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Michelle Parker is Still Missing


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Help Find Timothy Geren
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This page presents Missing Person Scenarios
on how existing technology can be used to
find missing, abducted victims quickly

Also found are Reasons and explanations of why
and scenarios of how
the use of unmanned military drones over cities would
greatly reduce the numbers of Missing person cases
and ALL other crimes in America

Would using unmanned military drones
picture taking and transmitting technology
help find missing men women and children
and solve most other crimes very quickly
we believe it would

Read about that possibility
in the scenarios presented on this page
and sign the linked Petition


Most of the reported yearly 800,000
abducted or missing women men & children
would be found quickly

The drones which could be used are the ones
being phased out because of our cutbacks
in military involvement in Iraq And Afghanistan
These drones have surveillance capabilities above and beyond anything
the public is aware of
The technology is top secret

There is a Link to a Petition
with more Info on this solution on this page

To those worried about invasion of privacy --
Law Enforcement would be too busy using
this system to solve crimes within minutes
by locating and following criminals in minutes and arrest them
to peek into your backyard.
Once Criminals know they can be followed anywhere
I AM sure many would not commit many of their crimes

Of course it will not stop all crimes but it would
have a tremendous affect on crime stats
in addition to saving billions now spent on searches and trials



Before getting to the
Missing Persons cases info
I feel it is my duty to
tell the readers of my Missing Person Pages
how you can protect your loved ones
With a unique new device


The V.ALRT Multi-Purpose is a personal electronic warning and
notification system

Can be used to find and locate
a lost, missing or abducted person
summon help for a person who needs any type of help
like and elderly or invalid person who has fallen


Limit 2 per order

How much is too much
to help protect your family and loved ones ?

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We are aware some criminals don't care if they are caught
and in some cases they prefer to be dead after their crimes
but the technology presented on this page can help
get video on what happened before the crime
like where the perp came from -
MOST importantly in abduction çases - where he took his victim
where his car is parked - etc etc

IF you are as tired of hearing about
missing women, children and men and other crimes as I am
You have an opportunity to DO SOMETHING

Again, PLEASE READ and Sign the Petition which presents a solution and asks
Our elected officials to adapt existing
military unmanned drone or satellite picture taking and transmitting technology
for use by Law Enforcement to find Missing Children women and men
and quickly solve other crimes
and help protect us from terrorists

Be informed about our effort to accomplish this
YOU can see to it these acts are drastically reduced
Victims are rescued and victim's families given some peace

Had this technology been in place over San Bernardino Ca.
the shooters would have been located within minutes

The same can be said for the Boston Bombers, The Paris Terrorists
and most other crimes

We have recently started using similar drones to protrect our borders
and they are proving to be effective

To sign the petition to help get the proposed solution in Place


An example of this system is seen if you

Click HERE
see a close up version of the above picture of the area
where Caylee Anthony's Body was found ( taken from space )

the picture has been altered to show what is possible


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Missing Minorities
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English and Spansih
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Missing Minority Victims
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One of the newest pages I have built
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Diana Zacarias 's Case Needs to be solved
Last seen near South Rim of Grand Canyon
April 1st 2016
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According to a survey, from May 2015, THERE ARE now well over 1.5 billion websites available on the web
Why did you find this one ?
It is our hope it was fate and you will be educated and see the need for what we propose
Then ADD your voice, sign the petition and offer help through the links on this page



Just By using the methods and technologies presented here
we could have saved hundreds of millions of Dollars spent and lost because of the Boston Marathon Bombings


It is our wish the scenarios presented later on this page convince you of the feasibility
of using satellite and unmanned drone surveillance to
Find missing men, women, and children quickly
solve most other crimes
while providing a safer environment for us all

- Please consider the next few paragraphs

The Boston Marathon Bombing was the Biggest news story in the past 10 years

The bombers could have been found within minutes
in the FBI video's
You ask = How ?
Once they were identified and seen walking around the corner of
Boylestown Street and Gloucester Street in the FBI video
following behind a women with yellow balloons
IF the system proposed on my pages were in place
the investigating Law Enforcement Agencies with access to the
videos and pictures which were captured by the drone or satellite surveillance cameras
would have just needed to access the archived videos or pictures
of the area at the time the Suspects were there
It would be just a matter of picking them out of the crowd in the pictures
( again - they were walking behind a woman with yellow balloons -
Click here for more on that
so they should be easy to find
Then once the operators of the surveillance system spotted them,
it is merely a matter of following them through the crowd
and then after the bombs went off
following them to where they went

Thus had the Satellite or Drone Surveillance System been in place over the area
the bombers would have been in custody within minutes
of the time the FBI were made aware of the suspects having been caught on video
walking behind the woman with the yellow balloons

What would the outcome have been ?

First Patrolman Sean Collier of the M.I.T. police would not have been kill ed

In addition:
The hundreds of millions of dollars the city and businesses lost because Boston
was shut down for days, would NOT have been lost

The millions amount of taxpayer dollars spent on the subsequent search would have been drastically reduced.

Now how can anyone honestly be against a system that could accomplish what is presented on this page

Another examples of how what we propose would works:
The Cleveland 3 ( The WOMEN who were found alive in Cleveland OH.
after being missing for 10 years, could have been found within minutes of their disappearances
and the cost of those searches and investigations
the pain the victims were subjected to and the anxiety and distress the families underwent can Not even be estimated
But it is surely enormous

Don't forget -- The place where Jodi Aria s threw away the gun and knife would be known
and that evidence would have almost surely eliminated the trial
which has cost the taxpayers of Arizona well over 1.5 million dollars
If police had the gun they could trace it back to Jodi's Grandfather


The Developments
in the Natalee Holloway Case

Natalee Holloway 's father used archived Goolge Earth Pictures
of the Island of Aruba to show a construction site
of a Marriott Surf Club from 2005
where an eyewitness has told
Dave Holloway, Natalees Father
he saw a man who he believes is Joran Van der Sloot
Bury a female body

The Aruba authorities refuse to inspect the site
stating Marriott Corp said there was
no construction at the site in 2005
the satellite images appear to show differently

CLICK on photo
Of the Aruba Marriott Surf Club construction site
for a Zoomed in view of the Satellite image from June 2005



for for the latest Nov 2104 Satellite View of the same area in the previous photo

Read about those developments
in The Natalee Holloway missing person case HERE

Once More:
YOU can help immensely
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Read The first scenario


The second scenario is presented
by clicking HERE

EVERYONE who reads this page has an opportunity
To get involved in changing the way we live
Making our lives and our loved ones safer
plus all the other benefits such changes would offer

We have the existing technology to do this
and we offer it here

Many crimes could be solved within Minutes, YES MINUTES,
IF THE system presented here were in place.
Missing and Abducted Children Women and men cases that end badly would drop off to almost 0
with the victims rescued safely

Murderers would be caught, and murders solved
car thieves apprehended and the vehicles returned to owners quickly
Any crime could be solved WITHIN MINUTES

Our main concern is for the 2000 Americans who go Missing EVERY DAY
But the proposed solution could drastically reduce and solve All crimes

Now, To address the Missing Person scourge that sweeps our nation:
800,000 Americans are reported missing EACH YEAR
40% of those are minorities
But most cases are NOT long term situations
AND the missing person is found within hours
Even being missing for that short of a time can be terrifying
both to the victim and the victim's Family

Using those numbers -- a staggering minimum - $1,200,000,00
- that's 1.2 Billion tax payer Dollars are spent each year on just short basic searches
and as you hear on TV EVERY night many, many searches last much Longer
Some are not resolved for weeks, months, years or decade but the searches continue
When totaled, tens of Billions of taxpayers dollars are spent EACH YEAR on Searches for the missing
and the added costs of investigations and other Law Enforcement actions associated with those searches

