believing in good.
Your prayer page, that simple letter and gift you sent,
has done much to restore some of that lost faith in humanity.
Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.
I'm sure God led me to your page for a reason,
and I know we will never forget this kindness you have shown.
May He forever hold you and your wife in His hands. You both are amazing people.
Thank you


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Now the Prayer Requests IN No particular order
and some thank you messages


First a Thank You Message


Subject: Prayer Page Thank You or Info
From: jmangus42@hotmail.com
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2016 23:20:41 +1000
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Thank you St Jude for your intercession
,my son Raymond can now have his liver operation
,we still have to pray
but so Thankful his treatment has gone this far.
I will honour your power and always encourage devotion to you. AMEN


from Lisa Q To The Prayer Page
Hi, I have been praying the novena for nearly six months now and wanted to say
how much it is helping me through some very difficult times in my life.
I am so grateful to Saint Jude for helping me on a daily basis
and also to you for putting up this site in order to help others.
It is the best thing anyone can do for another person .
Giving them help and hope in times of need
and showing them that they are not alone.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Lisa Quirk
From Ireland.


From: Maureen Angle
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: From The Prayer Page

I would like to send a heartfelt "Thank you" to My Lord Jesus Christ, St Jude Thaddeus
and all who prayed for my daughter Annabelle and I.

Back in November, I sent a very emotional prayer request to St. Jude Thaddeus and the
Angelfire prayer page, asking for intercession with our very strained mother/daughter
relationship. The story is too long to even recap, but I will say I wasn't sure if it was even
possible to repair the damage that had been done. I am elated and excited to say that our
relationship has experienced the miracle of an answered prayer and I give all glory to St. Jude Thaddeus and Almighty God!!

A lost cause mended beyond belief. I keep pinching myself :)
What an AMAZING Saint you are! I will spread your marvelous name to the
ends of the earth along with Jesus our healer and comforter!
Praise God and thank you all for the time and effort put into all these hopeless causes.
It just goes to show.. They are NOT hopeless with God and miracles happen with prayer.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
Kind Regards,
Maureen Angle


Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2014 00:58:30 -0500
Subject: The Prayer Page
From: Dianne -- mommy0715@gmail.com
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Good evening Bill,
I have had prayer requests in the past, and the miracles that have come to life for me
and my family will forever be engraved in our hearts.

I have yet another prayer request for a divine intervention from my savior, Jesus Christ, and the wonderful St. Jude.
My fiancee, Jose, has been fighting a child support case for the last 17 years.
He was allegedly named the father of a young boy,
and without any tests he took on the financial obligation of this child.
Jose has paid support, but has also had some horrible kidney issues of his own,
and also lost a few jobs here and there. The childs mother is relentless.
She does not care about his circumstances at all.

She recently got in contact with the court and made a lot of false accusations as far as his past and present work history,
which has brought him back to court tomorrow.
The judicial system does not see or care to see Jose's struggles over the years, even though,
during hard times, he always manages to pay something.
He pays the minimum right now, but that's because of what unemployment pays him weekly.

I am asking for a what seems like a miracle. Jose does not want to go to court, but he has to.
He has to show them he is trying his best.
Please, everyone, pray for Jose to have the strength to go tomorrow,
and help the judicial system see it too.
Help them see that he's a good person, who is giving what he can right now.
Please allow him to come home tomorrow and not face incarceration.
Also, please, grant all of those seeking spiritual intervention now and in the future.
I really appreciate it, may GOD bless each and every one of you.
O:-) Dianna


now another request from Dianne
March 15 2015
Dianna wrote:
Hello Bill,
I am seeking out a spiritual intervention from the glorious St. Jude once again. Jose and I have been
experiencing some great problems recently.

Let me start from the beginning. 2 years ago on March 30, 2013, my father passed away.
At that time Jose lived about 20 miles away from me with his family,
and I lived with mine here in my parents home. Jose decided to move into our home and rearrange his
life to help us while we mourned the loss of a great man. He lived here for a little over a year.
We tried very hard to adjust to this new living arrangement, however, my mother did not like the way
things were working out. She ultimately wanted him and I to stay in her house, and live permanently;
while Jose and I were talking about moving out and starting a new chapter of our relationship on our
own. As luck would have it, Jose lost his job, so our planning was put on hold, and that led my mom to
believe that we would be staying. We assured her over and over again that this was not going to be the
case, however, she continued. As days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, living here in our house
started to become close to impossible. We were not allowed to do anything if it did not include cleaning
or paying some of the bills. If we were outside, she was angry. If we were in bed early, she was angry.
She talked about us on facebook to her friends, calling us lazy and rude; which was never the case.
Because of this treatment, I tried to avoid her at all costs. Avoiding an argument became close to a full time job.
I started to not attend family functions, and some holidays, as to avoid the humiliation from my
family and friends. Easter Sunday was the breaking point for Jose. She blamed him for me not attending
Easter dinner, and he finally gathered his stuff and left, for good.

We have tried to stay together for the past year,
but our time is always spent away from each other.
I normally only see him on Mondays, as that is his day off, and he comes over when my
mother is not home, again, to just avoid an argument.

After an entire year has just about past, I recently found out that Jose had been seeing someone else.
Of course, I am heartbroken; however, I did nothing to try
to save our relationship over the past year. I thought we were content in our "arrangement" so to
speak; this was not the case. After finding out the details of this alleged situation, of course I began to
doubt how he really felt about me. It has been 3 weeks, and I am still not ok, but my heart is healing
more and more everyday. During this 3 week period, I have managed to sabotage our entire
relationship. All of the questions, and assumptions are literally killing us day by day.
I will say that I do feel partially to blame for his unfaithful ways, only because
he stayed here in our house for me.

So today, I write to you pleading for help from the glorious St. Jude and my lord savior, Jesus Christ;
to assist in helping Jose and I find the love that we once shared. Please help me find peace and strength to
overcome what he has done, and help me to forgive and move past this. Jose is my best friend, and my heart
is completely in shambles knowing that I played a part in our demise. Please save us from any evil and
negative thoughts and desires. Help make us strong again, as one, together as a couple. I beg of you
St. Jude, please help bring Jose and I back to where we should be;
together. I will forever and ever be grateful. Amen.


