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I DO NOT ask for NOR accept any money for my effort
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What I need is for those who read about our effort to help us
request "our elected officials to adapt existing technology to help find missing children
women and men" and solve other crimes quickly

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The presentations on this page are scenarios and relate how exisitng systems
and satellite surveillance ( picture taking ) technology,
IF adapted for use by Law Enforcement, could work
TO SAVE VICTIMS quickly, Solve OTHER crimes more efficiently and
Actually Spare tens of millions of families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one in the future
That is No Exaggeration

In addition to saving the billions spent on the searches and investigations of crimes each year


We have formed a grassroots effort to Get Mainstream Media Show hosts
to help educate the public about the existence of this Technology
But none have responded - Why ????

Yet they contuniue to cry "WE MUST DO SOMETHING - yet they have ALL been presented with our possible solution and ignore it

Wouldn't it be great if ALL missing person cases ( women children and men )
and most OTHER CRIMES ended as quickly AND as well as THE FIRST SCENARIO presented on this page
Most Can -

5The second scenario presented here 3
which you might recognize as a recent case in which the mother was accused of killing her daughter
and was found not guilty
it gives insight into how the system could be used to track a suspect
and gain indisputable evidence when a body is found
and for OTHER types of cases in the future


3Our Military has used this system for decades -
we NEED to get it adapted for use by Law Enforcement in America


We fully recognize the 'Invasion Of Privacy issue - But do criminals respect your privacy
when they abduct children and women
and commit other crimes

The issue of privacy is dealth with in more detail on the main web page

The best way for you to help -- is to get involved and
send letters as revealed on the main web site too
I can NOT do it ALL

The cost would be negligible as shown on the main web site too -


For More details on the existing systems and technology
Please go to the easy Navigation Menu
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The main page navigation menu presents possible reasons
why our effort has been met with apathy from the media
See "Groups to Find the Missing"
Our main page also states our mission and goals
We have No "Agenda"
as that insinuates we want something in return for our efforts
the main page will educate you on the details of the system
and goals we have set to get this existing satellite surveillance in real time technology implemented
It offers proof that we have the capabilites and the system DOES exist,
and is being used to protect our troops
the system is being phased out and
replaced by unmanned drones which are more costly

Our main page - is HERE -
and ADDRESSES ALL the aspects of such a system
It relates how you can help too
I need someone with media connections to get involved
OR every day people to become active
and send messages requesting the media pay attention
and give this effort the attention it is SCREAMING for

AND PLEASE SHARE THIS on Face Book and Twitter from the links FOUND ON THIS PAGE

****** The technology presented here is NOT GPS tracking BUT is similar to that used to find Osama Bin Laden
even though our government will still NOT
admit we have it because of secrecy concerns
ALL our enemies know we have it yet we continue to hide it
from the people who paid for it -- WE THE PEOPLE

You came here to get info on how we can find the missing quickly and safely
4AND drastically reduce ALL OTHER CRIME

3After reading this page
Please take the time to educate your self by reading this page first then
read our main site and GET involved

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4ee the Featured cases of the day listed near the bottom of this info

5 Jennifer Kesse 3
this case has a photo of a "POI" = Person of Interest )
someone knows who that person in the photos
- step up and do the right thing
- Tracy Ocasio -
Jerrod Johnston

Newly ADDED Rebecca and Russell Porter
and the Holly Bobo case, she is the cousin of performer Britaney Duncan
Those cases are linked just above the "end of page" line


Here is an Amber Alert Runner
If the back ground is yellow there is an active Amber Alert Somewhere In the U.S.
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Please Send the NEXT LINKS precomposed petition / letter and it will be sent to The President
and the senders SPECIFIC Senators and Congressmen and some media outlets
requesting they adapt the existing technology described on this page
to find missing children women and men and drastically reduce ALL crime
then PLEASE share all info on YOUR Face Book wall and Twitter and any other venues and forums you use


