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I am sending this to you on behalf of Bill Tomsk Founder of the described effort to
plead with you to use your position as a person who has the ear of the public, and add your voice to help attain public
awareness and create an outcry to convince President Obama and other elected officials to live up to their oath to
Protect All Americans, by instructing NASA, our military AND their affiliates to make available to police
the real time high resolution satellite photo technology they have perfected over
the last 50 years, in order that they may use it to find abducted children,
missing women and men and solve other crimes within minutes of them being reported.

Over 2000 Americans are reported missing EVERY DAY.
The proposed solution can save lives and spare tens of Millions of family members the pain of dealing
with a missing loved one in the future

Many of these are minorities and sad to say, get very little media exposure and attention from police.

The proposed system would assure a safe end to many of these
crimes with far less expenditure of money, time and man power then was previously required,
leaving no excuse for Law Enforcement not giving EVERY case full and quick attention.

If this system were implemented it would greatly reduce the estimated 9.6 Billion
dollars spent on JUST the searches for the over 800,000 reported cases EACH YEAR.
that does not include the saving on investigating and solving other crimes expediently
freeing officers for other duties.

This same system could be used to protect Our borders

The website with more detailed info is found at

And a page with a scenario on how the system would work is seen at

Please consider getting involved, adding your voice and helping spread the word about
this effort and help present the possible solution and allow the public to decide if it is viable.
We are convinced if the Public is made aware of OUR proposed solution
THEY WILL DEMAND ACTION and have a huge impact on each and every Americans Daily life

To get MORE OF THE DETAILS and offer your voice to this cause
Contact: Bill Tomsick
Cape Coral FL
216 759 6345
Face Book Group = 2findthemissing

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WHO: Bill Tomsk, author, inventor, activist and concerned citizen

WHAT: The formation of an initiative to get President Obama to instruct NASA and our
Military to adapt existing technology to assist police and find missing and abducted children women and men,
solve other crimes

WHERE: Available for any and all interviews

WHY: To create and build public awareness and request our elected officials to the use of the
existing satellite surveillance technology which can greatly reduce the tragic endings
to missing children, women and men cases
and cut major crimes cases nationwide and save the Billions spent on searchers and crime investigations each year

websites: and

Contact: Bill Tomsk
Cape Coral FL

Face Book Group = 2findthemissing

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HERE is The Press Release

Press Release Cape Coral, FL -

With a family background in law enforcement Bill Tomsk announced today the launch of
an initiative to raise public awareness in an effort to to get President Obama
to instruct our Military, NASA and their affiliates adapt exisitng technology to help find
missing, abducted children women and men and solve other crimes in the United States.

Through a pioneering use of the same currently used technology and systems the miltary
and NASA have created, developed and perfected for the military since the 1960's
which includes high resolution, real time and archived photos which could be used
by law enforcement agencies nationwide to benefit in tracking the movement
of criminals within seconds of crimes being committed and reported.

The United States Department of Defense uses this technology today in Iraq, Afghanistan
and Pakistan to protect our troops and help fight the war on terror.

"By providing
real time and archived photos of the crimes scenes this would allow the police to
respond within minutes to the crime being reported, "said Tomsk, "This will
greatly reduce the number of missing children and adults nationwide, and assure the
victims are found within minutes of them being reported missing, in addition to solving other crimes

To get MORE OF THE DETAILS and offer your voice to this cause
Contact: Bill Tomsk
Cape Coral FL

web sites and Face Book Groups = "Find the Missing" and "2findthemissing"

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