The Boston Bombing alone has cost more than 1/2 billion dollars
in overall losses and funds spent on the case

We can reduce those numbers to almost nothing


Contact me IF you need a page for your case ( Missing person or Crime Victim cases )

I have over 40 pages online

We are dedicated to Help Find the Missing
and help solve other CRIMES
we will build a page at NO COST for any crime that is presented to us
WE WILL ALSO PLACE LINKS TO Existing pages on our various missing person pages
and submit your page to major search engines for maximum exposure

Click on the link directly below

We Will Build a page for your case
We will build a page for you


The following link to the Tabitha Lynn Franklin Case is a sample of the type Of Page
I will build for any Missing person case
And then Place a similar link on my other 80 pages for the Missing

Tabitha Lynn Franklin
Tabitha Lynn Franklin

Tabitha Lynn Franklin Needs to be Found

We have a special group prayer page

We paray as one FOR ALL the missing
to be found safely and quickly.
We/You can do SOMETHING MORE to assure they are

This page presents links to a petition and our main page info
It also offers 2 different scenarios which deal with the proposed solution to use
the EXISTING Real Time Drone Satellite video and
Picture Capturing and Storing and transmitting Technology
to find missing persons within MINUTES - YES MINUTES after being reported:
it would spare tens of millions of families
the pain of dealing with a missing loved one in the future
can drastically reduce ALL other crimes
and EACH year Save Billions of taxpayer dollars spent on Searches, investigations and court proceedings
and even more billions on the after math of other crimes

PLUS the capability to take pictures from space and transmit them down to earth within seconds
could also be used to prove someones innocence or guilt
And in recent days there have been some executions in which that was questionable, I refer to Troy Davis

The Existing technology presented here is NOT GPS, cell phone tracking or Micro Chipping -
Those are minimally effective and offer a false sense of security as you will read here
the scenarios you will read on this page
do address those alternatives and point out their flaws
those are tools that can be used in addition to other methods
But NOT relied on for a persons safety

Hopefully the preceding paragraphs have sparked your interest
We expect those who read this page are interested in helping solve the problem.
Educate yourself and use the links to the petition to ask the media to inform the public
and contact our elected officials
Then PLEASE SHARE this info with everyone you can, in any way you can


Contact HLN AND CNN shows through this link

Contact Nancy Grace - Jane Mitchell - ALL THE OTHER SHows
ask them to help





Read the Two scenarios

You may recognize them as very similar to recent cases
One in which the mother was accused of killing her daughter in Florida
and was found not guilty
these scenarios give insight into how the system could be used to
rescue missing, abducted women children and men
and track a suspect and gain indisputable evidence
thus reducing costly, lengthy court cases in the future
The drone / satellite surveillance picture evidence would prove almost every case


The first scenario


The second scenario is presented

Take a look at the Featured cases
and links to many other cases listed below
Michelle Parker - Karen Swift - Morgan Harrington

The Mitrice Richardson Case ~ Rosemary Day ~ Lori Jean Lloyd

Sharon West ~ Amy Patterson ~
Gabriel Scott Johnson ~ Jessie Foster -
Lauren Spierer - Jacque Sue Waller -
- Jennifer Kesse - Celina Cass -
- Tracy Ocasio -
Adji Desir - Jerrod Johnston -

Rebecca and Russell Porter
and Holly Bobo

With 800,000 missing person reports EACH YEAR
WE SPEND an estimated - 9.8 Billion Dollars on Searches ALONE


Click Here To Sign Petition

Please ADD Your voice and SIGN the petition then share it with all you have contact with
in any online social media sites you use

to sign this Petition

and again, PLEASE share this URL on Face Book and Tweet it too
or http://sign.1sta.com
the petition will be sent to The President
and the senders SPECIFIC Senators and Congressmen and many media outlets and show hosts
requesting they move to adapt the existing technology described on this page

After educating yourself by reading this page
Come back to the above petition link and ADD YOUR VOICE
to ask our elected officials to act

Again: We also need EVERY American to contact the media and ask them to inform the public about this effort


We could find most missing persons WITHIN MINUTES - YES MINUTES
and solve and reduce other crimes AS QUICKLY - with less man hours and expenditure
leaving no room for excuses NOT to give EVERY CASE FULL attention
saving the 9.6 billion spent EACH YEAR on JUST searches and investigations
while sparing tens of millions families the stress of dealing with a missing loved one
and individuals the ordeal of being A CRIME VICTIM,
plus prevent crimes from happening in the future,
any of those results, in and by themselves,
would be reason enough for you to show interest,
but they can all be achieved by just implementing the system.


I will post ANY missing person's case and info
in the "More Missing Persons Cases" section found in the main web sites navigation menu

ALL you need do is email me the info and URL of your cases page

to send me your case


Again: PLEASE Don't fail to read the two scenarios on this page
they will enlighten you to no end

AND I beg you to Book mark this page so you can return at your leisure
to read it and be educated

It should be obvious to everyone, Passing Laws will not stop crime
of course they are a tool to be used BUT
we MUST take more drastic steps to put into place solutions/systems/methods
to assure the safe, quick rescue and return of EVERY missing person
and capturing criminals within Minutes ( Yes MINUTES ) after a crime is reported

These systems/methods Exist and we have perfected them
and used them to protect our troops for many, many years

One case solved OR one victim saved using the existing technology described on this page would no doubt
put the fear of God into the hearts of those who would perpetrate these and other crimes



Here is an Amber Alert Runner
If the back ground is yellow there is an active Amber Alert Somewhere In the U.S.
Place your cursor on the Missing's UNDERLINED Name and Click


There are 2000 Americans who go missing EVERY DAY
there are in reality, tens of millions of Americans who WILL go missing
in the coming decades who can be saved by OUR solution
of using existing systems of drone / satellite surveillance technology
to track, trace and rescue missing Americans safely within Minutes of them being reported missing
capture the criminal quickly (again, in some cases within minutes )
AND drastically reduce many other crimes

But we can put in place systems
which could help guarantee those that would commit these crimes
WILL most assuredly be CAUGHT QUICKLY


ALL THIS AND saving Billions EVERY Year
The big question is: Are you willing to DO SOMETHING other than talk about DOING SOMETHING


The technology presented here is NOT
I repeat NOT - GPS tracking or cell phone tracing or chipping and monitoring
but exists and is being used right now by our military NOT by Law Enforcement

GPS and Cell phone tracking are merely secondary tools
which can NOT be relied on to trace the where-abouts of each unit accurately
you will read why in the first scenario

The presentations on this page are hypothetical scenarios and relate how
IF adapted for use by Law Enforcement
the existing systems
of drones / satellite surveillance ( real time picture taking ) technology,
could work TO Find VICTIMS, safely and QUICKLY
Solve OTHER crimes more efficiently and actually
Spare tens of millions of families, the pain of dealing with a missing loved one in the future
while saving billions of dollars EACH YEAR spent on searchers and other crime investigations
Is that enough to stir your interest
Read On
That is No Exaggeration


Please DO NOT Stop reading this page
YOU WILL BE amazed by the fact the technology exists and we are not using it

We fully recognize the 'Invasion Of Privacy' and "Big Brother" issue and paranoia -
But do criminals respect your privacy
when they abduct children, kill and rape women and commit other crimes
which cause you or your neighbors to be victims

Ask the families with missing loved ones or crime victims in the past IF they
would trade a bit of privacy to have had their missing family member returned quickly or
to have had the criminal who made them victims captured more quickly

The issues of privacy and Big Brother fears are dealt with in more detail on our main web page


The best way for you to help -- is to read this page fully
then send the letters and sign the petition
I can NOT do it ALL

Complete details stats, costs, and more missing persons cases are found on our main web site


Please keep reading - I implore you, DO NOT navigate off this page

Start helping by ADDING your voice at the designated links seen on this page
Look for the "ADD YOUR VOICE" "PRESS HERE" Buttons