From: DapheniE B
Date: 06/29/14 00:18:56
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Prayer Request for my Daughter
Dear Prayer Group of St. Jude;
I kindly request prayer for my daughter Geraldine Benders to be accepted in the St. Dominic High School
in St. Maarten and for her to miraculously pass her English and Math exam.
I also request prayer for all evil forces surrounding our life to be broken immediately!
Thank you in advance for your prayers brethren.
Dapheni Bende


Now the next three posts are ALSO from Daphenie B ,
Thanking St Jude after her prayer was answered,
You see - By our Prayer group members Including her needs in your continuing Daily prayers
you have been heard and her requests was answered

Daphenie has added another request
and promise to send a contribution to keep this page online From: Daphe Bend
Date: 7/3/2014 1:53:26 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Prayer Request for my Daughter
I asked for prayer on June 29th 2014 and prayed the miracle prayer for my daughter and on July 2nd 2014,
I got the great miracle news that she was accepted at the St. Dominic High!
We are so grateful for the answered prayers and thank all my brethren who also prayed for us.
God Bless all of you!


From: Daphe Bend
Date: 7/3/2014 2:32:02 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Prayer Request for my Daughter
Thank you very much.
I am unemployed at the moment but will remember to contribute once I am employed.
It is my desire that God keeps this prayer site running on the web.
God Bless.
Daphe Bend


From: Daphe Bend
Date: 7/3/2014 2:00:04 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Prayer Request for Financial Aid
Dear Brethren,
I kindly request prayer for financial aid or windfall for all my needs to be met and also the funds necessary to conclude an important transaction.
I have faith that all will be well.
Thank you for your prayers.
God Bless
Daphe Bend


From: Linda Mushab
Date: 05/26/14 02:19:49
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
I can't travel or ask for a job because I failed a paper& when I redid it I failed again .
.it's now 2years and.everything in my life can't move forward without this paper.
..I pray for a miracle in my life that this retake goes away..
.opportunities to open in my life


From: Douglas Roehr
Date: 2/15/2014 12:58:01 PM
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Subject: St. Jude Thank You!
Thank you St. Jude for your intercession.
Thank you in asking God to help me receive 100% Service-Connection Disability (T&P)
in such a quick and efficient manner.
It demanded a miracle and you came through!
I am now able to take care of myself and my family.
I ask that you continue to take special interest in my family and our situation
and help us to build a stronger and loving commitment to God and each other.
Help us to discover all of God's blessings and glory through you
so that not only is my faith strengthened,
but that I will do the Lord's Will and service.
May my family continue to be strengthened by power of prayer
and the mercy of our loving God.

I will be ever mindful of this great favor you have given to me
and will always honor you as my special and powerful patron. Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you St. Jude. Amen.
Kind Regards,
Douglas R - USA


From: E,Pere
Date: 05/26/14 22:28:34
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
I am pleading with having the intercession of Saint Jude Thaddeus in my case.
I am soon to lose my home, due to a wrongful foreclosure, and will be homeless.
I need for the patron Saint Jude to intercede in this case to help me and my family remain in my home.
I need to appeal my case with the court, however, money is dire and
if I don't will lose everything, will be out in the streets.
Oh, Saint Jude please listen to my humble prayer for in you
I direct what you feel is the best for me, not necessarily what I desire.
Please rescue me and uplift my faith,
for I only serve you via our Almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
and his father Jevohah.
I trust in you and believe that can accomplish the impossible since
you are the saint that will help when there are lost causes.
Deliver me and I shall repay this great debt within the 7 days granted and will publish my gratitude.
E. Pere
Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier- Mother Teresa of Calcutta


: Renuka
Date: 2/21/2014 3:53:30 AM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: From the Prayer page
Sri Lanka
I am a st.jude Devotee from Sri Lanka.I am in helpless desperate situation now
.I need some Money to pay bills.
I ask my Friend Johann for a Financial help.
I send him a SMS
.Please pray to St.Jude for a Miracle.
Please pray for a receive a Financial help from Johann.
Please send me a reply. Thank you.God blessings


From: James Macha
Date: 2/17/2014 12:42:45 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Reference: Donation1 Help Keep the Prayer Page Online - Donation from James P
Only thing I can think of at moment is a simple prayer for my financial situation to turn around
and get better due to some debts I'm struggling with.
Thanks for any prayers & my prayers go out others on your website as well.


This next request is from a woman From the U.K.
who sent A large contribution and did not want the Image Of Jesus Icons
Please add her request in a special Prayer

From: "Stellamaris Nicholso
Date: 11 Jan 20:23
Dear Friends,
I call you friends because all people of God are heir in his kingdom.
Please pray for my son Alexander who has been accused of rape and the CPS are meeting in
2weeks time to discuss whether he will be charged. If found guilty, the sentence is
8years. He is just 19.
Their conduct at the bail hearing shows that they have decided that he is guilty.
It is true he slept with the girl but he said she consented. Now she and the police had come
up with this rape story.
I am so anxious l cannot pray.
Please help me for l believe that God is in this matter somehow. I must confess that there
was a time l prayed to God to arrest my son, his behaviour was nothing shirt of
diabolical, he acts recklessly. He seems to know everything.
However, l believe him when he said the young lady consented.
Please help me pray to God for pardon. His whole life will be destroyed were to be given
such a still punishment.
Also pray for the young lady and her family members for healing and forgiveness.
I will yet praise God through this email.
Thank you.


