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This page presents a letter
To Hillary Clinton from a heroin addicts father
asking about the skyrocketing increase
in the amount of heroin
coming out of Afghanistan Poppy Fields
since 2009 when Hillary Clinton took over the State Dept

It is no surprise I have been told it has gone unanswered

The letter contains references to well documented facts
which are ALL public record

Below the letter is a link to a page
which offer all the verification of
the info seen in the letter

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Here is the page with the FACTS
and more on the info
referred to in the letter


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The letter was sent to Hillary Clinton

#BlacklivesMatter ( Black Lives Matter )
say nothing and continue to look the other way
Instead of protesting one of the
major causes of 11 of OUR
Black brothers and sisters dying EVERY DAY
from heroin overdoses

Don't take my word for the info in the letter
read the above link for answers about
the contet of the letter such as
the source of heroin
and who is behind the Afghanistan Heroin Output skyrocketing
from 15% of the worlds total supply in 2009
to 93% in 2013

That rise coincides with the major allocations
from the U.S State Department which
started the current heroin epidemic that began in 2009
who was in charge from 2009 to 2013 ?

Do your own search
and verify the accuracy of the FACTS


You must also remember President Obama and Hillary Clinton
have failed to take action to
destroy the source of the illegal opioid drugs
but U.S. troops have been stationed
to protect the poppy fields
from a small element of Afghans
who are against the cultivation of the poppy plant
look at the pictures at this link
There are more below on this page
U.S. soldiers standing guard over the poppy crops


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Angelfire Heroin Epidemic Hillary 2009 2013 2016 letter

#blacklivesmatter 11 blacks per day die from opioid overdoses #Heroinepidemic #Heroin