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To the Media and Those in a position to HELP.
Laws will not stop missing children women and men

Over 2000 Americans are reported missing EACH day ( One every 40 seconds )
We need to take drastic measures and use existing systems that can find ALL the missing quickly and capture the
miscreants that perpitrate the crimes and let them know they WILL BE CAUGHT. Adapting the exisitng technologies
for use by Law Enforcement is one of the ONLY ways I can see to get that done. This technology would allow Police
to work fast and end the threat within minutes - YES MINUTES. It would be responsible for rescuing and returning
missing children women and men quickly and safe and drastically reduce other crimes.

The proposed answer would spare tens of millions of families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one in the
future AND save Billions of dollars EACH year, now being spent on searches and crime investigations. There would
be NO Excuse for police NOT to give FULL attention to EACH AND EVERY CASE they encounter.

Those who cry "Invasion of Privacy and Big Brother" are NOT concerned about YOUR child or the next women who goes
missing or the next person that becomes a crime victim - they are only concerned about thmselves and their
paranoia has made our daily lives less secure and each Americans chance to live in a safer environment impossible

Please read THIS PAGE to see how the system would work

Then SIGN our petition
Found HERE
and familiarize your self about what we are trying to do THEN get actively involved in getting the media to educate
and inform the public and ask they they make their voices heard. Just tell the public about it.

To others who might be reading this PLEASE Use any means you have available ( as long as it is legal ) to contact
media Hosts and Shows ( Face Book / Twitter and online blogs are the best ) and BY POSTING notices of our effort
on any online site or as a comment in an article found on the net which deals with crime.I GIVE YOU MY PERMISSION to cut and paste any part of my comments which you deem would help in getting to that end.

You MAY be the one responsible for getting our effort the exposure it SCREAMING FOR.

Please Read about the Karen Swift Case
Click Here Thank You

Bill Tomsick