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I am sending this on behalf of ALL who have felt the pain of a missing loved one

Are you aware of a proposed solution to use existing satellite technology to FINDING missing children women
and men quickly and reducing other crimes to ensure everyones rights to a peaceful, safe existence.

The presentation is much too long to give here.

Suffice it to say IF you took the time to research it and became a voice for the effort YOU could win any
election you ever Chose to enter.

The satellite surveillance technology exists - we known that -- But it is NOT being used for the benefit of ALL Americans as it should be.

There are some inherent problems with any solution BUT the bottom line IS WHAT WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED WITH - (
saving victims and sparing tens of millions of families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one and
reducing other crime thus provinding a SAFER ENVIRONMENT FOR ALL )

Again The efforts web site is


The Founder of the effort is ALSO THE WEB MASTER AND CAN BE REACHED