Update ON Gina Dejesus -- She has been found Alive
in Cleveland Ohio
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See link to more missing person case and a way to end these tragedies below

Now to this case: Missing Since: April 2, 2004
From Cleveland, Ohio - Reward Up To $25,000 - *

aka Gina Dejesus

Missing Since: April 2, 2004 at 14:30
Age: 14

Missing From: vicinity of 105th street and Lorain Avenue

Sex: female
Height: 5ft. 2in. --Weight: 135 Lbs.
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Race: White/Hispanic
Complexion: light
Birth Date: February 13, 1990

NCMEC Age Progression to age 17

Distinguishing Marks: small scar under chin, a brown birthmark on right ankle and right side of chest.
Clothing Description: black hip hugger bell bottoms, tan shirt, white hooded sweater and a sky blue coat with zipper
Jewelry: pierced ears and wearing large silver hoop earrings
Georgina was walking home and was last seen by a friend in the vicinity of 105th Street and Lorain Avenue.


Gina has been found Alive
Gina DeJesus was one of the three Cleveland Oh
missing person who was found alive in early May 2013

There are many articles about the event online
Just google 'Gina Dejesus'


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Now here is our proposed solution

Requesting our elected officials to change any laws that might infringe on the ability of Police to use such technology
then for them to move forward to adapt the existing technology for Police

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40% of Missing are Minorities
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Details On Dylan Redwine

Missing From 11/19/2012 Bayfield CO

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HERE = https://www.angelfire.com/cruci34/ginadejesus.html


Please sigh this petition to Help
The family of Murder Victim Nicole Ayres
Change the law on prison terms for Murderers



Here is the Mitrice Richardson Case
Which happens too often
and her Father - Michael Richardson's fight to get justice for his daughter

Why do parents and loved ones of the missing have to endure such pain and agony

Police need to cooperate fully with families of the Missing
The solution presented in the petition seen on this page
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Our solution is based on the facts: We have the satellite picture taking and transmitting technology
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40% of Missing are Minorities
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James Joseph Martin Was Killed by a hit and run driver in Apopka Florida
Here is the info on the Hit and Run case
which could have been solved using The technology we present on our pages page

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We need to use ALL the tools we have at our disposal to stop these atrocities and reduce crimes

We are NOT doing that NOW

We present info on the real time, satellite surveillance and picture taking capabilities and technology
OUR military has developed, perfected and used this technology and system
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This Technology should be adapted for use by Law Enforcement to find Missing Children, women and men QUICKLY and SAFE
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We have a page with Scenarios of how the system would work at
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All the details on this capability can be found
THE Main page for our effort to get our leaders to adapt the
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The issues of "Invasion of Privacy" and "Big Brother" fears are dealt with in more detail on our main web page


Our pages for Karen Swifts, Michelle Parkers, Jennifer Kesse And many more missing men children and women cases
are also listed in the "More Missing Persons Cases" Section on our main web site
as well as on our other missing person page

Step Up AND see to it the
proposed solution is adapted by Law Enforcement to help them
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Educate yourself to the facts: wE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY to find the Missing WITHIN Minutes of them being reported
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BUT the media and our elected officials are ignoring attempts to
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Again: Please See and sign our petition at
This link here for more on the possible solution to Finding The Missing
WITHIN Minutes of them being reported

We need to use the real time Satellite Surveillance Technology we have developed
for our military since the 1970's and adapt it for use by Law Enforcement
to Bring Missing children women and men home Quickly and Safe
and spare millions of families the pain of dealing
with a missing loved one

The webmaster's Face Book Group ID IS
" Finding Missing " Please like us for more on the Missing


We fully understand the usefulness of HLN hosts Grace and Mitchell putting the face of the missing on TV
and thank them as they are among the very few that give
any exposure to the missing in the mainstream media
BUT We can NOT understand why they refuse to tell their viewers about the petition and allow those viewers to decide
if it is something they would like to see in place

We would hope they would reconsider at least mentioning the petition

We have also been ignored after asking, why don't they show Picture in Picture during their broadcasts which would show the missing
We have seen enough of Nancy 's Darling Children

I repeat, Please Please Sign the Petition


to ask the media to educated the public about the technology
and help get the System put in place





Contact CNN AND HLN shows through this link

Contacxt Nancy Grace - Jane Mitchell - ALL THE OTHER SHows
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Click Here to sign the Petition to help find Derrick Henagan


Where is Derrick Henagan ?

Please help his family find Him -- Read this page


Missing Persons News
Please visit this site for more comprehensive coverage of Missing women children and men



Kathy LaMadrid Needs to be Found NOW
Kathy La Madrdid -Missing since 2004

Dawn McQueeneys Page on Face Book
Found Safe - Please Stop and Share


Help Find Missing Children!

The Find Missing Childrens Group


Above is one more way I can help others
If the Back Ground is Yellow there is an active Amber Alert
which means there is a child missing or abducted
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To Find Missing and Abducted Women and Children


Jacqueline "Jax" Whittington
Has Been Found
Jacqueline Jax Whittington
Has Been Found

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16 year Old Antoinette Garrison was missing Missing
Annie is From Fort Collins Colorado, CO.
It has been reported she has been found in Texas
Click Here for details



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