I want to express my deepest sympathies to
ANY family who has a Missing loved one
I pray EVERY Day that the missing are found ( stop at and add your prayers to Ours )

The exisiting real-time,
high resolution, satellite surveillance technology exists
The proof is found on the Main Web Page
The system could be used to solve older cold case crimes within minutes
like a body or bodies found
robberies, murder, rapes, home invasions Car thefts, etc. etc.
and MANY other crimes

This technology has been used for decades to protect our troops
and has been perfected to amazing capabilities
We need to demand it be adapted for use by Law Enforcement to protect us ALL

We can spare tens of millions of families
the pain of dealing with a missing family member

PLEASE Post a link to this page ( )
on various Face Book pages or in the comments on online artilces for ANY case for the missing

The Time has passed for The TV Hosts to stop talking about stopping these atrocities and DOING NOTHING
It will be too late when one of the 2000 Americans
who are reported missing EACH DAY is one of your family members


Our MAIN page - is HERE -
with ALL the details on the solution to finding the missing, the proof the technology exists,
and answers to ALL your questions
and how you can help --

3Forgive our lack of expenditure for a fancy WEBSITE
We fund this completely on our own
I AM NOT a Non Profit Organization BUT
I ask FOR NO MONEY for our effort
and will accept none
ALL I ask is that you Help in any way you can as outlined on this page

Our ONLY goal is help educate the public about the technology which exists
and is being used for other purposes
and ALLOW and plead with each American to decide
to get involved in requesting that technology be used to PROTECT US ALL


Please report any attempt to ask for money
for this effort to us

contact me HERE


The presentations on this page are just scenarios
but if implemented would save taxpayers the estimated 9.6 BILLION DOLLARS spent on just basic Searches for the over 800,000 Americans
who are reported missing each year
Thats over 2000 missing Americans per day

Not to mention the additional savings of tens of Billions spent on investigating, solving and prosecuting OTHER crimes QUICKLY
That alone should incite every American to back our effort


This technology could be sold to other countries too

I need to repeat: Why is the media hiding this information ?

Every effort should be made to educate the public to get our leaders to adapt these methods to Law Enforcement uses.


PLEASE ADD your voice to Our Effort
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2The activity of POSTINGS so many Missing Person Notices
if the technology and system presented here were in Place 2

email me If you have any questions or suggestions, or have connections with media outlets
or are involved in a missing person case
you would like presented on Our MAIN page
I will do interviews with ANYONE willing to give this some exposure

contact me HERE

after reading this page
And wonder why the media is Not educating THE PUBLIC
about this solution to one of the biggest problems we face today
= Missing Americans and Ramapant Crime

Someone who is reading this page has connections to the media
I pray you are moved to use your influence and help get this into the public domain

Once the media starts informing Americans about this -
every Law Abiding person should get involved
and send the pre composed letters linked from our pages to our elected officials

- "We the People" can still Start Change ARE YOU READY to Start ?

You will read NOW how the existing, real time satellite surveillance technology
could find a missing / abducted child, women or man quickly and safely
and a second scenario of a body found in a bog in Florida and the person who dumped it is caught,
admits the crime because she was seen in the pictures doing the dumping
thus saving millions on a trial 2

We could find missing children women and men WITHIN Minutes
and drastically reduce other crimes
thus saving taxpayers tens of billions on the searches
and crime investigations

In the meantime while we wait for the media to wake up
you need to educate yourself about the real time, high resolution, satellite surveillance systems
with the reported capability of recognizing objects as samll as three inches
this has been used for decades to protect our troops and watch our enemies
Again: If adapted for use by Law Enforcement, they could, within minutes, find missing children, women and men and
solve other crimes such as
hit and runs, car thefts, robberies, rapes etc etc
ANY Crime may be solved quickly as outlined on this page
it could also track and follow sex offenders in real time

IT CAN DO MUCH MORE We have paid for the technology
BUT it is NOT being used to protect US ALL in the U.S.


