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Here are some recommended ways to save even more on your gas usage and spending:

1. Get Cash Back Some credit card providers and banks offer a cash back reward for gas when you use their debit or credit card
These cash back rewards can range upward from 5% if their card is used

You can get up to 99% back - and pay 1940 prices up to $1250.00
as is the case of the Bank Of America
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[Potential Savings = 99%]

2. Maintain Your Tire Pressure
Studies have shown that drivers use up to 10% less gas simply by keeping their tires
inflated at the recommended level. Read the sidewalls of your tires to find their
optimal level of inflation (usually measured in PSI).
[Potential Savings = 10%]

3. Use a Gas Rebate Card
Paying for your gas purchases with a rebate card can give you up to 10% cash back on all
the gas you purchase – automatically . The most popular gas rebate cards are
offered by Discover® (5% rebate) and American Express® (3% rebate). Refer to the
charts to your right for a comparison of current offers and links to their online applications.
[Potential Savings = 3% to 10%]

4. Observe Speed Limits
The optimal range for fuel efficiency is 35 mph to 55 mph. For each 5 mph you drive over
55 mph, your fuel efficiency decreases by about 7%. Adhering to speed limits is
not only a safer way to drive; it will help you save on gas as well.
[Potential Savings = 7%]

5. Avoid Excessive Idling
When your vehicle is idling, it is burning gas while sitting in place. In other words,
idling gets you 0 miles-per-gallon. By simply avoiding excessive idling, you can cut
down on your gas consumption by 2% or more.
[Potential Savings = 2%]

6. Remove Excess Weight
Are you carrying any unnecessary items in your vehicle? Removing "dead weight" can
increase your gas mileage by as much as 2% for every 100 pounds you remove.
[Potential Savings = 2%]

7. Use Your Cruise Control
Using cruise control on the highway is a great way to regulate your speed and, in turn,
improve your gas mileage. By avoiding fluctuations in your speed, you can save as
much as 5% on gas.
[ Potential Savings = 5%]

8. Use Overdrive
When your vehicle is in overdrive, its engine does not have to work as hard to maintain
a high driving speed. This results in less wear-and-tear on the engine as well as
better gas mileage. Many are not even aware they have this option on their car
look in your owners manual for 'OVERDRIVE'
[Potential Savings = 2%]

9. Compare Fuel Economy Ratings
Before purchasing your next vehicle, be sure to compare the fuel economy ratings of
various vehicles. These ratings are posted on the window of every new vehicle
(and many used vehicles) at dealerships throughout the U.S. Choosing a hybrid vehicle
that gets 52 miles-per-gallon rather than an SUV that gets 13 miles-per-gallon
would give you 75% better gas mileage
[Potential Savings = 75%]

10. Perform Regular Maintenance
A simple tune-up can result in gas savings of up to 4%, and replacing a faulty part such
as an oxygen sensor can save you as much as 40%. Changing your oil and air filter
regularly can also result in better mileage. Always be sure to use the oil grade
recommended for your particular engine.
[Potential Savings = 4%]