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Hi, My name is Anne Petitti and I read some of your comments and read your web page
dedicated to honoring fallen Heroes

Short Url is

My husband served in Vietnam also.

I know your webpage is dedicated to those whose lives were cut short in Vietnam.
I was wondering if you were thinking of adding those whose lives were cut short due
to their service in Vietnam.
Also, since you seem to be pretty involved, I was wondering if you could help me get
the word out about a cancer that is affecting our Vets and not necessarily associated with AO.

My husband passed away from that cancer at age 61.
It is called cholangiocarcinoma or bile duct cancer.
It is very prevalent in Vietnam and Asia, but not so prevalent in the United States.
One of its known causes is the ingestion of a parasite called the liver fluke from food or water.
A soldier might have ingested the parasite and had no symptoms.
The parasite damages the bile duct and then is excreted,
but it changes the cells which can eventually turn to cancer.
I want to let all vets who served in #Vietnam to know this if they are having any stomach
problems gall bladder or liver issues.

The first person to associate this with Vietnam is Sheila Harrison.
Her husband also died of this. It is an aggressive cancer and usually one doesn't
have symptoms until stage 4.
If you google her name and Vietnam vets, there will be more in depth information.
I also have a facebook page, titled Vietnam vets and cholangiocarcinoma or bile duct cancer.

I am just trying to get the word out to other vets about this.

I am trying to let some good come from my husband's death by alerting as many people as possible.
He was only 61. His parent both lived till there nineties, so their is a history of longevity in his family.
Too many Vets who have come home are dying earlier than they should be due to what
they were exposed to there.

Well, thanks for listening and I hope you can help pass on the word the tell the vets to have their bile ducts checked.
Many doctors are not even aware to look for it.
My husband was not diagnosed until February and passed away in March.

Anne Petitti

From the Webmaster of this page

I will post any stories submitted to me re any Soldier in Any war


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