IF the existing technology were made available for use by police and implemented,
it would save taxpayers the estimated 9.6 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR
spent on JUST basic Searches for the missing over 2000 missing Americans per day

Not to mention the additional savings of tens of Billions spent on investigating,
solving and prosecuting OTHER crimes like robbery, murder, home invasions, rape, car thefts, etc. --- ANY crime --- QUICKLY
That alone should incite every American to back this effort


While it's true most of the reported missing are found within minutes
any search for any amount of time costs money
There is still a huge number that are not found quickly
and there are hundreds of cases per year where the missing person
is not found for lengthy periods of time - IF EVER
Those are the cases from which our proposed solution would benefit most


contact me HERE

Our Military has used this system for decades to protect our troops and spy on our enemies
they have perfected the system to incredible REAL TIME picture taking, storage and retrieval capabilities -
we have paid for it and NEED to get it adapted for use by Law Enforcement in America

The surprising low Cost and other details are provided on Our Main Page
see link on this page to our Main Page


PLEASE Post a link to this page ( http://cayleelawplus.vze.com )
on various Face Book pages or in the comments on online artiCles for ANY case for the missing you come across

The Time has come for The TV Hosts to cease
JUST talking and reporting on or speculating about these atrocities
The media needs to tell the public about this
and allow each American to decide if it is something they would back

It will be too late when one of the 2000 Americans
who are reported missing EACH DAY is one of your family members
Or you become a victim of crime


We have formed a grassroots effort to Get Mainstream Media Show hosts
to help educate the public about the existence of this Technology
But none have responded - Why ????

Yet they continue to cry "WE MUST DO SOMETHING - yet they have ALL been presented with our possible solution and up to now have ignored it

Isn't it time we addressed the problem Head On No Matter what
And shouldn't the public be made aware of ALL the tools we have to alleviate these crimes and save lives
and be informed and allowed to decide for themselves to get involved

Wouldn't it be great if ALL missing person cases ( women children and men )
and most OTHER CRIMES ended as quickly AND as well as THE FIRST SCENARIO presented on this page
Most Can -

The technology presented here is NOT GPS tracking BUT is a systems which could be adapted for use by Law Enforcement
It has been used to protect our troops for decades
even though our government will still NOT
admit we have it because of secrecy concerns
ALL our enemies know we have it yet we continue to hide it
from the people who paid for it -- WE THE PEOPLE

You came here to get info on how we can find the missing quickly and safely
AND drastically reduce ALL OTHER CRIME

Please book mark MY pages
so you can return
they are LONG and admittedly a bit tedious BUT WELL worth the time

IF you can find your way to help PLEASE DO NOT hesitate
Time is short for the next person who goes missing or is a crime victim
- It could be one of your loved ones

Please keep reading, the time you spend here pales in comparison to the time
a family with a missing loved one spends looking for their family member


I want to express my deepest sympathies to
ANY family who has a Missing loved one
I pray EVERY Day that the missing are found ( stop at pray.1sta.com and add your prayers to Ours )

The existing real-time,
high resolution, drone or satellite surveillance technology exists
The proof is found on the Main Web Page
The system could be used to solve older cold case crimes within minutes
like a body or bodies found
robberies, murder, rapes, home invasions Car thefts, etc. etc.
and MANY other crimes

I repeat: This technology has been used for decades to protect our troops
and has been perfected to amazing capabilities
We need to demand it be adapted for use by Law Enforcement to protect us ALL

Our MAIN page - is HERE -

with ALL the details on the solution to finding the missing, the proof the technology exists,
and answers to ALL your questions
and how you can help -- findthemissing.vze.com

Forgive our lack of expenditure for a fancy WEBSITE
We fund this completely on our own
I AM NOT a Non Profit Organization BUT
I ask FOR NO MONEY for our effort
and will accept none
ALL I ask is that you Help in any way you can as outlined on this page
Our ONLY goal is help educate the public about the technology which exists
and is being used for other purposes
and ALLOW and plead with each American to decide
to get involved in requesting that technology be used to PROTECT US ALL


Please report any attempt to ask for money
for this effort to us

contact me HERE


This technology could be sold to other countries too

I need to repeat: Why is the media hiding this information ?

Every effort should be made to educate the public to get our leaders to adapt these methods to Law Enforcement uses.


PLEASE ADD your voice to Our Effort
Talk with co workers at the water cooler


You may need to edit the text to 140 characters
you can also eliminate "via @2findthemissing"


This page has info which needs to be shared with AS MANY others as possible
YOU can help immensely
PLEASE SHARE this page with your friends ON Face Book

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to Share on Facebook

the TWITTER Short URL TO USE IS http://t.co/uxgqVwK


We could reduce the numbers of these crime so the activity of POSTINGS
so many Missing Person Notices
if the technology and system presented here were in Place

email me If you have any questions or suggestions to improve this site, or have connections with media outlets
or are involved in a missing person case
you would like presented on Our MAIN page findthemissing.vze.com
I will do interviews with ANYONE willing to give this some exposure

contact me HERE

after reading this page
And wonder why the media is Not educating THE PUBLIC
about this solution to one of the biggest problems we face today
= Missing Americans and Rampant Crime

Someone who is reading this page has connections to the media
I pray you are moved to use your influence and help get this into the public domain

Once the media starts informing Americans about this -
every Law Abiding person should be educated and allowed to decide whether to get involved
and send the pre composed letters linked from our pages to our elected officials

- "We the People" can still Start Change ARE YOU READY to Start ?

You will read NOW how the existing, real time drone surveillance technology
could find a missing / abducted child, women or man quickly and safely
and a second scenario of a body found in a bog in Florida and the person who dumped it is caught,
admits the crime because she was seen in the pictures doing the dumping
thus saving millions on a trial


For More details on the existing systems and technology
Please go to the easy Navigation Menu
on the Main Page After reading this presentation

Click HERE to be taken there

The main page navigation menu presents possible reasons
why our effort has been met with apathy from the media
See "Groups to Find the Missing"
Our main page also states our mission and goals
We have No "Agenda"
as that insinuates we want something in return for our efforts
the main page will educate you on the details of the system
and goals we have set to get this existing drone surveillance in real time technology implemented
It offers proof that we have the capabilities and the system DOES exist,
and is being used to protect our troops
the system is being phased out and
replaced by unmanned drones which are more costly

Our main page - is HERE - findthemissing.vze.com
and ADDRESSES ALL the aspects of such a system
the "Invasion of Privacy" issue is among the topics covered
Our main page relates how you can help too
I need someone with media connections to get involved
OR every day people to become active
and send messages requesting the media pay attention
and give this effort the attention it is SCREAMING for

AND PLEASE SHARE THIS on Face Book and Twitter from the links FOUND ON THIS PAGE


In the meantime while we wait for the media to wake up
you need to educate yourself about the real time, high resolution, drone surveillance systems

with the reported capability of recognizing objects as small as three inches
this has been used for decades to protect our troops and watch our enemies
Again: If adapted for use by Law Enforcement, they could, within minutes, find missing children, women and men and
solve other crimes such as
hit and runs, car thefts, robberies, rapes etc etc
ANY Crime may be solved quickly as outlined on this page
it could also track and follow sex offenders in real time

IT CAN DO MUCH MORE We have paid for the technology
BUT it is NOT being used to protect US ALL in the U.S.


Actor George Clooney is backing an effort to get similar systems put in place over AFRICA to protect those living there
thats Right I said Africa !
Why Not here ?
Friend him on Face Book and Ask him, Please.
I have tried to contact him --- with NO response !!!!!


