We have never asked for money BUT
because band width is not free
and the time spent updating
and adding new prayer requests is considerable
some of those who have submitted prayer requests
have asked if they could send a contribution
to assure the Pages remain on the net
so I found an item I could pair with receiving contributions
which I could send to those who send a qualifying amount

I have chosen the Crucifix Fish Image of Jesus

It is said to bestow Gods Blessings
and protection to anyone who possesses one

Further down on this page you will see a drop down menu
to choose the amount of your contribution
and an "Add to Cart" button

for using the PayPal payment system to contribute

You need NOT be a member of PayPal to contribute
you can pay with Debit or credit card
through the PayPal Site


You also will get the Bonus "Legend of the Crucifix Fish" display card
with each of your items

You can contribute as little as $5.00

To get these mysterious religious Icons
you must contribute a minimum of $20.00
to help keep these pages online
-- you get two gifts -
the Image of Jesus on Fish Bone
named the Crucifix Fish or Crucifish
and a Legend of the Crucifix Fish Bonus Display Card

In addition the sender of ANY amount
will be given priority treatment
which will include quick posting of your
Prayer Requests or Thank You Messages


The Image of Jesus is a miracle of nature
fromed by the Hand of GOD
It is not man made nor altered in any way
No two are exactly alike

The Crucifx Fish a.k.a. Gafftopsail Catfish
is found in Only 1/2 of 1 % of the worlds waters

Again: Each of the Image of Jesus fish icons
will come with a Legend of the Crucifix Fish Display Card
as seen above

You will get one of these gifts
and one of the Display cards for each $20.00 of donations
you get 2 for $40.00
and 3 for $60.00 etc.

We also offer FREE Shipping to those who live in the Lower 48 U.S. ONLY
those living elsewhere
will need to pay shipping and export tariffs
So BEFORE contributing -
those NOT living in the Lower 48 U.S.
MUST send us an email

with your mailing info and the amount you want to give
and we will respond with a total
which will include the shipping and export charges
which will be high
You can then choose to make your contribution or not

IF you DO live in the Lower 48 U.S.
Choose the amount you want to contribute
from the Payment drop down menu
Then CLICK the "Add to Cart" button below


Once More - You can donate as little as $5.00
you get one
of the Image of Jesus seen on the Crucifix Fish Skull Bone
for each $20.00 of contribution made to help keep
this prayer group page online
Choose the amount you want to contribute
from the PayPal drop down menu
Then CLICK the PayPal "Add to Cart" button below

If you have any problem making the PayPal Contribution
Please Notify Me


Choose your amount from the Drop Down Menu
then Double check your contribution amout
before finalizing it
or contact me if you have any questions


Remember You need not be a member of PayPal TO use your debit / credit card through PayPal
As long as I am


Contribute -Select Amount
Add Message to Seller



Remember those contributing, whose prayers have been answered
will also have their
Thank You Messages Posted on most of our Pages
within a short time of my seeing a contribution has been sent

More requests and thank you messages are found on the
other Prayer Groups Request and Thank You pages seen at the following links

Our main page is at


And this page's URL is


Send Your Request OR Thank You to St Jude HERE

Contact me with your prayer request
and you will be including in all our collective prayers

I will post it as quickly as time permits me, with the many others I receive DAILY
AGAIN IF you have made a contribution your request
or Thank You will be posted within hours



If you have any problem making the Contribution
Please Notify Me