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This page For Brooke Avery has been removed at the request of the family


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Next is a page explaining
How we can Find
Missing women, children and men Safe and Quickly
Using Drones

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Brooke Avery contacted her mother and said she was OK
No other UPDATES are available

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It has been REPORTED to me Brooke Avery is OK
The source said in a message posted on Face Book seen HERE :
Okay... to whomever you are; Brooke Avery has been located, she was Emancipated
by the court, which meant she did/does not have to notify her mother Jodi Avery, nor does the law enforcement
have to notify anyone that Brooke was located. Feel free to check NCMEC as I just did & you will also see
that Brooke is not listed any longer & has not been for quite some time


Now the info we posted originally:

Brooke Avery is STILL Missing

The URL to cut and paste and use when posting this page
to Your Face Book Status Update or News feed is http://www.angelfire.com/cruci34/BrookeAvery.html



Brooke IF you are reading this page, and I am sure you have checked it out,
PLEASE PLEASE contact someone

Your mothers needs to know you are OK

If you want to tell your story I will help you
You must have had reasons for leaving and not contacting anyone
I will help you sort through those reasons


Next is a message I received from Jodi Avery, Brookes Mother with an update on the case


Brookes Mother, Jodi Avery from the small town of Pittsford, Michigan has been looking everywhere for her 17-year-old daughter, Brooke Avery,
since she disappeared while visiting her sister in Barre City, Vermont.

The last time the Barre Vermont City Police Department (BCPD) 802-476-6613
can confirm anyone saw her was March 20, 2011
Brooke was in Vermont since March 13, and was visiting her uncle when she disappeared, according to Jodi.
She was with her sister the day she disappeared and said she was going
to a restaurant to meet a friend’s family for dinner.

“Brooke went down the street, and she hasn’t been seen since,” Jodi said.

Brooke Shantel Avery, 17 is still missing. She is a resident of Michigan and resides with her mom and siblings.
She went to Vermont to spend time with her older sister
and other relatives as she and her family are originally from Vermont,
and was to meet a teenage friend and his parents for dinner BUT she never arrived.

She has a birthmark on her right arm near her elbow, small scars on her eyelids, and a scar on left arm.
Brooke also has a noticeable protruding left *eye tooth* when she laughs as shown in photo.
When last seen, she had blonde highlights in her hair.
Her family is very worried and ask the public to please help look for Brooke.

AGE:17 SEX: Female RACE: White HAIR: Brown (Last seen w/blonde highlights)
EYES: Brown HEIGHT:5'03" WEIGHT:100 lbs
BIRTHMARK: Right arm, near elbow
SCARS: Eyelids, left arm
If you have ANY info, please contact the Barre Police Department 802-476-6613