Now to the
1st Scenario:
Keep in mind this is a scenario BUT the technology exists to do what is presented

It's 7:00 a.m. on a school day

Your Daughter is finishing breakfast, she picks up her back pack and says "Bye Mom and Dad, I Love You" -
You both respond "You too, Hun, have a good day, You have your GPS transmitter, cell phone in your back pack, and you grp watch on, Right ?"
and she says "Yes Daddy and THEY ARE on" --
she walks out the door at 7:04 a.m. for the 13 minute walk to school, 9 blocks away
- Not many other children live on the route she takes, so she walks alone

As she walks along a silver car pulls up ( it is now 7:09:57
(( later in interviews )) it was found the driver rolled down the window
and held a piece of paper out and said
"Have you seen this dog ? "
You daughter jumped at the chance to help someone and Walks over to the car,
The man pointed a gun at HER and told her to Get In the car, your daughter was confused, and said "Your Kidding Right ?"
The man repeated his demand - "Get IN THE F**KING Car Now or I'll shoot you"

Your daughter complies and gets in the car and the driver drives off
It is 7:10:27 a.m. Real Time AND JUST 30 SECONDS HAVE PASSED SINCE The car stopped

At 8:10 the school calls and informs you that your daughter is NOT in school...
You panic and know that something has happened because YOUR daughter would NEVER CUT class
You call your husband and he is confused too. What Should WE do you ask
Your Husband says "Don't waste time - call the police and
and tell them the situation, they will know what to do"
and he adds "while your doing that I will go to the computer and see where
her two GPS Trackers shows she is at"

You call the police, their records show the call came in at 8:12:16 a.m. ( real time )

The police ask a few quick questions like "What time did she leave the house ? - What route did she usually take ? -
Did she have a GPS tracker/transmitter ? -- you answer -- Yes Two of them a GPS watch and a GPS back pack tranmitter
"Does she have a cell phone ? -- Yes -- and he tells you NOT to call the number ?
and adds "if someone has her and hears it ring
he will take it from her
and take away the chance she could use it to contact you"
What was she wearing ?"
He passes that info to another officer who broadcasts the info over the police radio

The officer on the phone asks if you can monitor the two GPS trackers on your computer
and you tell him "YES" and that your husband is doing that from his work computer now
The policeman tells you to tell him to stay by the computer continue tracking your daughters GPSes,
and you give the police his office phone number to help keep them Updated

An officer Logs into the "Regional Drone Surveillance System"
and gets immediate access - the actual time log in is 8:13:46 a.m.
The police have an Officer trained to operate the National Drone Surveillance System on DUTY

At 8:14:09 ( real time ) He types in your home address and a real time picture of your Area pops up on the screen,
he then types the date and time
Today 7:02 a.m. ( National Drone Surveillance System Time ) ( a few minutes before the time you told them your daughter left your house
and the program zooms in on pictures of your house

and then the operator of the system starts to go forward in the picture cache and
he sees a your daughter leaving your yard at 7:05:22 a.m. ( Drone Surveillance System Time )
The pictures are taken at 4 second intervals
He slowly forwards the pictures keeping your daughter in frame
at 7:09:57 in the timeline of the photos he sees her being approached by the silver car,
which stops and your daughter is seen approaching the CAR.

In the next frame she is gone and the car is moving... the time stamp on the System say 7:10:27 a.m. - it is now 8:16:03 a.m. in real time
in 4 seconds a car going 30 mph can travel about 178 Feet
The officer knows that whomever took the girl will NOT BE speeding, so as not to DRAW attention to himself
The officer tracks the car as it moves along by forwarding the pictures,
at one point he zooms in ( the system has the capability to make out objects as small as three inches )
THE OFFICER CAN CLEARLY SEE a Chevrolet Emblem and asks other officers watching him work if
they know what MODEL it is, some one say "ITS A 2009 Camaro" and with that another officer is doing a computer check
for a 2009 Silver Chevy Camaro registered WITH THE COUNTY --- Only one comes Up -
---- another officer checks THE name of the owner against the National Sex Offender Registry
and they get a hit

AT 8:18:50 a.m. ( real time ) A police car is sent to the suspects known address
but it will be a few Minutes before it gets there

At 7:11:51 ( system photo time line )
the system monitor sees the car stop in an alley behind a store off Main Street
the driver got out of the car at 7:12:59 and walked over to a dumpster
and returned to the car, 19 seconds later at 7:13:18 the car pulls away
an officer calls your husband and asks what the GPS tracker shows
he tells him it stopped moving in the block bordered by Cape Parkway, Lafayette Street, Leonard Street and Viskaya Blvd

They dispatch a cruiser to the location of where the car stopped and from which the GPS's are still sending signals

Above Photo is taken from GeoEye.com and is NOT a photo of the actual crime scene

The operator officer zooms out a bit to keep the car in the Picture
and sees the car is heading out of town
He contacts the County Sheriff and supplies him with the Info,
he moves ahead in the pictures cache as fast as he can
making sure he keeps the suspects car in the picture frame
until he is a Few seconds from real time and

It is Now 8:20:06 a.m. Real Time

He sees the car pulled off the main road and drive up an old road which leads to a deserted house.

He has already dispatched a helicopter, K-9 and ambulance Unit to the scene in case it is needed to track the victim and suspect

He Sees the car stop and the man drag his captor into the woods behind the house

He broadcast this info while viewing it and directed the Sheriff and other units to the area,
he sees the deputies and K-9 unit arrive at 8:20:43

The dog races into the woods and corners the abductor

Then the Sheriff is heard over the radio "Suspect in custody - Victim is Alive AND APPEARS UNHARMED"

The officer looks at the clock and it is 8:22:56 a.m.

The length of time from when you made the call ( 8:13:06 ) to the police
to the radio message from the Sheriff that she was found safe was just under 10 Minutes
Why did the GPS stop moving ?

During his interrogation the offender tells police he has
a metal detector and signal detector/scanner
AND he stopped behind the store to check your daughter for GPS transmitters or cell phone.
He says he found the GPS watch AND cell phone using metal and signal detectors and threw THEM into the dumpster.
He also said he was prepared to cut them out if there had been implanted chips of any kind
The suspect said he had bought the scanners and metal detectors at Radio Shack
Police found the cell phone and the GPS watch and back pack trackers in the dumpster

That explains why the GPS trackers stopped moving
and why those devices are merely a secondary tool to be used
and not be solely relied on to help find the missing
They are easily found and discarded or rendered useless


The offender was supposed to be wearing an ankle transmitter
BUT somehow it was not being monitored as it should have been
Eventually it also turned out, he had violated his probation numerous times and fell through the cracks
IF the monitoring system had been used effectively
he would NOT have been on the street to commit this crime

The Rescue lasted under 10 minutes but cost taxpayers $4600.00 because a helicopter and K-9 was used

A normal BASIC 6 to 8 man search ( WITHOUT any extra help such as helicopters, boats, divers, K9's etc )
costs a minimum of $5000.00 to $7000.00 PER HOUR

As more sophisticated equipment is added the cost FOR ANY BASIC SEARCH rises quickly
A one day search could cost over $100,000.00

Had not the system in this fictional scenario been used, the perp and victim may not have been found at all,
or the search for the missing girl could have lasted for weeks, months, or even years and maybe never resolved
As in the Caylee Anthony, Lacey and Stacey Peterson, Susan Powell,
and Jeniffer Kesse, Michelle Parker, Karen Swift cases and so many other ongoing cases
have cost the taxpayers millions.

