When dealing with the likes of the major player
in this case
who is in jail for murder in Peru
I must be careful of what I place on this page
Joran van Der Sloot
has never been charged in Natalee Holloway 's disappearance


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May 30th 2016 will Mark the 11th anniversary of the disappearance of
Natalee Holloway

Greta Van Sustern ( #gretavansusteren )
covered the story in depth as it was unfolding
Nancy Grace ( #nancygracehln ) covered it too but I recall
Natalee's parents did many, many more interviews with Greta than Nancy
it seemed they liked Greta's tone and hard hitting
- on site in Aruba - in person investigation


This page asks other questions too
as well as presents June 2005 and 2014 satellite Images and Space Photos
of the Marriott Surf Club site on Aruba


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to read more on this possiblity



A new eyewitness has contacted Dave Holloway = Natalees father
and diclosed he saw someone who he believes
was Joran Van der Sloot bury a female
in the foundation of a stairwell at the construction site
for the Marriott Surf Club on Aruba
the night of MAY 30TH 2005

Aruban authorities have again refused to look into
seemingly credible information
stating the Marriott has said there was no construction
: at the site at that time
the satellite photos presented here seem to show differently

The Aruban authorities have consistently bothched their investigation
although the word investigation does not come close
to describing their actions in regards to this case

They again have stymied the Holloways by refusing
to even ask the Marriot Company to allow access to the site
of the Marriott Surf Club

All that is needed is to drill a few small holes
in the cement foundation and then
bring a cadaver dog in
the cost would be negligible
and Dave Holloway has offered to cover the costs

The Aruban Police investigation approach to this case has been
so incomplete and inept it raises the question
Is it time to call for a boycott of travel to Aruba and
the Marriott Hotels around the world ?


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The above info having been presented - I have other questions
which have never been addressed by the Arubans

It seems they are worse than Keystone Cops
( for all old enough to know who they were )

Have the Aruban authorities ever looked in the graves
of those who died or were buried
around the time of Natalee Holloway going missing

Maybe Joran Van der Sloot found an already excavated grave
which was dug for another's burial
- THEN put her body in the bottom of the hole
and covered it with enough dirt to conceal it,
- when the casket was put in and the grave filled with dirt
no one would know OR suspect anything ....

OR MAYBE Joran used a recently closed/filled in grave site with fresh dirt
- dug it out a bit - put her body on top of the casket
and then covered it with dirt ?????

Did the ARUBAN police ever check the
used grease holding tank at the McDonald's
where Joran Van Der Sloot
said he and his father went at 2:00 a.m.
The Van Der Sloots said it was closed.
If you recall Joran's father told police
he drove "somewhere" to Pick Up Joran ( Urine )
and told police that they went to the McDonalds

I am sure they had to tell police
they went there in case someone saw them drive through the lot

They could have stopped -
put the body in the very large holding tank for used grease
and drove off

The bones could still be there
even if the tank has been emptied


Jorans father has since died and
took the secrets to his own grave


Did the police take any dirt samples from Joran 's room or the cars
he said he was in ?
which could have been compared to various other sites on the Island


Natalee Holloway and Her suspected Murderer Joran Van Der Sloot

Natalee And her mother Beth Holloway in happier times

Dave Holloway and Natalee Holloway


CLICK on photo for a June 2005 Satellite photo Zoom view


CLICK HERE for Nov 2104 Satellite View


The technology and ability to go back and get satellite photos
bolsters the effort to use satellite photos and drones to find
missing women, men and children
and solve other crimes

Read about that technology


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Now here is more disturbing info about Joran Van der Sloot

He is now spoken for

by someone other than a 'friendly' co inmate

Joran ( pronounced "urine" ) was allowed
to marry a female while in prison in July 2014

I must repeat
The Dutch national, who is serving a 28-year sentence
for the May 30 th 2010 killing of Stephany Flores --
married a Peruvian woman named Leidy Figueroa,
his attorney told CNN en Espanol.

Joran van der Sloot married a woman ( named Leidy Figueroa )

It is reported he met her
as she visited another prisoner at his Lima prison

The couple had child in Sept 2014, according to his lawyer
Van der Sloot pleaded guilty in 2012 to the murder
of a 21-year-old Peruvian woman

The murder occurred exactly 5 years to the day
after Natalee Holloway went missing - May 30 th 2005

He was arrested twice in Aruba, but never charged,
in Natalee Holloway's disappearance

So Joran van der Sloot has been tied to the disappearance of one woman
and been convicted of murdering another.

The nuptials took place at the Lima, Peru, prison
where the 26-year-old van der Sloot is being held,
according to the lawyer, Maximo Altez. John Barrera, Mayor of Ancón District, presided over the ceremony.

Mrs Leidy Van der Sloot must be a real catch !!!
and it is almost a given she must share her prize
with some of the other more manly inmates
( good buddies to use a term from the 70's for male companionship

My advice to Joran is "Don't drop the soap in the shower ---- ooouuuuuch !!!!


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Is Natalee Holloway Buried in someone else's Grave ?

Is Natalee Holloway Buried in someone else's Grave ? #nataleeholloway
#gretavansusteren #joranvandersloot 2005 satellite images
of Marriott Aruba Surf Club space pictures of Aruba 2005
Natalee Holloway burial site
Van der Sloots wife's name is Leidy Figueroa