This next one if from someone who also contributed to keep this page online
From: bachani via PayPal
Date: 04/09/ 17:53:46
To: The Prayer Page
dear sir,
please request St. Jude to bless us- regards-
hiro,rajni,sharad,rohit,aarti,asha,ruhaan,harchandrai bachani and family


-------Original Message-------
From: Syrus_Wilso
Date: 03/31
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page
Hello prayer group my name is Syrus Wilso im writing you all to ask if you all would please offer prayer for me
i have court today at 1:30pm in Lake County Florida
the State wishes to have me thrown in prison
but please pray for me to walk free with no jail or prison time thank you so much


From: Monica Adrid
Date: 03/24/
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page TY
This Monica adrid I'm as for help to pray for my husband to come to me, were mariied for 27 yrs.
pls help me pray for him. His name is jessie a


On Friday, November 22, 12:46 PM, Gael wrote:

Good am to all.. I really want to have Crucifix fish skull bone for my family protection.
I will donate on monday. May I request to pray for my sister Charlene.
She encountered a work problem and for our situation right now,
she doesn't need to quit her job because I have no work.
Please give her peace of mind that she may enjoy her work together with her true friends.
She's crying right now as I am writing this request. I really love her please protect her from
any misinterpretations. Please I need a miracle prayer for her.

I will double my donation if this prayer will be answered.
May I also request to be successful in my online job,
may this business will worked out for the sake of my family.
I want to spend more time together with them.
May Jesus hear our prayers.
I truly believe HIM and HE knows all of my plans I will surely do what I have said/promised to HIM.


Gael Contributed to keep this page online and here is A second request from Gael
To The Prayer Page

I thank you Bill for posting my prayer request yesterday.
I was really glad when I saw your email. I gave my contribution today. ;-)
Please continue praying for my request last time, I know that this group can help me to protect my sister from her work.
May God heal the heart of her officemate Greys so that it will not cause for some trouble.
Kindly post my another request on your page, thank you.

I really need a miracle prayer for what I had experience last time,
I was in SG, there was a doctor name Darius and he can predict the future.
Just for fun he shared his present prediction for us one by one.
The first thing he said If I love marriage?
It seems like it depends on me,
he doesn't see that I will be married.
For me, I will surely say YES because marrying is a dream come true.
It affected me and I think too much. Before, I was at peace,
I wasn't thinking of a man who will love me for the rest of my life
but now it really bothers me, he also said that I will get my job in SG
and it will lasts for about 7 years
that's why I came back here in PH. I pray and ask GOD what's his plan for me?
I don't want to be miserable in my whole life. I want to have a loving husband,
I want to have kids in short I want to have a FAMILY of my own.
And that's what makes me happy. Please pray for me.

My niece Urice Carlin 6 yrs old. Since birth she can't speak and she cannot hear anything,
I know that you will help me to pray for her situation.
I want her to fully experience the real beauty of life.
Dear God I need your miracle healing for her.
I still believe in YOU.
May you grant my desires in life at the right time in God's will. Thank you.

Please include prayers for the victims of typhoon haiyan.
May all of them build their own house as soon as possible for their protection.
Thank you for all the supports in our country.
May Jesus bless you all. I hope that all of my requests will be granted.



From: E,Perez
Date: 2/23/2014 10:04:41 PM
To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: New prayer request to Saint Jude
I am pleading with having the intercession of Saint Jude Thaddeus in my case.
I am soon to lose my home, due to a wrongful foreclosure, and will be homeless.
I need for the patron Saint Jude to intercede in this case to help me and my family remain in my home.
I need to appeal my case with the court, however, money is dire and if I don't will lose everything, will be out in the streets.
Oh, Saint Jude please listen to my humble prayer for in you I direct what you feel is the best for me, not necessarily what I desire.
Please rescue me and uplift my faith, for I only serve you via our Almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his father Jevohah.
I trust in you and believe that can accomplish the impossible since you are the saint that will help when there are lost causes.
Deliver me and I shall repay this great debt within the 7 days granted and will publish my gratitude.
Elizabeth Garcia-Perez
E. Perez
Let no one ever come to you without leaving better
and happier- Mother Teresa of Calcutta


From Sharon Mabe
TO the Prayer Page
Thank You

I have been praying the St. Jude prayer for 11 days now.
I would like to give thanks to St. Jude for answering
some of the things that I ask him to pray for me.

I understand that if I donít send any money with this, it will be awhile before my thank you is posted.
That is okay cause I have no money what so ever.
But at least I do know that I have sent my request
for my thank you to be posted. And so does St. Jude and the Lord.

I pray that my request be heard for the obstacle that are keeping me and Michael apart to be
removed. So far, two of those obstacles have been removed. I also ask for St. Jude to
bring Michael closer to me and to remove the fear that Michael has of being hurt,
breaking my heart and his family turning against him. I also prayed that Michael would come
to be so that we can get on with our lives and be happy. I know in my heart that God
wants us together.

Please St. Jude pray for me and Michael.



NOW is a request that is very pressing - PLEASE include it in your prayers
The family made a contribution

-------Original Message-------
From: Rick Drie
Date: 2/2/2014 8:06:26 PM
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page
My mother Mary has been in Hospice several
months and was stable but not really improving.
She got worse 5 days ago and they told us
she's now in the final stages of life. Doctors say
she has no life threatening illness keeping her
from improving but she's just lost the will to
live and given up trying to get better.
Her family is praying for a miracle, standing by her
and doing everything humanly possible to
encourage, support and urge her to eat and fight
harder but her spirit isn't willing.
She's always been a fighter and taught us all to never,
ever give up while there's the smallest chance
of life left so we're doing just that because she
truly has so much to live for.
Today, Sunday 2/2/2014, they told us she's not responding and
won't wake up and it could be 24 hours to a week is all the time she has left.
Urgent prayer is our only hope now and faith that
God will heal her mind, body and spirit.
Please pray for her life to be saved with a full
recovery and to return to her the belief she has
everything to live for and the will to live and work
to get her life back.
Thank you for all your prayers and may God bless.


Good Morning Bill,
I was really amazed when I seen your email this morning when I got to work.
I was actually thinking of my St. Jude Prayer that I had prayed a couple of months ago,
but it looks like from the email that it wasnít sent out until yesterday.
But anyway, in my previous prayer request, the two obstacles that had been removed have returned
, and things seem to be worse now. Michael isnít even speaking to me.
I donít know what is wrong I just know that I miss him so much.