I repeat: Over 9.6 Billion Dollars is spent EACH YEAR on searches for the over 800,000
who are reported missing
Implementing this system would save a major portion of that money
PLUS reduce the amount of money spent on other crime investigations and on the court cases


2ND Scenario -
Please remember this is just a scenario

It is early morning on a typical summer day, July 16th 2008 in Mid Florida ---
a grandmother telephones police and tells them she has just found out
that her grand daughter has been missing for a month
the police dispatcher does two things -
she dispatches deputies to the home and
puts the call through to the Orlando Center for the Drone Surveillance System,
The officers manning the center enter the callers address into their computer
-- which gives the GPS coordinates for the home address
They have also accessed the National Drone Surveillance System and Immediately and enter those co ordinates
a picture of the home comes up within seconds on the screen

One of the operators of the system asks the grand mother when the last time her grand-daughter was seen and was told
because the grandmother worked as a nurse during the day --
the child was seen by her grandfather on Monday June 16th in the late morning or early afternoon
when the child left with her mother in a huff.

The operator goes back in the archived photos to Sunday June 15th - just to be sure
and zooms in on the location of the missing child's grandparents home
At 4:38 p.m. he sees Black Chevy HHS pull into the garage, there is White Pontiac already parked in the driveway
and later four people - a white haired man - 2 woman One light blond the other darker hair ) and a child are seen in the pool
But they go into the house near dusk
the grand mother tells the police her daughter drives the white Pontiac Sunbird with a black "bra" ( stone protector ) on the front

The photo tracking system can identify objects as small as a few inches
He starts to move forward from June 15th in the picture cache
it took just a seconds of fast forwarding the pictures to 12:37 p.m. Monday June 16th 2008
to see the a woman and a child get into the white car in the driveway of the Grandmothers home
And pull out of the driveway and drive to an apartment,
which turned out to be where a "male companion" of the mother of missing child's lived
it takes the officer seconds to go through the pictures for each hour of Photos
the operator of the system see no suspicious activity in the next few days,
a few pictures of the mother obviously
putting a child in and taking a child out of the car
at various places from the 16th to Sunday 22nd of June

At 2:33 p.m. on Monday JUNE 23RD The mother is seen taking the child to a Mc Donald's
and then going to what turned out to be another "male companions" house where his Red Jeep is parked in the driveway

It is the last time the child is seen in ANY PICTURES

Later on June 23rd at 5:07 p.m. the male is seen getting into his Jeep alone and driving away
BUT at 6:15 p.m. on the 23rd The mother is seen in the driveway of the male companion
placing a black bundle in the trunk of her car then
driving all around the city, going mostly to parks and remote areas

Then child is NOT seen again in ANY pictures.
During the next days the mothers does NOT return to her parent's home
except for about 45 MINUTES on the 24th of June,
she is seen talking with a neighbor and getting a shovel from him
and goes into the backyard and digs around in an area near a play house
But does nothing more
She returns the shovel by throwing it over the fence into the neighbors yard

The mother is then seen going to stores and banks at various times over the 4 days
The mother is seen parking her car at the complex yet another "male friend" and staying for the next few days
Just going out to stores and returning
Then On pictures time stamped 6:43 p.m. June 27th, the operator sees a lot of activity around the car which is parked in the latest "Male friends" apartment parking lot
BUT away from the Apartment AND AWAY FROM OTHER CARS
the mother gets in the car alone and the car is then driven to a
spot about 1/4 mile from her parent's residence,
it pulls off the road, it is a wooded swamp area.

Click here to see a closer version of the above picture

this picture has been altered to show what the system could do
But THE SYSTEMS full capabilities to zoom in are not depicted


To Continue the scenario


With the zoom capabilities the system uses,
the car WHICH HAS A front black "grill bra"
is plainly recognized as a Pontiac Sunbird
a woman with her dark hair in a bun ( who is later identified as the mother of the missing child )
is seen getting out, opening the trunk and taking out the black bundle she had
placed in the trunk on the 23rd and put that bundle into another black garbage bag
and walking into the swampy area
and when the woman
returns to the car he/she is NOT carrying anything

The System operator dispatches the missing person unit to the scene
where the suspicious activity took place
Within minutes the officers who responded to the scene radio in
"We have found a child's remains in a black garbage bag"

The operator then reverses the pictures to check again where the car came from
and the picture verified it as having been driven there from the parking lot of the mothers boyfriends apartment

The photo system operator then moved the photos forward again to see
where the car went after the bag was dumped
The car was seen driving directly back to the mothers boyfriend's apartment building and the woman getting out
and walking up to an apartment door and entering at 6:59 p.m. June 27th 2008
she leaves after a while and the car was caught in photos
being pushed into a parking spot at a check store by two men,
it was later disclosed it had run out of gas and was abandoned there

She is seen getting into a jeep, and driving away from the check store,
the jeep turned out to belong to another of the mothers male friends,
it went directly to his apartment, where they stayed the night

In the series of archived photos referenced from June 27th after her car was abandoned
and viewed frame by frame until the child's body was recovered July 16th 2008
the suspect was seen driving the jeep to the airport and dropping off her male companion
then the mother is seen driving the jeep around at
all hours of the day and night to various locations in Orlando
she twice is seen slowly driving past the area where she dumped her daughters body,
seemingly leading a CARE FREE life

Then the call from the grandmother and everything came to a head

The police checked the archived images and videos and saw that the pool ladder was removed the evening of June 15th
after the family went into the house
and no one was seen in the pool after that.
the mother said her daughter died in a drowning accident the morning of the 16th BUT the pictures showed other wise

When confronted with the pictures and info
The mother wanted to plead guilty to 2nd degree murder, but the prosecutor refused
There was a short trial and because of the overwhelming evidence OF THE PICTURES showing the mother in the act of dumping the body
The mother was found guilty of First degree murder and put to death

This saved the state millions of taxpayers dollars which would have been spent
on a long search and prolonged trial had the pictures not been available.


These were just a made up Scenarios
other crimes could be solved and the criminals caught within Minutes IF the existing technology was used

A bank/store robbed - Perp Caught in 7 Minutes
A car stolen - thief caught in 12 minutes after being reported
and the car is returned to owner
A hit and run driver kills a pedestrian or causes an accident - could be found within minutes
A house is broken into and the occupants violated or murdered
the perp could be tracked and apprehended quickly

A decomposed body is found and after backtracking the pictures of the area where it was found
a car is seen and occupants are seen digging and placing a bag in the excavated hole
By further Back tracking the car is traced to where it came from and was parked,
and when the pics are forwarded to where the SUSPECTS WENT TO
the area is staked out and the perps Are arrested within hours
and when they see the Pics of themselves dumping the body they confess and plead guilty

I repeat, This page presented fictional scenarios of an abduction and a missing person case and how OUR proposed system would work

Again: It would save tens of billions of dollars EACH YEAR on searches and police INVESTIGATIONS and trials ALONE
not to mention saving victims and sparing tens of millions of families the pain of dealing
with a missing loved one.


Here is a video which proves the technology is in place
and was used recently to Kill Osama Bin Laden

Please Use this url when sharing this video -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GRCr86uKgY
The above video is more proof that we have developed and perfected drone and satellite
surveillance systems which can capture pictures 24/7 of any spot on earth.

Why isn't this being used to assist Law Enforcement with finding missing / abducted women children and men and
drastically reduce ALL other crimes.

Once the criminals would be made aware that they will b e caught WITHIN minutes of committing their crime I am
sure they would see it was useless to go on committing them See http://trenton.2truth.com for more ways the
existing technology could be used.

N.A.S.A. and our military have developed and perfected these systems since the late 1960's and in those 40 odd
years have honed it to amazing capabilities. Most are top secret BUT I am sure all our adversaries are aware
of what those capabilities are the so the "Top Secret" label is not valid.

If you think about our past 'Top Secret" programs Like the SR-71 high altitude high speed recon aircraft from
the 80's and 90's - it was denied it ever existed for 10 years. The same with the F-117 Stealth Fighter and
B-2 Stealth Bomber ----- Both of those were kept under cover for over a decade.


