Follow these Instructions for the Tomsick's Foot Eze

Use it on wall at foot of tub /
on a tile on carpet floor of office / on tile floor of barracks / rec room or as a Hand Held Device

Before use: Check feet for OPEN abrasions - If found do NOT use and see a Podiatrist
Do Not use in a stand up shower

How to use in Callous Remover Mode:
Choose any clean dry area whenever using it:
example: an area at foot of tub which is easily accessible to your feet
Or on the floor of a sits shower
You could also Attach it to a free tile
and place the tile on the Carpet of your office ( pic 2 )
Or mount it on the tile floor or your rec room or barracks
You could use it as a hand held pumice stone too

It may be necessary to moisten the cups slightly before applying to a clean surface
Just rub calloused area of foot over the abrasive pad a few times

To avoid transfer of foot diseases - buy additional abrasive pads
each member of your family should have their own pad
Visit to order additional pads and get a discount

To use in Reflexology Mode:
Remove abrasive pad from the base AND place pad on backing provided
You may have to heat the pad slightly with a hair blower then peel the pad off with care
replace protective backing onto pad included in package

Mount the Footeze where ever you are most comfortable and rub your foot over the base ( without the pad )
Use the FREE Bonus Reflexology foot schematic below
and match problem areas on your body to areas on feet

The premise of reflexology foot massage is: Your feet are connected to other spots on your body
If your feet Feel Good - YOU Feel Good ALL Over
It has been used since the pyramids were built

Please visit our Support the Troops page at
Buy Some of these great devices and send them to Our Troops
male or female - they will love you forever

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or send $8.99 to Tomsick's 347 se 46 th Ln Cape Coral FL