So, if you donít mind I would like to make another prayer request.
I also find it really odd that I received this email from you
when I was thinking of my St. Jude prayer on my way to work.
Is God , Jesus Christ or St. Jude trying to tell me something? If so, what?
Please if you have any guidance please share it with me.
Thank you


Now Sharons Most recent prayer request:

From Sharon Mabe
Subject: Prayer request

My Prayer Request is:
I feel as if I am losing the love of my life.
When I met Michael, everything in my life seemed so meaningful.
I felt as if I had found that missing piece of myself that I have been searching for all my life.
I felt whole. Michael is a true believer in our Father,
and I know that he has brought me closer to our Father than I have ever been.
I know that Michael loves me too, but there are obstacles that are keeping us apart.
I wonít go into very much detail,
but there is this woman that every time that Michael leaves her
she will harass and stalk him until he goes back to her.
(And no, they are not married or have children together.)
She is a true manipulator, and I am sure that he feels
that is the only way he can have peace is to return to her,
but when he does, he is miserable as well
because of the way that she treats him.

I love this man with all my heart and soul.
I finally felt alive, happy and loved.
I truly had a genuine smile,
not one that I had to put on just to hide the emptiness in my heart.

I know in my heart that God wants us together to do his work for him.
The reason that I know is because God has spoke to me
and keeps telling me not to give up, that he wants us together.
Everything seemed to be working out for us,
until the woman played her tricks again and now
Michael wonít even talk to me, and I donít know why.
Like I stated earlier, I know that God wants us


Evelyn Mung***
Dec 19 at 3:13 AM
Dear Prayerpage,

I have spent a sleepless night after it has been confirmed that my youngest sister is still
seeing her abusive 'husband'. My sister and this man only lived together for a short while
and have two children - the second of whom he told my sister to her face that he did not
want because he had not planned to have another child.

He starved her. He has beaten my sister. He has verbally abused her. Mostly unemployed,
he is uses her money and refuses to share his whenever he finds temporary work. He
has cheated on her countless times and taunts her about his conquests. He infected her
with HIV. I suspect that the UTI she says

Now he is coming around saying that he wants to see his children. My sister Katherine pays
for everything the girls have from their home to school to food to clothing. These are
children who are well loved and cared for and in a stable environment.

Please pray for my sister Eleanor that she may see the light and walk out on this man who is
an anchor. Holding her down when she is capable of so much more. Please pray that
Eleanor sees the beauty and blessing that she is that needs to flourish, far away from this
destroyer of her and her children.

I will donate USD 25 early January 2014 whether or not the novena comes to pass.
Evelyn Omb*** Mung***




From: LJKip Ech
Hi Bill,
Please post my prayer request to St. Jude. I am recently struggling with family and financial
problems since late last year. I pray for peace of mind and forgiveness for me and my
family. I pray for financial assistance to help me settle with the debts and bills so my son
and husband and I will be together. I promise to pray for everyone else as well. I know
that with everyone's prayers, everything will be alright. Thank you everyone and God
bless us all!


From: dolphi rego
Subject: Re
St Jude I have wronged others and need forgiveness.
I am most sorry for my transgressions and hurtful actions
PLEASE LET MY FAMILY and friends forgive me so I can have peace and happiness
Signed Dolphi


From Michael Potvin looking for Kim Stotsky

Now A Thank You from Michael Potvin

From Michael Potvin looking for Kim Stotsky
Date OCT 9TH 2013
Subject: Thank You St Jude Thaddeus

Good Afternoon. I had to share some good news with you...
After about 1 month of not speaking, Kim had reached out to me this past Thursday,
and we have been speaking a little bit here and there...
We spoke again last night and while part of her is convinced that there is no way we can make it
due to our constant fighting and her daughter's disdain for me,
she admitted that she wants to be with me and wants to reconcile,
and "of course I want to be with you if we didn't have all of our issues"...So we are going to take it "one day at a time", and "speak when we can"...
So I don't know if we are considered "reconciled", but I know that St. Jude interceded for me,
softening her heart and getting her to reach out to me,
even though she initiated the break up. From here,
I need to woo her all over again, show her I am patient and not fight with her.
She will see that I have changed and as she said to me,
she wants me to be the person again that she ran to...

Please tell St. Jude thank you for me and once again, he has never failed me..
.Thank you St. Jude,
I Love You and I will not stop saying this prayer of intercession until Kim
and I are back together for good....


Here is a more recent email I received from Michael Potvin regarding Kim:

Good Morning and I hope you are well. I wanted to ask you a question about the Novena.
Said love interest, Kim, has again been entertaining thoughts of moving to California,
through her company, because of the allure in making more money.
To your point of "if it is meant to be, it will be",

I just want her to be happy, even if that means her moving to California.
We are not 100% back together yet and are still taking it one day at a time;
she said the other day that she needs to see action from me -
not just words in order to consider getting back together fully.
So "we" are not a consideration in her decision making process to move to California..
.I just know that if that happens, we would be done forever

My question is, can I say the Novena so she will receive a blessing and get the break(s) that she needs?
Even if it means her destiny is to go to California and I never see her again?
Again, I just want her to be happy, fell not so frustrated or under the immense amount
of pressure she is under; I want her to have the "break(s)" she so richly deserves...

She is so frustrated with constantly killing herself working in a very challenging sales job,
just to see most of, if not all of her money, go to take care of the Mom...
and her Mom is a true albatross around her neck (God forgive me for saying that)..
. Plus, her ex-Husband is truly not interested in holding up his financial end of the bargain
of taking care of their one child...
Kim does not get the child support for her one child,
as my Ex-Wife gets for our 3 children from me..
.She gets nothing right now as her ex-Husband lost his job months ago,
is not actively trying to find a job,
and is pursuing a pipe dream of getting a fledgling (after 10+ years) BMX bike company
off the ground; which has never made any money to date.