Here is an Amber Alert Runner
If the back ground is yellow there is an active Amber Alert Somewhere In the U.S.
Place your cursor on the Missing's UNDERLINED Name and Click


Please join the non denominational prayer group
whose main focus is praying for missing persons

This Prayer Group is at This Link

- Click the image above to be taken
to the website for the Missing Person Prayer Group
"Pray to find Missing Women, Children and Men"
You need NOT be any particular religion to join this Group


IF your a Christian and believe in praying to Saints
Another Prayer Group
is found at The St Jude Novena Prayer Group
"St Jude is known as the worker of Miracles and help of hopeless causes"
That Prayer Group is found At This link HERE

Help Find Missing Children!
Help the
Find Missing Children Group



Here is one GREAT Site
The missing-and-abused-kids Daily
Maz Stone is the Founder - It would pay to see this page
and see people who really care about the Problem of the missing and abused


STILL to be seen on this page -- the Featured cases links
Hit and Run Victim James Joseph Martin
Gabriel Johnson ~ Lori Jean Lloyd
- Morgan Harrington -

Amy Patterson ~ Taylor Roush - Jessie Foster - Jacque Sue Waller -
- Jennifer Kesse - Lauren Spierer
- Tracy Ocasio -
Adji Desir - Jerrod Johnston -

Rebecca and Russell Porter
and Holly Bobo - she is the cousin of performer Britaney Duncan
Those cases are linked just above the "end of page" line



Again We need the media to step up and tell the public about this too

Please read the main web site and use the numerous links and precomposed letters found there

Send this pre composed letter to Our Elected officials
and the media and request they put our proposed system into effect
it is sent automatically to the senders specific Senator and Congressperson and some media
and share this URL on Face Book and Tweet it
PLEASE share all this info in any other venues and forums you use


If you have any questions or suggestions or would like to offer help with this project and
Get this system implemented
contact me
I also will post missing person cases on My main WEBPAGE
Send me the info you want listed and the url link to your website for your case



Here is prayer request to find a missing person

Please Pray so Gary Price, 60,
Missing February 28, 2013, from Williams Lake, BC is Found

Info about GARY and over 200 others missing from British Columbia since 2000 is Here
Gary Price was reported missing on March 3 by a family member.
Gary was last seen in Likely, BC and lives in a remote area past Yanks Peaks.

The prayer group for missing persons can be found at

This Link - Click the image above to be taken
to the website for a Group Prayer to
Find Missing Women, Children and men


Another Prayer Group
is found at "St Jude workers of Miracle help of hopeless causes"

This link HERE



Please sign this petition to Help
The family of Murder Victim Nicole Ayres
Change the law on prison terms for Murderers


Now Our Featured Cases

See More On our Main web page in the "More Missing Persons" Section

and email me INFO ON any case you would like added



Venus Stewart j's
husband, Doug or Douglas Stewart was found guilty for her death
and is serving life without parole
her body has never been found
the case has been featured on Dateline NBC
A "Venus Cuff" law is proposed for GPS trackers in Michigan
More Info HERE


Click Here
Amos Mortier is Missing
From Fitchburg (Madison) WI.

We need to Find this young man

Anyone with information regarding Amos Mortier
is urged to call his Family
at (608) 347-7363
Amos was last seen November 8, 2004
at his school Madison Area Technical College.
In Madison Wisconsin

His last cell phone record was at 1:20 p.m.
His dog Gnosis was located three doors down from his home



Click Here for
Steven Kraft Jr Info

We need to Find this young man
Missing from Benton Heights Mich
Since Feb 15th 2001


David Cisneros
Missing From Colorado Springs CO.


Would using satellite and or drone picture technology help find MOST missing persons Like David Cisneros and Jessica Ridgeway
and solve other crimes ?
We believe it can Save Lives while sparing families the paid of dealing with a missing loved one

Please Read the info found on this page

David and Jessica Ridgeway a 10 year old girl from Westminster CO., Colorado are both from Colorado
Jessica Ridgeway 's Body was found on Oct 10th
by Westminster Colorao Police, who are not revealing much info in order to protect the investigation


The satellite surveillance and drone technology proposed by us
could provide police with evidence of a crime - WITHIN MINUTES of it being committed -
guilty parties would be seen in pictures committing the acts. Leaving no excuse for police to NOT make an arrest

The recent Trayvon Martin killing/murder case points out the need for the system we propose.
All the confrontations and mishandling of the case
could have been avoided IF the system were adapted for use by Law Enforcement.

We Will Build a page
for your case

We will build a page for you


For The Details On Dylan Redwine

Missing From 11/19/2012 Bayfield CO

If you have pages for the missing, you have my permission to cut and paste the html code
from the "view page source" right click option
you will need to save both images to your PC
all we ask is that you post credit for where you found it
HERE = http://www.angelfire.com/cruci34/Weneedtodomore.html


Amy Charron is Missing
Houston Texas - Click HERE

Find this Woman Click Above


Parental Right Activist Amy Charron is missing from Houston Texas


Please read the article at


And then Sign the Petition to See to it the solution to Solving crime /
saving victims and sparing tens of millions of individuals and families the pain of being crime victims.

And once again it could be used to rescue missing children, women and men Within Minutes of them being reported missing

Sign the Petition by Clicking Below
and be informed about our effort to accomplish this


NOW WE PRESENT more cases of the missing and other crimes
Many of the page were built by us for the cases


Kara Rose Alongi is Missing
Clark New Jersey - Click HERE

Find this Woman Click Above

Find Lindsey Baum

and PLEASE PLEASE look at the Lindsey Baum FACE BOOK PAGE AT
This link


Help Find Christina Whittaker Young
Her Page is HERE


Antoinette Garrison

16 year Old Antoinette Garrison Is Missing From Fort Collins Colorado
Please Help Find Her
Click Here for details

Here are two missing women from the Same small town Carmichael, California
Are there more girls missing from the area ?

Kristi Merrill and Linnea Lomax

Kristi Merrill Carmichael CA
Petition For Kristi Merrill Case
Linnea Lomax
Carmichael CA.

More Info on Linnea Lomax

Kirsti MerrillPetition To Find KristiLinnea LomaxAnother page for Linnea Lomax


James Joseph Martin Was Killed by a hit and run driver in Apopka Florida
Here is the info on the Hit and Run case
which could have been solved using The technology we present on our page

CLICK Here for a large version of the poster


Hailey Dunn is Missing
from Colorado City Texas
Since Dec 27 2010
Click HERE
To See Hailey Dunn 's Face Book page
On March 21st Nancy Grace has been reporting a body has been found
in "Big Springs" Texas ( the name of the town is actually "Big Spring"
This is not the first gaff Mr Graces research team has made
send Nancy Grace a message from the media link ABOVE
asking why she ignores the SOLUTION presented here
To Find the missing......
Be Outraged and Let your voice be heard


Now more cases
which could have been solved using The technology we present on this page

Click ON the pics for more details on the cases below



Click Here to sign the Petition to help find Derrick Henagan
Missing from Michigan's UP



Where is Derrick Henagan ?

Please help his family find Him


Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson

Last Seen in: Lubbock, Texas
Last Seen on: 7/13/2004
Height: 5' 5 "
Weight: 110 lbs.
Age: 26
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown with red highlights
Date of Birth: 12/9/1977
Race: White
Sex: Female

Jennifer was last seen wearing a red halter top, blue capri pants and black flip-flops.
She has several tattoos:
a small ladybug on the right rear of her neck,
a dragon that wraps around her right ankle,
a red rose with a small snake wound around the stem on her upper left arm,
a butterfly on her back,
roses on her right wrist,
a fish on her stomach, a tattoo around her left leg
and she sometimes wears a lip ring.
Click Here for more about the Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson Case


Click Here for a Page for the Michelle Parker Case

Michelle went missing in late 2011
after a segment of People Court in which she and the father of her children, Dale Smith
appeared to settle a contentious financial Situation.