Actor George Clooney is backing an effort to get similar systems put in place over AFRICA to protect those living there
-------- thats Right I said Africa !
Why Not here ?
Friend him on Face Book and Ask him Please.....
I have tried to contact him --- with NO repsonse !!!!!


7Now to the
1st Scenario:3

It's 7:00 a.m. on a school day

Your Daughter is finishing breakfast, she picks up her back pack and says "Bye Mom and Dad, I Love You" -
You both respond "You too, Hun, have a good day, You have your GPS transmitter and cell phone in your back pack, Right ?"
and she says "Yes Daddy and THEY ARE on" --
she walks out the door at 7:09 a.m. for the 13 minute walk to school, 6 blocks away
- Not many other children live on the route she takes, so she walks alone

As she walks along a silver car pulls up (( later in interviews )) it was found the driver rolled down the window and held a piece of paper out and said
"Have you seen this dog" You daughter jumped at the chance to help someone and Walks over to the car,
The man pointed a gun at HER and told her to Get In the car, your daughter was confused, and said "Your Kidding Right ?"
The man repeated his demand - "Get IN THE F**KING Car Now or I'll shoot you"

Your daughter complies and gets in the car and the driver drives off............

At 8:11 the school calls and informs you that your daughter is NOT in school...
You panic and know that something has happened because YOUR daughter would NEVER CUT class.....
You call your husband and he is confused too. What Should WE do you ask
Your Husband says "Don't waste time - call the police and
and tell them the situation, they will know what to do"
and he adds "while your doing that I will go to the computer and see where
her GPS Tracker shows she is at"

You call the police, their records show the call came in at 8:13 a.m. ( real time )

The police ask a few quick questions like "What time did she leave the house ? - What route did she usually take ? -
Did she have a GPS tracker/transmitter ?
"Does she have a cell phone ? and he tells you NOT to call the number ?
and adds "if someone has her and hears it ring
he will take it from her
and take away the chance she could use it to contact you"
What was she wearing ?"
He passes that info to another officer who broadcasts the info over the police radio

The officer on the phone asks if you can monitor the GPS tracker on your computer
and you tell him "YES" and that your husband is doing that from his work computer now
The policeman tells you to tell him to stay by the computer continue tracking your daughters GPS,
and you give the police his office phone number to help keep them Updated

An officer Logs into the "National Satellite Surveillance System"
and gets immediate access - the actual time log in is 8:14:36 a.m.
The police have an Officer trained to operate the National Satellite Surveillance System on DUTY

At 8:14:55 ( real time ) He types in your home address and your a real time picture of your Area pops up on the screen,
he then types the date and time
Today 7:15 a.m. ( National Satellite Surveillance System Time ) ( a few minutes before the time you told them your daughter left your house
and the program zooms in on pictures of your house

and then the operator of the system starts to go forward in the picture cache and
he sees a your daughter leaving your yard at 7:16:30 a.m. ( Satellite Surveillance System Time )
The pictures are taken at 4 second intervals
He slowly forwards the pictures keeping your daughter in frame
at 7:20 in the timeline of the photos he sees her being approached by a silver car,
which stops and your daughter is seen approaching the CAR.

In the next frame she is gone and the car is moving........ the time stamp on the System say 7:20:25 a.m. - in real time it is now 8:17:03 a.m.
in 4 seconds a car going 30 mph can travel about 178 Feet
The officer knows that whomever took the girl will NOT BE speeding, so as not to DRAW attention to himself
The officer tracks the car as it moves along by forwarding the pictures,
at one point he zooms in ( the system has the capability to make out objects as small as three inches )
THE OFFICER CAN CLEARLY SEE a Chevrolet Emblem and asks other officers watching him work if
they know what MODEL it is, some one say "ITS A 2009 Camaro" and with that another officer is doing a computer check
for a 2009 Silver Chevy Camaro reigistered WITH THE COUNTY --- Only one comes Up -
---- another officer checks THE name of the owner against the National Sex Offender Registry
and they get a hit

