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this page presents a video of my over 365 consecutive night sunsets
taken on Cape Coral Fl. Over the span of a year
without missing one



I have been called the #1 private promoter of ALL things Cape Coral-ish
I ask for NO MONEY for my effort
but have some links to sponsors
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to help defray costs and to keep my pages online

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First before getting to the 8 minute video with over 365 consecutive Sunset Pictures
taken on Cape Coral FL
without missing one night
I'll share some info about Cape Coral

Some of the more notable are the pages about he
Famous Cape Coral Christmas Boat light parade
vids of shuttle launches from my back yard
180 miles from the launch site on Cape Canaveral
and see the shuttle and space station as they pass over my home

Plus More


Send an email with questions about any of the info presented


Cape Coral Florida is Located at the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River
where it empties into the Gulf of Mexico
Cape Coral is the 3rd largest city in Florida area wise ( 115 sq miles )
and 9th in population - with over 150,000 residents
cost of living is average

The Cape sustained an almost direct hit by Hurricane Charley Aug 13th 2004,
and a glancing blows by Hurricane Katrina In Aug 2005 and Hurricane Wilma Oct 2005 also left its mark in passing

In 1957 Cape Coral was the "Swampland in Florida" everyone heard about in jokes
Then it was developed and has become the thriving tropical paradise it is today

The correct way to refer to the Cape is:
I live "On the Cape" NOT I live "In The Cape"

The Cape Boasts over 400 miles of canals ( More than any city in the world )

Thus it is a boating and fishing mecca

There are many Golf Courses in the area too

Not only do Those who live On the Cape enjoy the great year round weather
but there are many great events too

Tops among the happenings on Cape Coral
is The Annual Christmas Boat and Light Parade
it is one of the LONGEST ( 38 years )
and most famous
and people from ALL over come to view this spectacle


is a page I built for the Premier Event of the year
The Cape Coral Annual Boat & Light Parade
Held every December

Click for ALL the Details
This is an event NOT TO BE MISSED

Now Video of the event


Now a video of the House on Cape Coral
with the best Christmas Decorations - Set to music


Another remarkable thing is we are/were able to see
the Space Shuttle or ANY rocket Launches from Cape Coral
which is over 180 Miles from Cape Canaveral

See the vid below for a sample of what we saw.



to see some of the STILL Pics the OVER 365 consecutive nights Sunsets
I Have Captured without missing one night
See ALL 365+ pictures in 8 minutes in the video direclty Below



Cape Corals Monthly Sunset Celebration
Held the first Weds of each month
at the Cape Coral Yacht Club Pier
is loosely based on the daily Key West Sunset Event


Click the center of the Image below to start the video


The next video of the Cape Coral Remote Control Air Show March 15 2008


+++++ + + +++++

Now a Bull Shark swims just feet off the Cape Coral Yacht Club Beach


Click HERE for
one of the reasons
for my Pay It Forward Efforts
It is my page dedicated to friends lost
in Viet Nam almost 50 years ago

The page is dedicated to their Memory
Add a memorial of your own
Watch the video too


Now the video of some spectacular Space Shuttle launches
seen from back yard on Cape Coral FL
180 miles from Cape Canaveral
they are actual launches as seen in real time after the TV action

Email me from one the email links for more info


Here is the Space Station and Shuttle as the pass over my Home
at 17,500 miles per hour

Here is another Must see Video Of my Home with an acutal 1960's Fall Out Shelter

Now a great fishing video

Please watch this video and Visit the site to help keep my pages on the Net.



Now the sponsors to help keep my pages online

First watch the video and visit the link to read about the Amazing
Image of Jesus on the cross
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Uptown Bingo - For the best, friendliest Bingo on Cape Coral
Click HERE


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I have a more important cause I am spearheading

Get Involved - DO SOMETHING -
to Find Missing Children, Women and men

Amy Patterson was Missing for over a year from Cape Coral before her body was found
IF this system were in place she would have been found much sooner
The same is true for most of the missing person cases



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