Police say the Florida mom who appeared on "The People's Court" television show went missing the day her episode aired.

Michelle Parker, 33, was last heard from late Thursday afternoon, Nov 17th when she sent a text message saying she was in
the Waterford Lakes neighborhood of Orlando, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

We plead with anyone with information to call Crimeline at (800) 423-8477 IF you have any info about Michelle Parker

Next are two pictures of the intersection where Michelle Parker was last heard from

Note the difference in the two pics:
THE FIRST was taken at 1 meter zoom
-- after the 2.5 meter close up limit for zooming in was lifted in MARCH 2012
You can see the cars AND a pedestrian much closer in the first

picture of the intersection near where Michelle Parker was last heard from
Click HERE for a larger Pic

and see the Pic below of the same intersection with the 2.5 meter limit
( How often are these pictures taken ? )

Click Here to see a larger picture of the area where Michelle was last heard from


How could using this technology be an invasion of privacy ?

The HLN Nancy Grace Show has presented the Michelle Parker case and is requesting help with Finding Michelle Parker


Karen Swift ( Karen Johnson Swift ) Missing from Dyersburg TN =
is missing from her Dyersburg Tennessee Home Since Oct 30th

CLICK HERE for More Info

On Karen Swift


Click here for a larger satellite view of Karen Swift 's home

click on the following pic to see a zoomed in Satellite Image
of the area where her car was found with a flat tire-----

This mother needs to be found


Morgan Harrington's body has been found
BUT her case remains Open - No Suspects
click here more Info
Friends said that Harrington, an education major who lived off campus in an apartment in Blacksburg, VA
drove 2 1/2 Hours to Charlottesville, VA where she went for a Metallica concert
BUT left the University of Virginia's John Paul Jones Arena
before the group came onstage. They were not sure why.
Her purse and cellphone were later found outside, said a friend of Harrington's - A. Melvin
Melvin's younger sister was Harrington's roommate and had attended the concert with her.
Harrington's car, in which they traveled to the concert,
was still in the parking lot after the event Melvin said.
Virginia State Police ask that anyone with information about Morgan Harrington call
the tip line at 434-352-3467 or e-mail them HERE


Here is what the link to the page For Morgan Harrington's Case
looks like on my other pages

Morgan Harrington's Case Need to be solved
University Of Virginia Area
Click HERE

Help the Family Solve this crime



Lori Jean Lloyd
went missing on Feb 11, 1976. Her last known destination was a 7-11 store at this address.
3613 Wilmington Ave
Kettering, OH

Click here for a larger picture of the arae where she was last seen

More info about Lori Jean Lloyd at this page HERE

With More Pictures
More info to come soon


Gabriel Johnson

Click Here for More on Gabriel Johnson


The missing infant was last seen in San Antonio, TEXAS
where he and his 23-year-old mother Elisabeth Johnson stayed at two motels
from Dec. 22-27, 2009. Anyone with information is asked to call the FBI at (210) 225-6741
or the Tempe Police Department at (480) 350-8311.

Elisabeth Johnson
If you saw these two PLEASE CALL POLICE
I will post more info on Gabriels Search as/IF it becomes available


Phoenix Coldon

has gone missing from St Louis Missouri
We need to find her NOW
There is a Face Book Page for Phoenix Coldon seen
Please visit it and get more info on this case



Rosemary Day
Click HERE FOR More Info at the
Help Find Rosemary Day Face Book Page

And there is also a page with INFO ON Rosemary Day 's Case at
This link HERE

AND Join / Like The FACE BOOK page for Rosemary Day HERE


Cape Coral Florida
Teacher Amy Patterson
was missing from Cape Coral FL

Daniel Ray Proctor - Amy's ex - has admitted killing her and dumping her body
after he was convicted in Alabama for other charges
In Aug of 2012 Proctor directed the police to where her body was buried
HLN host Nancy Grace had been erroneously reporting that she was last seen
in Pine Island Florida 170 miles from the actual last sighting location
( There are two location named Pine Island in Florida one is an incorporated city in Hernando County 40 Miles North of Tampa
The other Pine Island is an island with multiple cities and towns located on the Gulf Of Mexico in Lee County Florida
The Town of Bokeelia on Pine Island in Lee County
is where Amy was last seen, the Island is connected to Cape Coral by a Bridge
After Many Messages to her, and without any apology or explanation
Ms Grace finally changed the incorrect info she was disseminating



Click HERE for more on Adji Desir's Case - Imokalee Florida


Jessie Foster
Missing and Missed by mother Glendene Grant and ALL Family and friends
The technology presented on this page can find The missing in Canada too



Click Here For Info We need to Find Lauren Spierer



Jacque Sue Waller

Click Here For Details on Jacque Sue Waller

Missing from Cape Girardeau, Missouri June 1st 2011
The family of Jacque Sue Waller, a missing mother of young triplets from Missouri,
said today she was a victim of domestic abuse. The family believes her estranged husband,
whom police have identified as a person of interest,
is involved in her disappearance.


Jennifer Kesse - Orlando FL

http://www.findjenniferkesse.com Click Here for Jennifer Kesse - Orlando FL

The Kesse case has a photo of a "POI" = Person of Interest )
someone knows who that person in the photo is
- step up and do the right thing

Drew Kesse, Father of Jennifer
Has A Radio Show which can be heard online
on Tuesday and Thursday 1 to 3 p.m.
Friend Drew ON Face Book for more details
Mr Kesse Accepts Calls and emails at drew.kesse@kesseonline.com


Tracy Ocasio

Tracy Ocasio
AND Jennifer Kesse
went missing 5 miles from each other


Jerrod Johnston

Click Here for Case Details
The Family needs answers

The NaMus page ( National Missing and Unidentified Persons System )
for is HERE


Rebecca and Russell Porter also Missing from Willard, Missouri

Click HERE for more



Holly BoboHolly Bobo - Country Singer Whitney Duncans cousin is missing from Tennessee


is another Face Book Group
"Bring Holly Bobo Home Safe"

If you'd like to contribute to the reward fund
please send checks to:
Holly Bobo Reward Fund 450 Tennessee Ave S. Parsons, TN 38363.


Sharon West,

has not been seen since July 30.
Nancy Grace announced the Bombshell "She may be in danger" !!!!!! is that an amazing revelation ?
Her mom reported to Nancy Grace she spent "A lot of time on Face Book" --
She was ONLY 14 years old when she went missing
Read and share the comment on this online page


Celina Cass

West Stewartstown, New Hampshire - Celina Cass's body has been found.
She went missing from her bed when her parents went to wake her up Tuesday morning on July 26, 2011
according to police reports. Celina Cass, of West Stewartstown,
was last seen on her computer in her family’s home at 9 p.m. Monday, July 25, 2011
--- Please read about this case and help if you can - Her Killer is still on the loose


Here is the Mitrice Richardson Case
Which happens too often
and her Father - Michael Richardson's fight to get justice for his daughter

Why do parents and loved ones of the missing have to endure such pain and agony

Police need to cooperate fully with families of the Missing
The solution presented in the petition seen on this page
would make it easy for police to solve these crimes
PLEASE READ THE petition HERE and ADD Your Voice



These next sites are just some of those which have offered to assist us in getting the word out
There are many more - Please Consider Helping them ALL


HERE is a link to one of the more prolific posters for missing persons on Face Book
Amy Smith

Here is what her info page says:
I am here to get out the pictures and the cases of ALL missing children and adults.

I am also here to get out all pictures/sketches (when available) or case information about every
Jane Doe and John Doe who has been located but does not yet have their names back.
I want to see them sent home for proper burial with their families, where they belong.

Please share. Somebody, somewhere knows something.