Unfortunately, she does not have a faith she can rely on, and believes she can only rely on herself
(she has many great points, and this one is not one of them)...
I would very much hope that St. Jude could intercede for her,
through my prayers, even if it means it is to the complete detriment of she and I as a couple
Most people say Novenas for Money, Jobs, Love, health of loved ones...
basically for things they need.

I really want something for her even if it completely does not benefit me.
The way I look at it is, if she goes to California, especially after St. Jude intervenes,
than we really weren't meant to be and
I would be able to let her go with a clear mind and heart...

Appreciate your thoughts and I look forward to hearing from you.
Michael Potvin


From: lady_j1682
Subject: The Prayer Page TY

Thank you St. Jude for interceding my prayer. I had prayed for you to find jobs for my sister and I,
as we are both unemployed and struggling to keep afloat.
On the 6th and 7th day of my novena, we both received news of a second interview both scheduled on the same day.
I do believe that we will get the jobs because of my faith in you.
I also know that you will intercede my other request to reunite with my boyfriend within the coming days.
I love you St. Jude and thank you so much for answering my prayers.


Ruth Aut
Thank You
I have made a small donation.
I want to thank st jude thaddeus for the unexpected money.
May he continue to answer all my prayers and answer all the prayers of other people.

Thank you
Ruth Auta


From: Ruth Aut
I want you to send my thanks to st jude thaddeus
Can you please add the following to your website
My thanks:
Thank you st jude thaddeus for helping me at work, healing me and answering all my prayers.
Thank you
Ruth aut


From: William19
Subject: From the Prayer page>BR> Please intercede for me St Jude for my miracle to be answered I have no money
my husband has left please let him get in touch and so every thing will be ok
and for my daughter to be happy thank you


From: Holli Malouf
Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page

Please obtain Godís blessings on all couples that will be married on October 5, 2013.
May they have a faithful and loving marriage.
Bless them with a day of beautiful weather and safety for all traveling to and from their wedding.


THIS NEXT request is from someone who donated $25.00
From: Anna Giddin

Pls pray for me a sinner, our finances are upside down and my job is stressing me out request relief.
Pls pray for my daughter Auliya who doesn't have health insurance and has been diagnosed with Porphyria
Pls pray for my sons John Luc safety he is stationed Camp Humphrey Korea
Pls pray for my co-workers, my family and my husbands family.

For the first in my life, I wanted what all wise man say can't last;
what can't be promised or made to linger any more than sunlight.
I don't want to die without having felt its warmth on my face.Thankyou


From: Nimisha Bard
Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
My 11 mohth old cat not come home for 1.5 months help him come home soon
Regards nimisha


From: Ayesha ayeshared
Subject: Prayer for me
I was diagnose herpes virus which has no cure... I know.
GOD has start punishing me of my tresspasses in him but still hoping ang praying that God.
Will send his power of healing to heal me.... ST. JUDE... SAINT OF THE DESPERATE..


From: purvisri

Subject: The Prayer Page BR> I'm in need of a miracle,please pray for me. I have a spinal cord injury due
to motor accidents in 2007,am a paraplegic. Can't use both m legs and my
right arm. If the Lord can just give me 1 leg and ability to operate my right
arm will be so greatfull Plzzz pray for me.
My name is purvis
God bless


From: Tammy Gilbe
Subject: Request or Thank You To St Jude

I need u to pray for my finances,, I need like 5,000 dollars to b caught up on all my bills,,
we got married in August and I over spent and now it seems its taking us for ever
to get caught up on my bills please pray

I have a couple requests more that's needs to b take.n care of soon!!
One is tht my 9 year old son keeps throwing horrible fits,, for no reason at all!!
I don't no how to deal with it he's 9 when will he stop?? He's a hyper boy and just has to much energy please pray for us,
,, he has ball fits

Here is another thing I need to b prayed for,, my husband needs a full time job,
, he's been working at this job for 3 years but works during the summer gets laid off in the winter,
, winter is almost coming now and he's gonna b getting laid off there's a full time position
thts gonna b coming and please pray that he gets it!!
He works for Osceola road commission,,


From: Alfred Ojiamb
Subject: Prayer request
Kindly pray for me to get a job and for financial breakthrough to clear my graduation fee balance
before next months deadline.thankst


From: Paul Gravelle To: PrayerPage@yahoo.com
Subject: The Prayer Page TY
From: Paul Gravell
Subject: The Prayer Page
my name is Paul I need a big miracle in my life and have been praying since 1984...
St Jude I have prayed to you since 1984 for my intentions.
Please grant my needs
pray with me Paul


From: David Smal
Subject: The Prayer Page

I need help! I have said Novenas before , some have astounded me , some have yet to be answered.
I am about to lose my house to foreclosure . I have been working with the bank
of 6 years now . Only to given wrong information or down right lied to. Every
attorney gives different answers , all want way more than I can afford . I the
past 3 years I've had 3 heat attacks n a stroke , maybe this is Gods way of
relieving me from the pressures of owning a home . My children want there home,
therefore I will do what I have to keep it.
I've prayed for his will, so maybe this is his will. However , I'm
asking for a miracle to save my home with a mortgage I can afford
Thank you
Please let me know if there's anything I can do or pray for on my side.
Thank you , many blessings for providing such a page .


From: Carrie Batzl
Subject: The Prayer Page
Please help me pray for my friend, Leah, who has Stage 4 cancer. Ask God to
grant her complete healing. This situation needs a miracle. Thank you.


From: lexi baghe
Subject: need prayers please
I pray that God will allow the one who is constantly on my mind and heart to open his heart and
to come back to me so that we can build a relationship with one another and to be a family.
If it is in the highest and best good of all concerned,
please make him realizes how wonderful I am,
realize how much he loves me, realize how much he would miss me
if I were no longer part of his life.
Please God let me hear back from him in the next few weeks that he is coming back.