AT 8:20:50 a.m. ( real time ) A police car is sent to the suspects known address
but it will be a few Minutes before it gets there

At 7:23:51 ( system photo time line )
the system monitor sees the car stop behind a store on Main Street
the driver gets out of the car at 7:23:59 and walks over to a dumpster
and returns to the car, 13 seconds later at 7:24:29 the car pulls away
an officer calls your husband and asks what the GPS tracker shows
he tells him it stopped moving in the block bordered by Cape Parkway, Lafayette Street, Leonard Street and Viskaya Blvd

They dispatch a cruiser to the location of where the car stopped

Photo is taken from and is NOT a photo of the actual crime scene

The operator officer zooms out a bit to keep the car in the Picture and sees the car is heading out of town
He contacts the County Sheriff and supplies him with the Info,
he moves ahead in the pictures cache as fast as he can
making sure he keeps the suspects car in the picture frame
until he is a Few seconds from real time and

It is Now 8:25:27 a.m.

He sees the car pulled off the main road and drive up an old road which leads to a deserted house.

He dispathes a helicopter to the scene

He Sees the car stop and the man drag his captor into the house.

He broadcast this info while viewing it and directed the Sheriff
and other units to the area and another officer dispatched an ambulance,
the deputies arrive at the house

Then the Sheriff is heard over the radio "Suspect in custody - Victim is Alive AND APPEARS UNHARMED"

The officer looks at the clock and it is 8:30:04 a.m.

The length of time from when you made the call to the police
to the radio message from the Sheriff that she was found was 17 Minutes...............

Why did the GPS stop moving ?

During his interogation the offender tells police he has a signal detector/scanner
AND he stopped behind the store to check your daughter for a GPS or cell phone.
He says he found THEM Both using metal and signal detectors and threw THEM into the dumpster.
He also said he was prepared to cut them out if there had been implanted chips of any kind
The suspect said he had bought the scanners and metal detectors at Radio Shack
Other officer found the phone and GPS tracker in the dumpster

That explains why the GPS tracker stopped moving.........


The offender was also supposed to be wearing a GPS tracker BUT somehow this was not being done
Eventually it also turned out that he had violated his probation numerous times and fell through the cracks
IF he had been monitored effectively he may not have been on the street to commit this crime

A normal BASIC 6 to 8 man search ( without any extra help such as helicopters, boats, divers etc )
costs a minimum of $1200.00 to $1500.00 PER HOUR

As more sophisticated equiptment is added the cost FOR ANY BASIC SEARCH rises quickly

Had not the system in this fictional scenario been used the perp and victim may not have been found at all,
or the search could have lasted for weeks, months, or even years and maybe never resolved
As in the Caylee Anthony, Lacey and Stacey Peterson, Susan Powell,
and Jeniffer Kesse cases and so many other ongoing cases
have EACH cost the taxpayers millions.

Over 9.6 Billion Dollars is spent EACH YEAR on JUST basic searches for the over 800,000
who are reported missing
Implementing this system would save a major portion of that money
PLUS reduce the amount of money spent on other crime investigations and on the court cases


72ND Scenario -
A body is found

2ANY similarity to ANY real case is probable

law caylee's law enacted

How can I find the Page for Caylees Law petition to sign or

Searching for the Page for Caylees Law petition to sign or get this implemented caylee's Law / in 48 hours a felony to not report a missing child within 48 hours

Jackie Sue waller Jacque sue waller Jacqui Sue waller missing from Missouri June 1st