Please visit HER Face Book Page and support her


James Joseph Martin Was Killed by a hit and run driver in Apopka Florida

CLICK Here for more info on this case and a large version of the poster



Help find Kyron Horman HERE


Document the Abuse
An Effort by Susan Murphy Milano and Sandra L. Brown
to stop abuse and help Victims




- their goal is to stop these crimes and bring the home the missing
Together maybe we can get this done


then PLEASE share all info on YOUR Face Book wall and Twitter and any other venues and forums you use



Justice For Caylee
Founded BY Yovanna Gaeta
Baldwin Park, CA

SIGN the petition for Justice For Caylee at "Justice for Caylee"
and leave a message in the text box provided
saying you were sent by this page http://trenton.2truth.com
help get badly need laws passed


Click Here for
Missing Persons of America Blog
Jerrie Dean - Founder

This site lists the missing by Month and State and name
and is very comprehensive
Well Done Ms Dean


There is a group named

Peas in their Pods
which was formed to get minority cases more TV exposure and
help solve minority missing children women and men cases
But we feel getting our proposed solution put in place would better serve the overall goal -
to find the missing quickly and stop these crimes


I have heard George Clooney is backing an effort to get similar technology implemented over AFRICA --------
thats Right I said Africa -- Why Not here


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Just leave the fist line in and cut the rest


Share THAT PAGE on Facebook TOO

Sign the petition for Caylees Law at "CAYLEES LAW change.org" HERE

and leave a message in the text box provided
saying you were sent by this page http://trenton.2truth.com
Help get THESE LAWS passed
Caylees Law proposes missing children to be reported within 48 hours


Here is one GREAT Site
The missing-and-abused-kids Daily
Maz Stone is the Founder - It would pay to see this page
and see people who really care about the Problem of the missing and abused



http://trenton.2truth.com. http://cayleelawplus.vze.com


Dawn McQueeneys Page on Face Book
Found Safe - Please Stop and Share


CAYLEES LAW change.org



Unforgotten Angels is a Great site to get insight into abuse




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. findthemissing.vze.com

http://trenton.2truth.com . Nancy
http://cruci34.angelfire.com/NASA.htmlSIMILAR TECHNOLOGY WAS USED TO FIND Osama Bin Laden
pictures of Osama
using Drones to find the missing solve crimes and catch criminals are not the answer

Levis pages Bodies found body found in Florida

George Clooney is Funding spy satel http://www.angelfire.com/cruci34/NTaken.html
lite millions of dollars to put in place a SATELLITE and unmanned miltary
surveillance drones TO ASSIT aFRICAN nations
to protect borders and allow law enforcement and border agents to respond to threats
HALEY DUNN IS MISSING texas Colorado City Texas Hailey Heighly Dunn Halee Dunn Missing

using dromes is not the answer to stop solve crimes and find the missing

nor is putting a camera on every corner street road in America as Jane Velez Mitchell so wrongfully endorses.

That is just NOT possible and OUR proposed solution is really the ONLY way mass surveillance can be accomplished economically and logistically.

A scenario of a missing person read and be extremely inspired to help it is not being used its existing real

time satellite surveillance technology to find missing children women and men REDUCE OTHER CRIMES nasa has

the technology to assist law enforcement find the missing http://t.co/IzokaQO

grace hailey dunn nancy mitchell HOLLY BOBO,

lauren spierer lauren spierer

A scenario of how we can find a missing person QUICKLY
& solve other crimes Read & be motivated to help its not used ADD YOUR voice lauren spierer
CASEY ANTHONY verdict caylee anthony not guilty a miscarriage of justice
Anthony verdict - Not guilty Jury missed it
help get Caylees LAW PUT INTO USE and passed requires missing children to be reported within 24 hours
George Lee Cindy Boston Marathon Bombing Bombers Chechnyans Terrorists liars

http://www.change.org/petitions/create-caylees-law get this implemented caylee's Law Change.org / CHANGE.com

A scenario of how we can find a missing person QUICKLY & solve other crimes Read
& be motivated to help its not used ADD YOUR voice lauren spierer CASEY ANTHONY not guilty verdict caylee anthony caylees
law change.org caylee's law enacted

How can I find the Page for Caylees Law petition to sign change.org or change.com

Searching for the Page for Caylees Law petition to sign change.org or change.com

http://www.change.org/petitions/create-caylees-law get this implemented caylee's Law Change.org / CHANGE.com in 48 hours a felony to not report a missing child within 48 hours

Jackie Sue waller Jacque sue waller Jacqui Sue waller missing from Missouri June 1st

Stan Ruby Cowder crowder HAVE OPENSLY STATED THEIR
son in law is the murderer and responisbile for the dissapearance of their daughter.

Holly bobo levi

Jenny was last seen wearing levi s and reading a newspaper page about goinf to Washington

Levi this page



air time exposure rescue victims quickly Caylees Law IS ESSENTIAL

Stan Ruby Cowder Celina Cass Holly Bobo Levi PAGE Taylor roush Amy Patterson

Lee County authorities want to question Patterson's ex-husband
who she recently started dating again, Daniel Ray Proctor.
Officials said Proctor is a person of interest in Patterson's disappearance.
We need to take drastic action and take a step to a higher level to ensure missing persons cases end well
and reduce crime read these scenarios on how we can find missing persons QUICKLY Calyees law AFTER they are reported
and solve other crimes be motivated to help ADD YOUR voice lauren spierer
lauren Holly bobo your child CASEY ANTHONY
not guilty verdict justice for caylee anthony caylees law change.org caylee's law enacted Nancy Grace igores IT peas in their pods
jackie sue waller Jacqui Sue Jacque Sue waller find minority missing children women
men cases
get more air time exposure rescue victims quickly Caylees Law IS ESSENTIAL
Stan Ruby Cowder Celina Cass Holly Bobo Levi PAGE Taylor roush Amy Patterson
Susan Powell
NASA AND OUR MILITARY HAVE developed and used this system of real time satellite surveillance picture capture
and transmitting those pictures within seconds back to earth for decate can help find missing children women
and men and reduce crime military satellite using unmanned drones surveillance.

NASA can help find missing children women
and men using existing technology now being used by the military to protect our troops
it can be adapted and used to drastically reduce crimes and find missing abducted
women children and men within minutes - and save billions of dollars


http://www.angelfire.com/cruci34/Weneedtodomore.html http://sign.1sta.com

Michelle Parker, Karen Swift.

, It would have been known the the Virgia Tech Shooter killed himself withiun Minutes.
Sparing the hours of , stress the lock down on the campus of Virginia Tech caused the students
who were forced>
to stay in their dorms and safe havens.

IF THE system presented here were in place.

BAND TOGETHER AND HELP GET The systems of technology and satellite surveilance picture taking capturing which exists into place

It would be the best thing that could come out of this tragedy. Tragedy

Stacy Peterson Drew Peterson case Must be found Illinois

Stacy Peterson Drew Lifetime Channel chanel movie Drew Peterson Untouchable

Lifetime movie Channel chanel




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Casey Anthony Caylee Anthony Cindy George Brohter Conviction in Orlando Florida of CASEY Anthony - Prosecuting Casey Anthony

PROSECUTING Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Orlando Florida Life Time Movie Channel starring Rob Lowe LTM

Prosecutor In Casey Anthony case Movie on Lifetime Movie Channel Jeff Probst

PROSECUTING Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton Orlando Florida Life Time Movie Channel starring Rob Lowe LTM

Like the Trayvon Martin Shooting and Boston Marathon Bombing?

The 3 missing women / giorls found alive in cleveland ohio3 MISSING CLEVELAND WOMEN FOUND alive.

Georgina gina dejesus amanda berry michelle night Ariel Castro

Jennifer Kesse - Please Help Find Her Michelle Parker Body Found Levis pages

Venus Stewart not yet found
husband Douglas Stewart guilty serving life without parole
story featured on Dateline NBC
witness rick Ricky was instrumental in conviction made a deal