From: Nimisha Bard
Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
My 11 mohth old cat not come home for 1.5 months help him come home soon
Regards nimisha


From: Monica

Subject: The Prayer Page TY

Please I need all the help my son is in jail and he has 2 kids.
Ages 5&4 and now they can give him 10 years of time for violating probation .
His kids are his life he has some custody of his children because he fought for them
and the children do think he is at work and do not know in reality where he is
please I beg of of all I ask is that the judge just releases him back on probation and not to serve his Time
.please pray for him mark Anthony
just to be released and stay on probation please pray that the judge has
a Heart so my son can be with his children please amen



From: Toni Der
To: prayerpage
Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
My name is Toni and I,am requesting prayers for myself and for my family and friends their families
and the world. First and foremost,I would like to thank our Holy Lord Savior
for letting me wake up this morning and for the wonderful blessings
that he has bestowed upon me and my family.
I listen to the news and it is very depressing what people are doing all the tourmal thats taking place poor innocent children
lives being destroyed for what control,dictatorship,to control the oil they have so much greed
and that,s the basis of all this corruption that,s going on in this world today.
So I pray that Our Lord takes all of this unholiness away.
I, pray to Our Father Lord jesus to answer my prayers today,
I am going to a situation may be losing my section 8 voucher that I truly need to pay my rent
all because of a misunderstanding ,
I am praying for forgiveness from my daughter for not paying more attention to this situation because I could,ve
cause her to lose her voucher also, she is my only child
I Love her more than life her my mother and my grand children

I, wouldn,t purposely do anything to hurt her or for that matter know one else I
, have a good heart and it goes out to children,elserly and animals
I, wouldn,t purposely harm anyone. I,AM ALSO praying for my arthritis, prediebetic,high colesteral,sleepapnea
,high blood pressure and a very strange feeling under my left foot,
and my mothers arthritis and corpal tunnel syndrome crippling her hands,also
I,need prayers said for my daughter Tammy and my unborn grandchild to be born normal and healthy,
also Dear Lord please watch over Kaylan and Sean my other grand kids
keep them safe and healthy and wrap your arms around them always to keep them safe
Oh Heavenly Father I, know that I,ve requested a lot of prayers but, also pray every day so
I,am asking for a little assisstance from you and all the Saints because
I, truly love and pray to them daily

. Please pray for me to become a better christain,a better mother,daughter,sister,friend
and I, request special prayers for Charles and his blind mother he is also blind.

Please pray for my dear friend Deborah who has cancer and all the poor little homeless people,
and homeless and abused animals.
Please Pray for all my request my Special Saint St. JUDE,
I adore you and you have answered my prayers in the past
please help me with these prayers also Thank You.

Toni P.S please watch over me and my new home and make my home safe and happy
always keep theives away and also help me with my finances
so I, can get some money to purchase a car to travel home to see ny mother and family
I am 5 hrs away from home because of the katrina hurricane.

My love and faith is with you at all times.

Thank You


From: velma ajug
Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page

For Financial Blessings to enable me resolve pending financial issues
For a successful fibroid surgery and divine healing
There is a man I am dating whom I love and care about but another married woman
by the name of Frances has refused to leave him alone, may God remove her
completely from his life
For my businesses to grow and prosper
For spiritual growth


From: "benbanda@
To: prayerpage
Subject: The Prayer Page
I would prayers for the healing and restoration of my relationship with
Nombulelo Shinga. We separated on the 16th of July 2013 and even Though we
occasionally talk, we dont meet nor share much anymore. She has told me in my
face that she has completely shut the door for our reconciliation. We are both
saved and stay 600kms apart. I love her and would love to marry her. Pls pray
for me and her that God will intervene and restore what we had and that we may
proceed to get married as we had initially planned.


From: "Rajaret, Louis"
Subject: Please add my request to The Prayer Page
Dear Prayer Group,
I am a very talented pianist, songwriter and singer. I play the organ lot at weddings. I have applied to join a music agency called Lark Entertainment.
My request is that my application to join them is successful as I would love to break into the music industry as this is my dream.
My second request if I may is that I find a loving husband as I live on own. Thank you so much for allowing me to put my requests on your page,


From: Laura Ros
Subject: Hear My Prayer St Jude

God brought John into my life when I had given up on love and God allowed him to heal a lot of my past hurt.
Please St Jude I pray that you bring John and I
together in a strong bond of love for one another and allow John to love me like I love him.
I pray that you allow John to feel the love for me that I have for him.
I pray that John and I grow in a strong bond of love for one another and proclaim to each other our desire
to love one another fully, unconditionally and to allow our hearts to grow together
as we share our whole lives together and with each other.


From: Ensah Ern To: prayerpage@yahoo.com - lance
Subject: Prayer request

Hello brethren,peace be whit you.am writing ffrom the St, Jude Parish
bolifamba Diocese of Buea cameroon on behave of all the
parishioners.please we need your intercesion to complete the building
project of our parish. the project has stoped because of financial
situation and only prayers can relieve us . please help us. i will
atach some file to show you how far we have gone and what is still to
be done.
may God Bless you
Parish Priest Rv. Fr. Ensah Ernest Djoh.


From: Vickey Lall

Sent: Friday, August 16, 2013 10:01 AM
Subject: The Prayer Page
Thank You, St. Jude for your intercession to Jesus on behalf of me and my siblings.
Trinidad and Tobago


Here is prayer request to find missing personS

Please Pray so Gary Price,
60 Missing February 28, 2013, from Williams Lake, BC is Found

Info about GARY and over 200 others missing from British Columbia since 2000 is Here
Gary Price was reported missing on March 3 by a family member. Gary was last seen in Likely, BC and lives in a remote area past Yanks Peaks.


From: Sylvia
Subject: The Prayer Page

Please pray for me as I had a microdiscectomy surgery yesterday for sever sciatica pain.
Im feeling better but lost some feeling in my right foot.
Please ask lord our god to help me heal soon.
I know that he watched over me yesterday and now I hope to be completely healed.
Thank you so much for all prayers as I know that god is good.... Sylvia


From: Sneha Allum
Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2013 7:38 AM
Subject: The Prayer Page TY

Please pray that my exboyfriend returns in my life again and pray that he will always love me and he will never leave me.
Please St Jude please do a miracle for me.
I still love him a lot and want him back in my life.I can't live without him.I don't know why he left me
but i want you St Jude to bring him back in my life and make him love me unconditionally
.I also pray for all those who are in troubles.
St Jude please do a miracle for me,return me my love St Jude,i beg of u.