son in law chad is the murderer and responsible for the dissapearance of their daughter jacque sue. It is morning on a a typical day In December 2008 in Mid Florida, temperature in the high 60's ---
a telephone line man is working near a bog in Florida
He needs to relieve himself and walks a few feet into the brush
He sees a torn apart garbage bag with a skull sticking out
He calls Police, After arriving on the scene and roping it off
the police investigating this crime scene, radio their local Center for the satellite surveillance system,
and give the exact GPS co oridinates
The officers manning the LOCAL Orlando Law Enforcement Surveillance System
access the National Satellite Surveillance System and Immediately enter those co ordinates
and start the process of bringing the location up on the screen.
The body has been there for a while
AND there is a child who has been reported missing since mid July
BUT was found to have been missing since mid June from just a half mile away
The operator of the system goes back to the last known date
the child was seen = June 16th
and zooms in on the area where the body was found
The system can clearly see objects as small as three inches
He starts to move forward from June 16th in the picture cache
and it only took a few minutes of fast forwarding the pictures
to see a car pulling up and off the road at the site where the body was dumped
The date was June 26th -- Its is dark but the car on which a front "grill bra" is plainly visible with the infra red imaging capabilities the system has
a person is seen getting out carrying an object and walking to the exact Area where the body was found
and when the person goes back to the car he/she is NOT carrying the object

The operator then reverses the pictures to see where the car came from
and it was seen coming from the yard where the missing child's grand parents lived
which was about 1/3 of a mile away from the bodies location
the officer then moved the photos forward again to see
where the car went after the body was dumped
It was seen driving directly to an apartment building

The mother was arrested immediately after police established the apartment was that of the mother's boyfriend
the car is seen in other photos coming and
going from the apartment to various other locations
including the mothers parents house many times

The car was caught in photos being pushed into a parking spot at a store on June 27th
It was later disclosed it had run out of gas and was abandoned there

When confronted with the pictures
The mother wanted to plead guilty to 2nd degree murder, but the prosecutor refused
There was a short trial and because of the overwhelming evidence OF THE PICTURES showing the mother in the act of dumping the body
The mother was found guilty of First degree murder and put to death

This saved the state millions which would have been spent
on a prolonged trial had the pictures not been available.


These were just a made up Senarios
other crimes could be solved and the criminals caught within Minutes IF the existing technology was used

A bank/store robbed - Perp Caught in 7 Minutes
A car stolen - thief caught in 12 minutes after being reported
and car returned to owner............
A hit and run driver kills a pedestrian or causes an accicent - could be found within minutes
A house is broken into and the occupants violated or murdered ..... the perp could be tracked and apprehended quickly

A decomposed body is found and after backtracking the pictures of the area where it was found
a car is seen and occupants are seen digging and placing a bag in the excavated hole
By further Back tracking the car is traced to where it came from and was parked,
and when the pics are forwarded to where the SUSPECTS WENT TO
the area is staked out and the perps Are arrested within hours
and when they see the Pics of themselves dumping the body they confess and plead guilty

I repeat, This page presented fictional scenarios of an abduction and a missing person case and how OUR proposed system would work

Again: It would save billions of dollars on searches and police INVESTIGATIONS and trials ALONE
not to mention saving victims and sparing tens of millions of families the pain of dealing
with a missing loved one.......

Return To Navigation Menu on the Main Page

to educate yourself and read more about this possible solution to finding the missing quickly and
Once more: sparing Tens of millions of families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one
while saving billions of dollars on the Over 800,000 searches performed for missing Americans Each Year ( over 2000 per day )


We need the media to step up and tell the public about this too

Please read the main web site and use the numerous links and pre compsed letters found there

Send this pre composed letter to Our Elected officials and the media and request they put our proposed system into effect
it is sent automatically to the senders specific Senator and Congressperson and some media

If you have any questions or suggestions or would like to offer help with this project and
Get this system implemented
contact me
I also will post missing person cases on My main WEBPAGE
Send me the info you want and link to your website for your case



Featured Cases of the Day

See More On the Main web page at the "More Missing Persons" Section
and email me any case you would like added


West Stewartstown, New Hampshire - Celina Cass, age 11, is missing.
She was not in her bed when her parents went to wake her up Tuesday morning on July 26, 2011
according to police reports. Celina Cass, of West Stewartstown,
was last seen on her computer in her family’s home at 9 p.m. Monday, July 25, 2011
--- Her Most distinctive feature is her misshapen front tooth



