The Printable Prayer Page

This Prayer Group was formed online in 2006
Many pages have been added since as the Group has grown


You are the

Visitor to THIS page
Since It was placed here to provide the group members
with a printable copy of our prayer


ALL are welcome to submit a prayer request

NO reason is too insignificant
and all reasonable requests will be posted
From prayers to cure cancer
to finding a missing loved one
or mend a broken relationship

10,000 others are praying for and with you


This prayer group was formed in 2006 for people of all religions
to band together seeking help through prayer
to GOD Our Heavenly Father, Our Savior Jesus Christ
any Higher Power you recognize
and St Jude Thaddeus The Catholic patron Saint of Miracles

There is nothing to do to join
except say the prayer
there is a printable copy of prayer below

Join us in saying it

Print the prayer found below
or Bookmark this page
to have the prayer with you at all times

Send an email

by Tapping

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You need not be Religious to pray
or submit a request for an intersession
this group is non denominational
and open to anyone in need


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I am The Founder of this Group
William Tomsick from Cape Coral Florida a 72 year old grandfather
I began it to Pay it Forward for a Blessing I received Years ago
and I found myself in need of another miracle
I fought cancer and I am miraculously winning
read the story sharing the details of my fight

I Thank ALL who prayed each day
I am convinced your prayers helped me
and assure you I pray extra hard for ALL of YOU


Say the following prayer 9 times per day until your request is answered

Now The Prayer:
Oh GOD Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus Christ,
any Diety or Higher Power relied on for blessings
St Jude Thaddeus Worker of Miracles
and Help of Hopeless causes,
Please hear and grant we beseech you
(( say your request HERE AND ADD ))
"and grant the requests of ALL of our group members
who are seeking a spiritual intervention
now and in the future"
We promise to be forever grateful for your intersessions
and assist others in finding your solace and help

Once Again after your prayers are granted
Please send me an email
with a Thank You message


and it will be posted on some our
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