From: Tina Schiave
Date: 08/18/13 09:11:52
Subject: From the Prayer Page

Please help me for a pray that l can say for my son as on Tuesday he has court
and l don't want him to go to jail cause of one silly mistake that another person dragged him into...
My son is a child still and I want the judge to give him anything else but jail .
.. He doesn't deserve jail ... He is better out ...
cause he has a wife and a mortage and even l need him
Please send me a prayer
Thank you


Subject: Prayer
> From: chargergirl6
> Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 03:26:18 -0400 >

> > My prayer is that me, Sylvia, and the man I love, Austin,
will be together and married in the holy Catholic Church. Thank you and God bless! >
> Sent from my iPhone


From: "typed3@" Cc: Chris Conn
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 7:35 PM
Subject: The Prayer Page

T yped3@ is my email address. I please ask you to post my prayer request
on the website. This means so much to me. Thank you so much in advance- Chris

Dear Saint Jude it has been a little over a year since my girlfriend and I have
broken up. I have prayed every day without fail. I love her so much and miss
her with all of my heart. It has been difficult for me to understand why we are
not together. I am asking for a miracle to bring her back to me as I vow to
always make her feel like the way I truly feel for her. I will love her
Unconditionally and pray for the miracle that she can open her heart again to
me. I pray for all who are seeking the spiritual intervention especially those
with any missing loved ones. I hope and pray for everyone seeking a request to
Saint Jude truly gets their miracle and blessings. God Bless and may saint Jude
always be watching us and helping us in the times we need him most. Please
Saint Jude I come to you with a miracle which I feel only you can intercede with.


From: charles opar
Sent: Friday, August 16, 2013 10:45 AM
Subject: Pls pray for me

Please pray for me to our Lord Jesus Christ for the gift of His divine mercy on my career
especially at this period of transition to another company; May the Lord bless me, bless the
works of my hands and grant me job security. May the Lord also bless my family with
good health, safety from accidents, sustained bread, peace of the mind and of the body, to
the glory of His name, amen.

Best Regards,
Charles Opar


From: maryann bellanto
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Sent: Sunday, August 11, 2013 7:16 PM
Subject: The Prayer Page

Thank you so much St. Jude for Helping myself & my friend find a job & for the couple of dollars help from our neighbor.
We love Jesus & we love you St. Jude.
Thank you so much.


Please St. Jude can you ask Jesus to help my friend Shirley C. & myself do well at our new job so that we can keep it
& take care of our rent & bills.
We worry so much that we will not succeed.
Please ask Jesus to help us keep this job.
Thank you so much St. Jude. We love you! We love Jesus!

Maryann & Shirley


This request is from someone who bought two Crucifix Fish Images Of Jesus

June 11th 2013

. You know what they say, "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of".
Dear Lord, please help Stephanie get through this health scare and be here for her husband and children.
If it is cancer, please let it be curable and treatable so she can live her life free of worry.
Thank you, dear Lord, from the bottom of my heart.



From: Jo Zaba
Sent: Sunday, August 4, 2013 11:06 AM
Subject: The Prayer Page TY

Thank you St. Jude for the answered prayer.
Every time that i prayed and needed help you are the one
that i can turn to and you always answered my prayers. Thank you very much St. Jude!


From: maryann bella
Sent: Sunday, August 4, 2013 8:45 PM
Subject: The Prayer Page

Please pray for us. My friend & I have been sharing expenses to make ends meet for quite a while.
We are seniors & were doing alright until we had some job losses &
can not seem to catch up on our rent which we are about 3 months behind in.
The landlady has been patient but has become antsy of late.
We had a job up until recently for about 3 months but then sales fell we were fired.
We were paying recent rent so as not to fall further behind but now
I donít know what weíre going to do.

We can not find another job, have no cash
& desperately need a money miracle.

We need prayers to St. Jude for a money miracle,
so we can put gas in the car to look for a job.
We have no way of buying soap, paper products, etc.
We are terrified of being thrown out of the apartment we have been in for 10 years
. Please, please pray for us!


From Guddy
Aug 5th 2013


From: Klee ( queenfanci )
Sent: Sunday, July 28, 2013 3:42 PM
Subject: Need a miracle Asap
Please pray for me I need a miracle I'm tired of living I've been praying all my life with no answers
I'm so depressed and I feel like a lost soul


From: Rhonda Wel
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2013 11:14 PM
Subject: Prayer Request
JOB 5:2 " For wrath killeth the foolish man, and envy slayeth the simple."
"Pure Love Will Never Return To You Void" Tyler Perry's, 'Why Did I Get Married Too
(John 14:27)ďPeace I leave with you; my peace I give you.
I do not give to you as the world gives.
Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.Ē

Please Place my incarcerated son Marques T. on this prayer list. I tried to raise him right but his actions and bad associates lead to his arrest.
I know that he had been influenced by older men who knew better but thought leading him in the wrong direction was funny.
He has been angry for along time but his father didn't desert him he died.
I'm praying that God opens his eyes and he is lead in a plain path because he has 4 children that greatly miss him;
and that during his incarceration he doesn't harm anyone and no harm comes to him.
He worked two jobs , I don't understand why he is facinated by the ungodly way these clowns live.


From: dianarobins
Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 3:14 PM
Subject: The Prayer Page
My mother had a stroke and is partially paralzed on the left side. She talks only sometimes.
This all happened 2 days after I had my baby on June 1st 2013.
I think she has lost hope and the rehab facility said they are going to stop working with her soon because she does not want to get better although she can.
I am requesting a miracle that my mother can show dramatic changes in the next couple of days.