Jacque Sue Waller


Jennifer Kesse - Orlando FL


Drew Kesse, Father of Jennifer
Has A Radio Show which can be heard online
on Tuesday and Thursday 1 to 3 p.m.
Friend Drew ON Face Book for more detials
Mr Kesse Accepts Calls and emails at


Tracy Ocasio
AND Jennifer Kesse went missing 5 miles from each other


Click Here for Case Details
The Family needs answers

The NaMus page ( National Missing and Unidentified Persons System )
for Jerrod Johnston is HERE


Rebecca and Russell Porter Missing from Missouri
Click HERE for more



- their goal is to stop these crimes and bring the home the missing
Together maybe we can get this done

then PLEASE share all info on YOUR Face Book wall and Twitter and any other venues and forums you use



Holly Bob Cousin of Country Singer Whitney Duncans cousing is missing


is another Face Book Group
"Bring Holly Bobo Home Safe"

If you'd like to contribute to the reward fund
please send checks to:
Holly Bobo Reward Fund 450 Tennessee Ave S. Parsons, TN 38363.



There is a group named

Peas in their Pods
which was formed to get minority cases more TV exposure and
help solve minority missing children women and men cases But we feel getting our proposed solution put in place would better serve the overall goal -
to find the missing quickly and stop these atrocities


I have heard George Clooney is backing an effort to get similar technology implemented over AFRICA --------
thats Right I said Africa -- Why Not here


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pictures of Osama
using Drones to find the missing solve crimes and catch criminals are not the answer

George Clooney is Funding spy satel
lite millions of dollars to put in place a SATELLITE TO ASSIT aFRICAN nations
to protect borders and allow law enforcement and border agnets to respond to threats
HALEY DUNN IS MISSING texas Colorado City Texas Hailey Heighly Dunn Halee Dunn Missing

using dromes is not the answer to stop solve crimes and find the missing

nor is putting a camera on every corner street road in America as Jane Velez Mitchell so wrongfully endorses.

That is just NOT possible and OUR proposed solution is really the ONLY way mass surveillance can be accomplished economically and logistically.

A scenario of a missing person read and be extremely inspired to help it is not being used its existing real

time satellite surveillance technology to find missing children women and men REDUCE OTHER CRIMES nasa has

the technology to assist law enforcement find the missing

grace hailey dunn nancy mitchell HOLLY BOBO,

lauren spierer lauren spierer

A scenario of how we can find a missing person QUICKLY
& solve other crimes Read & be motivated to help its not used ADD YOUR voice lauren spierer
CASEY ANTHONY verdict caylee anthony not guilty a miscarriage of justice
Anthony verdict - Not guilty Jury missed it.

CAYLEES LAW help get this passed requires missing children to be reported within 24 hours get this implemented caylee's Law /

A scenario of how we can find a missing person QUICKLY & solve other crimes Read
& be motivated to help its not used ADD YOUR voice lauren spierer CASEY ANTHONY not guilty verdict caylee anthony caylees
law caylee's law enacted

How can I find the Page for Caylees Law petition to sign or

Searching for the Page for Caylees Law petition to sign or

JacQUE sUE WALLER missouri jackie use waller chad jaque sue jackie sue jacquie sue waller missing husband parents say estarganged husband killed had and hid her body cape girardaux Missouril



Amy Patterson is missing from Cape Coral FL

Her Husband Daniel Proctor has disappeared and is wanted for questioning
HLN host Nancy Grace is erroneously reporting that she was last seen
in Pine Island Florida
( There are two location named Pine Island in Florida one is an incorporated city in Hernando County near Tampa
The other Pine Island is an island with multiple cities and towns located on the Gulf Of Mexico in Lee County Florida
The Twon of Bookelia on The Island in Lee County
is where Amy was last seen, the Island is connected to Cape Coral by a Bridge
Ms Grace has ignored my many attempts to contact her and correct her error



and consolidated with another page
to save on expensive band width

Please Click HERE