Ok, How can you get the info
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Just post notices on various sites, bb'sand forums like craigslist, Military.com classifieds or any classifed ads sites or forums, Blogs etc.
for the offer found HERE

What should your post say ?

Try this:
Title = Pay Less than 1940 prices for gas / get up to $1250.00
Body of post:
I am just trying to help the person who offers this info get the word out - I have no connection to the offer

Get the info on how to pay less than 1940 prices for gas and groceries
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Just go to http://pzgas.1sta.com to get the details

Is 5 minutes of your time too much to get this Info FREE and save tons



SEND me the url's of the 5 Notices - ( the web address )


I will then check your postings to make sure they met the requirements and the postings are active
and send you the FREE info

You can / should post as many notices as you want Each Day on any sites that allow such posts
Just send me the URL of each posting --


If you post to a site that does not allow such posts you will NOT get the FREE INFO