From: Sara Sh Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 4:17 PM
Subject: Second email Re: Urgent prayer for someone one who is on drugs

I pray to St Jude that you please help me for hopeless cause in the name of my saviour Jesus Christ.
My name is Saijal and I pray that a man named Danny Joe of Warren, Michigan forgives me and tell me
he loves me so I can help him get off drugs and care for him. My mom does not like Danny
because she felt he is not good, so he stopped talking to me on 06/22/13.
Then on 07/14/2013 he texted me and told me sorry and he understands about my mom
and then on 07/19/2013 he stopped talking to me again with no explanation.
I even tried calling him.

I think he wants me to choose between him and my mom
but my mom is sick and I have to help her and he knows this and
still he stopped talking to me with no explanation on 07/19/2013.
please St. Jude I ask you to grant me that you please let Danny love me
and forgive me because my heart is pure and I really only want to
save him from drugs and I ask please do a miracle that he confesses he loves me
and that is willing to do anything it takes to be in my life and that he comes to me tells me he
forgives me because I am so clueless as to why he stopped talking to me again and I even wrote
him a forgiveness letter to his work in Troy, MI
for him to forgive me and that he asks to marry me and love so I can save him.
Please I ask this request be granted and come to pass ST Jude in savior Jesus Christ name.
I will tell so many people about St Jude and give a donation to this website if my this comes to pass.
Thank you Amen.
Saijal (Sara)


From: Lance Bro
Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 7:54 PM
Subject: reconciliation with my wife

My wife left me 6 months ago and stated that she did not love me anymore I found out that she committed adultery.
And she recently got into a car accident because she was drinking.
She should not have survived the wreck. I'm asking for prayer over her that God will open her eyes
to the truth that is seen in me and the live that I have for her.
I hope God brings my wife back to me and I plead the blood of Jesus over
a reconciliation over our marriage her name is Jenna Lea P and my name is Lance Brown please pray
that we will reunite with more love compassion understanding truthfulness
and that we will seek God in all we do. I pray that our hearts will mend shape conform and
reconnect with each other and no man or woman can break the bond that we have for each other.
And we will be faith full to each other and trust will be key and more amazing than before.
Our love will be never ending and till death do us part amen


From: janet speleti
Sent: Monday, July 8, 2013 7:15 AM
Subject: The Prayer Page

Please pray for my twenty five year old son. Give him the strength to finish school do well at work. HE IS SAD HE HAS NO ONE TO SHARE
HIS LIFE WITH. He needs someone to love and love him back the same way. Please pray for him. He has come so far.
Thank you HE is my only son and his name is Nick.


From: Anoop Madhavan
Sent: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 3:15 AM
Subject: Prayer Request for the Job


From: Rac Hna rac_315254@
Sent: Saturday, July 13, 2013 6:17 AM
Subject: Pray for all those in need

I m really thankful to the person who created thsi page specially for people like us who need prayers...
I wanted you to pray for me to get my EEA2 visa done beacause I m struggling since last 4 years and they r refusing it.
..m jobless n homeless since lst 4 yrs bt m still fighting for it.....this is the last hope for me and my family..
..I thank Lord and thanks to everyone who is praying for us..
..May God Bless All !!!

Thanks you....


From: Danielle Jurc Sent: Monday, June 17, 2013 7:26 AM
Subject: The Prayer Page TY

A little girl is thorn apart in a thug of war between her separated parents.st Jude you are a performer of miracles
through your intercession before Jesus.
Let all brainwashing of the child Jessica stop and may all parties have her best interest at heart.
Pray for her Our Holy Mother St Joseph and Jesus
for a prompt resolve of a situation where we see no end
,for protection of the innocent.
A desperate grand mother of Jessica


From: "Kenne , RebeccKENNED@
Sent: Monday, June 17, 2013 2:28 PM
Subject: From the Prayer page

Please pray for my dad he really needs a miracle with his health.
His name is William Ryan he can use as many prayers as there are.
Thank you
Rebecca Kenne


From: "cdemas@sunnyb
Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 4:19 PM
Subject: The Prayer Page

Please add my friend John Smith who was in a tragic accident on Monday.
a tree fell on him and he now has severe head trauma and is in a coma.
Please pray for his recovery.


From: james gi Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 7:08 PM
Subject: Asperger's

Please pray for me I have asperser's and I'm very gullible .
I'm 29 years old and I'd like to find a good girl and marry,
but I keep attracting users who get me into trouble,
take my money, car
and almost everything else. I need help finding a good girl who wont use me for money.

James Gi


From: Marsha Marti Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2013 8:28 AM
Subject: The Prayer Page

Please prayer for Mr C Roban and his family with the difficult financial situation they are facing in their lives
may god assist him in finding a new job and a comfortable place to live

I ask your mercy lord Jesus Christ


From: Jacqueline Geoha < geohaghan >
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2013 1:54 AM
Subject: The Prayer Page

Please pray for a job guidance to manage when I do..


From: Sarah Zai Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2013 10:37 PM
Subject: My family ....

my name is Sarah and I'm 19 years old ...I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and i'm having a really hard time.....my love ...
my boyfriend of four years broke up.... we fight a lot but I always thought we were different...
I thought he loved me just as much as I love him)):
he said he would never leave me that he would love me forever
...he wanted this family.... we got into a fight and I left out of anger...he called me names and I was so hurt that I just left....
I tried to call him and he wouldn't answer at all I went to the apartment to talk to him
and he said he loved me but he wanted to get back togather slowlyyy...
. I tried to understand .... he would call me but he was just really mean and he acted like he didn't have enough time for me
.... we have never been away from eachother idk whats going on ..
. I cant stand to be away from him I love him so much .
... we had this baby on purpose I never thought he would be like this .
..I thought he would be with me even if times get hard.
...I don't know what im going to do without him..
. iv never pictured my life without him ...and I never want to I can't.
.. please pray for him to come back to me to be a family again..
.It hurts so bad I cant function ...
. how could he be so careless I love him so much ..
. he wanted this please with all my heart I want him to come back soon .
... I want him to be here for the last bit of my pregnancy
I really want to do this with him ... my heart is broken... - sarah